Of one thing there is no doubt: brands that are better prepared for intelligence from the information generated by consumers will be in front

The combination of Big Data and Internet of Things is expected to generate the emergence of a new economy based on customization of products and services, including influencing the development of customized products leaving the connected shops all the time.

The ability to analyze data generated by consumers will be competitive differential factor between competitors, winning the one who has more Analytics capabilities. Check out some of the highlights.

Analytics and corporate future

In the business world at the beginning of XXI century, extract intelligence of numbers has become a critical success factor. Although for some data analysis, to sector is a need for some time, the novelty is that with the advancement technology and increased competition, this competence is now decisive in the general market. And with a requirement of higher level each day, with extremely sophisticated measurement tools and methods.

Many wonder, “where the data will take us? “. It is a pertinent question because the answers indicate ways that will define the strategy of the business going forward. One of the direct consequences of the strategic importance of data in business is that, entire industries in the economy are being radically transformed. And this movement should be intensified with the convergence of Big Data and Internet of Things.

Intersection of technology

The impact on business is great. The Internet of Things is named for connecting to the network objects and various machinery, such as appliances, clothing, transportation, IT companies, watches and electronics systems, as well as computers and smartphones. Embedded operating systems, they work as an extension of smartphones and facilitate access to applications and email.

Furthermore, they can collect traffic information and location, weather, answer phone calls without having to get the cell from pocket and monitor heartbeat. So, soon there will be no barriers between the physical and digital worlds. Connected by means devices that communicate with each other, they become one. Modern vehicles, by the way, today we already have a kind of mobile data centers, such is the sophistication of embedded software.

How to deal with so much data

If there is no intelligence in the review process, are all for naught. That’s where Big Data decoupage this immense amount of information flowing between devices and people and only between machines is the Golden XXI century.

In this scenario, the main challenge will be the choice and management of different methods of data analysis. The starting point to deal with this endless universe is to define the company’s digital strategy objectives. The manager must understand the difference in their brand and positioning sought – and they are getting at.

Unimaginable customization

Although the market is still at the beginning of this process, there is no doubt one thing: the brands that are better prepared for intelligence from the information generated by consumers in this new environment, where there is internet at all places, including the body, will be at the forefront of this new era. These are the companies of the future.

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