How to Create a Successful Website for your Company?

  • Sunday 19th July 2015
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If you plan to make a website for your company and want it to attract new customers to your business, it is essential that website is able to pass credibility, attract and retain visitors who can become your potential customers.

Thinking about it, I have prepared this article where I have shared few tips that can help you to prepare your site to become more efficient in converting visitors into customers and improve your business.

Credibility is very important for those who are about to buy something or closing a deal online, so you need to mount your site in a way that it does not let its visitors “think twice” when swiping the credit card.

See below some tips to that can help you to make your site most reliable.

Contact forms

People who do business over the Internet are smart and may want to investigate the company before closing a business, so it is important to offer ways for people to contact you, such as a contact form, Simple e-mail address, contact phone (many people only buy over the Internet after connecting to the company and they are certain it exists) or even WhatsApp as many have done lately.

In the case of telephone contact, the ideal is that it is visible on every page of the site, which can be done by adding the number in the footer or header of the site.

Appearance of care

Despite the saying that old saying “we should not judge a book by its cover” the reality is not so, since most people would not buy anything from a site that is not presentable because for many it diminishes the credibility of the site.

So you need to create your company’s site using tools that allow you to create a site with a clean and clear navigation.

If you do not think about spending a lot of money hiring a website creation company, I recommend you to take a look at WordPress business themes which in my opinion are the best option for beginners or even advanced webmasters, it allows you to manage the pages pretty easily without the need to be an expert on the subject.

Get satisfied customer testimonials

You can also increase the credibility of your website getting customer testimonials satisfied with their service. This is useful because people tend to follow the crowd, with the idea that other people are satisfied, they can probably also make a good deal.

How to increase visits

For your website to be a success, it is necessary to get customers, which is not easy with the competition of today. Below you can check out some tips to attract more visitors to your site.

Quality content

For the site of your company to be successful, it needs to attract visitors, which can be done in several ways, but the cheaper one is creating quality content, with subjects related to your niche.

The presence of quality content on your site can let you get good results in major search engines like Google, and encourage visitors to publicize your site by word of mouth and in social networks, which can generate long-term good business.

If the platforms on which you are using to develop your website allow the creation of a blog, I recommend you enjoy this feature because it greatly facilitates content management, which would help improve the site’s performance in search engines for various keywords.

You could write content related to your business niche. If you have a painting business for example, you could write articles like:

  • How to paint a wall;
  • Color Tips for your walls;
  • Types of graffiti;
  • Different types of paint;

In all articles you write, you can add links to your sales pages and so increase the chances of closing the deal.

Optimized for search engines

Besides having a good content, you need the pages of your site to be optimized in order to achieve better positions in search results, so it is essential that you optimize your pages so that they become friendlier to seekers.

SEO Tips

Right here on CRGSoft.COM We present several tips on optimizing the Website. We recommend you to visit our blog frequently to learn more about SEO and constantly improve your site.

Bonus Tip

Another way to find out what is missing on your website to make it more efficient in converting visitors into customers is making a test with the help of friends and relatives. Ask them to navigate on your site and say bluntly what they think of the site, which would prevent them from making the purchase, which could be improved, amongst other things.

Write down everything they say without taking it personally, after all, if they see something wrong on your site, others may also be having the same experience when visiting and you will be losing business.

Did you like these tips? Still have questions or suggestions? Then leave a comment below.

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