7 SEO Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the popular method used to get traffic to your website using search results. You are listed and ranked on the basis of what the search engine finds on your site as more related to their users. An implemented SEO plan that is properly put together can significantly increase your website traffic.

SEO is one of those plans that you can implement in a few weeks, but it takes time to master it. You may feel that you have done all the things correctly, but there are some common mistakes that you may not realize you are making.  Most of these mistakes usually relate directly to your content. All you have to do is just correct a few simple mistakes to start getting some results.

Some of these mistakes are listed below.

1. Your Title and Description Is Not Unique

Always make sure the description is engaging and make the readers want to read more. Think of a title that you yourself would type in the search bar to find your page. Your homepage and other pages throughout your site should include a custom description that will make the readers want to click on your listing in search results and also the relevant keywords.

2. Overusing the Keywords

Never rely too much on the keywords. Avoid overusing them so much that it annoys the readers. Make sure your content contains a decent amount of key words without overusing them. Try different ways of wording the keywords for search. This will also help to give you a wider search range.

3. Aiming the Wrong Keywords

It is advisable to be as specific as possible. Avoid emphasizing on the wrong keywords. Focusing on common keywords may bring you a lot of traffic. At times, there may be too much competition for the keywords you want to be ranked on Google searches.

4. Not Posting Regularly

Stay even with your posts. Your primary goal is to keep the readers engaged and returning to your website. If they are not informed about when you will post more information or when they expect it and it is not there, it will not have a good return to your website. Posting once a month or less is not going to help you get the results. Always be regular, entertaining, and remarkable.

5. Improper Internal Links

When you are writing a number of posts on your website, it is useful to provide relevant links to other content on your website. This will also help to rank the other page based on the keywords you are linking to.

6. Giving More Importance to Quantity over Quality

It is always better to have a smaller number of impressive links than a lot of poor quality links. The idea is to make sure that you have a few really well written articles that you can send links to and come up with a plan that is related to their target audience.

7. Your Website is Non-Navigational

The readers should easily find the information they are looking for on your website. Make sure all the pages of your website are easy to find and read. The internet is very fast-paced, and the visitors will not wait on your website. They will just get the answer from somewhere else.

SEO is changing regularly. Make sure you carry on with new keywords regularly. Check twice to ensure that your keywords are doing well. Maintain your website on a regular basis. Be in touch with the Online Marketing Specialists to make sure you have a successful SEO plan.

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