Four Reasons Why Your Company Should Have A Blog

The Internet rapidly became the primary means of communication between consumers and vendors — whether it be for sharing information or selling products and services. Consequently, the need arose for businesses to develop and maintain their relationships with customers through company blogs.

There are a number of reasons why a company should maintain a blog, as opposed to a website or a presence on social media. Here are four of the most important ones.

Better communication with customers

First, a company blog is a good place to announce new developments, either the roll out of a product or an attendance at a trade show. It is important, however, to post this information in a timely fashion, to allow customers the time to take action.

These announcements have to contain enough detail and context to keep them interesting. Simple one line posts with a day and date will not do. The customer needs to have a reason to read the blog posts.

Many companies and website owners fail to establish regularity in their content writing, which can lead to customers not visiting their site for a long time. It is best to avoid the strategy of being extremely active during one period, and completely inactive during next.

To trigger the interest of your visitors you need to offer something. Offer them something free to take off from your website, or a promotional coupon for a first purchase.

Ability to demonstrate expertise

Second, the company blog can be used to demonstrate expertise to make one stand out among competitors. It is a good place to discuss product development, industry trends, and news concerning technology or anything having to do with the company.

For example, if the company manufactures clothing, blog posts can discuss everything from the latest fashion trends to how a new clothing material makes a product line more durable and easy to wash.

Do not lose enthusiasm if your fan base is not growing as expected. Test different content at different times to determine where, when, and what to publish, and what suits your target market the best.

Ability to interact with customers

Third, a blog can be used to establish and maintain customer relationships. It is a perfect platform to post news that customers need to know, such as special deals or product sales.

Making the blog interactive, i.e. with a way to provide feedback like a comments section or an email address, is a good way for customers to keep in touch with the company staff. In this way the customers know they are dealing with actual human beings and not an impersonal business entity.

Company blog can help you get direct feedback from your customers and readers. Blog’s interactive elements give your readers the opportunity to ask questions and discuss various problems, and therefore feel more connected with your business.

Enhanced company’s web presence

Finally, a blog is a good way to boost the SEO standing of the company’s web presence, increasing traffic, and thus attracting more customers.

A blog, as opposed to a website, is dynamic rather than static. If the company’s blogmaster is knowledgeable on the latest SEO trends, which change periodically, he or she can keep the content fresh, with good keywords that will boost its ranking, and thus the company’s profile.

On the Internet, search ranking is all. If you can get your company’s web presence in the first or at least the second page of a search, you increase web traffic and hence your company’s notoriety.

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