Competitively Priced Cloud Hosting in the UK


The price that you pay for a Cloud hosting plan is reliant on a number of factors, namely whether you have chosen a Public or Private Cloud option, the platform that is being used and most importantly the resources that you are using.

The amount of hardware involved in

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5 statistics to monitor in Google Analytics

  • Thursday 19th November 2015
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An effective website is based on the value that your visitors give. To assess the quality of online presence and the impact that your site is causing on your target audience, you should be aware of the performance that can be monitored with Google Analytics statistics.

It is quite important for this

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What do social media and Cloud computing have in common? Well, for starters, social media is a form of Cloud computing, all social media platforms need have some kind of a server where they can store their data and information. Even though you cannot see it, but even Facebook needs a server to run

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Arial vs. Helvetica, how to differentiate them?

  • Tuesday 3rd November 2015
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All fonts, like any human being, have characteristics that differentiate them. We think that some fonts are copies or notarized twins. However, if we look in detail, we will notice small differences that escape in a normal reading.

Here are two kinds of very popular font, Arial and Helvetica, which

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How to make effective banners for online advertising?

  • Monday 2nd November 2015
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How to Create Attractive Banners – Set One

  1. The most important rule – do not do the banner is very cumbersome. For static banners size should vary from 5kb to 8K. For animated same from 9kb to 12Kb.
  2. Banner should not be too “colorful” is used in its color scheme is not more than 3 – to 4-color.
  3. Do not make a banner with a transparent background, as on some pages of text banner simply will not be visible.
  4. Use the original inscription on the banner. Text such as “This is my page – there’s a lot of” no one is to attract and display your banner simply disappear.
  5. If you’re going to put a banner ad network, make a few species of the same banner, even a small change in its design, in some cases seriously increases the response of visitors on it.
  6. Try to frequently change the banner in the network, make new banners at least once a month.
  7. If the CTR of your banner below 2% – do not show it, “normal” CTR conventional graphical banner should be between 2% and 5%.
  8. To optimize the size of animated banners I recommend the program Ulead Gif Animator – a very useful program to significantly reduce the size of the animation.
  9. Also, in order to reduce the “weight” of the banner should try to reduce the diversity of color palette. I almost always use to create a banner palette of 32 tsvetv and only in rare cases, 48 or 64 depending on the complexity of the graphics.
  10. If you use ad banner networks, upload, if possible, several banners it will increase the CTR of banners as a whole.

How to Create Attractive Banners – Set Two

  1. Try not to overload the page graphics, especially if it is downloaded from free server, this applies to any type icon E-mail, Welcome, Next, and so on.

Try, if possible, draw your graphics, from that of the visitors your page will be a good opinion.

  1. Do not use a lot of paint in the colors of your page. It must be sustained in the same style.
  1. If possible, try not to use frames on the page, it makes your life easier when indexing your site in search engines.
  2. If you use tables, try to build a navigation set the width in pixels rather than percentages. Otherwise, it will look different on the machines that are having different screen resolution.
  3. Never orient your page for a specific browser. From this you can lose up to half of its visitors per day. Try to find a compromise.
  4. Do not make the navigation is too confusing. Access to any page on the site should be with no more than three mouse clicks.
  5. If you decide to enter into any ad network you should not overload the page banner. One or two banners on a page are enough.
  6. Do not use a large variety of fonts from this visitors will have ripple in the eyes, and it is possible that a sore head 🙂
  7. Make it convenient and thoughtful navigation, trying to maximize the comfort of “walking” through your website.
  8. And lastly: always ask to tag the foreground color of your site (in this case white # FFFFFF). And if you use as a background image, still indicate a similar color (blending in with the picture).

How to Create Attractive Banners – Set Three

Tip 1: Do not load the page graphics. A visitor will

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