Governments need to adopt the IoT to create Smart Cities!

  • Monday 29th February 2016
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IoT-to-create-smart-cities-indiaUsing technology for the advantage is a smart strategy of governments that wishing to reduce costs and meet its citizens requirements.

The technology has grown and is growing every day with incalculable speed, and the Internet plays a key role in this matter which most people already know. However, to use all this technology for the population, the environment, the problems related to urban growth, which also increase every day is a new debate being especially brought by the Internet of Things.

An issue related to this, which has been much discussed, are the smart cities. I.e. municipalities that adhere practices that enhance sustainable living and the use of technology to help in large and small actions on a daily basis, making life easier for the residents and often generating savings for the municipality. With the Internet of Things accession, the city administration can have access to complete data needed to support the strategic decision making in a timely manner.

With proper planning, the IoT can allow smart cities to prepare for the changes that this will entail technology. For the government, the gain will reduce costs and the population, social and environmental returns will be the first to be noticed.

According to Cisco experts, some actions that needs to be taken for the smart cities can generate absurd economies, such as:

1. Monitoring of gas supply: If technologies are adopted to help in increasing the accuracy of readings for citizens and municipal service agencies, this will reduce the clocks reading costs and increase the accuracy of processes, which generates service quality and more satisfaction from the public.

2. The management of the water supply: It can generate savings if the connection of individual water meters are connected to an IP network to remotely provide all use of information, and the state of the pipes of houses.

3. Automatic Payments of Taxes and Fees: Another way to help the public and the government to save time and money is adopting automatic payments for circulation rates in cities that use this system by improving traffic and generating revenue.

4. Intelligent Parking: Another improvement would be with the smart parking, which allow the user to know the availability of parking spaces in a city.

According to the same study by Cisco, the Internet of Things will make public organizations reduce costs, increase efficiency, improving service delivery to citizens and generate more revenue for municipalities in the next 10 years.

One of the stumbling blocks for the smart cities is the limitation often found by governments, because there is no planning jointly by the secretariats. With constant use of the Internet of Things, you can have more transparency in public administrations and will also give more value to the citizen voice.

To make the “connected world” become reality, it is important to have a standard for the development of the Internet of Things and the integrated work of the entire ecosystem. Cities need to leverage technology that comes every day and apply them in a practical way aiming for sustainability and well-being of the population. With automation and numerous possibility, the gain can help to cut costs and expenses.

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