Launch Like ProBlogger: 6 Ways To Build Buzz Around Your Blog Post

We have all been on that epic blog that has us searching for the sign-up button right away. We zip through a few posts and decide that we need more as soon as the author publishes again. It’s exciting, as a reader, to find something so in sync with our needs that we can’t wait for the next installment.
What about the authors, though? How do they grab us and make us wait for their next slight utterances?
If you’re going to become a successful blogger, you’re going to want to discover their secrets. You will have to launch like a pro-blogger and find out 6 ways to build the buzz around your blog post.
Of course, this makes it sound like you’ve already posted to a blog. In fact, you can reap the benefits of these tips before you begin your very first blog.

1. Be First

With the scope of the Internet, it’s difficult to be the first to post new information this tip doesn’t mean that you need to post new ideas. It means that you need to commit to your audience before they commit to you.You need to be the first in the commitment.
Understand that this is a relationship, then go back and look at your favorite blogs. The blogger makes you feel like a friend and that he/she has committed to helping you.

2. Create A Community

Setting up a blog is the easy part creating a community is a little more difficult.
Most blogs have share buttons, so make sure you’re posting your blogs to all the important social media sites.
You’ll gain more readership and you’ll start building that commitment mentioned before. Additionally, your social media friends will be able to share your blogs easily, pushing your community further.
You want to start with your real life friends, then turn their friends into blog friends, further increasing the community you’re building.
My ritual, after publishing each blog post, is to share it on a number of social accounts, including:
#1 Google+ (this one is self-explanatory, but do make sure you use the Tiiming+ application to establish what time is best for you to share your posts on Google+)
#2 Twitter
#3 Facebook
#4 Pinterest
#5 LinkedIn
#3 StumbleUpon
#4 Scoop-It: A great place to submit your articles to. Make sure you use the Scoop-It browser extension in order to make the sharing effortless.
#5 Viral Content Buzz: VCB is a great place to create buzz around your posts. It works on the principle that you earn credits by sharing other people’s posts, and use those credits on your own projects.
#6 Triberr: Collects all data from your RSS feeds and adds it to your tribes’ stream. If you’re a member of an engaged tribe you could be looking at a great sharing source.
#7 BizSugar: Another content sharing site where you submit your posts so others can share them.
#8 DoSplash: Works the same as BizSugar.
#9 Empire Avenue: Empire Avenue has a unique concept. It lets you invest eaves (EA currency) in other people, and as their EA value increases, you earn eaves. You earn eaves by other people investing in you and by completing EA missions. The great thing about EA is that you can post any kind of mission (visit a website, retweet a tweet, comment on a post.), set a number of eaves you want to give for each completion, promote or schedule you missions and wait for the magic to happen.
#10 HootSuite: This is a site I’m still learning to use. It has some great features, such as share scheduling.
#11 Viralwoot: Social platform made for Pinterest. Similarly like VCB and JustRetweet (another sharing platform I use on occasion), it lets you earn credits (or seeds) by repining and liking other pins, or by following other pinners. You can schedule and promote your own pins and set the desired amount of credits you would like to award to each like, re-pin or follow.

3. Make Content Relevant

You’re going to build a relationship with certain people through your blog, so make your content is relevant to who those people are. For example, if you’re writing a blog on green living, blogging about your new solar panels is a great idea. Blogging about your cat’s new biodegradable kitty litter works too.
Writing about your new plan to overthrow your neighbors land and take it for your own will throw your readers off track.
You want to keep your content relevant to the theme of your blog to keep readers excited for what’s coming next.

4. Offer Teasers

Give a little to get a little offer a teaser for the next blog.
If you’re into vlogging, and you offer home cleaning tips, create this week’s vlog around making your own home cleaning products, then promise to show viewers how the products work next week. They’ll wait for you to come back because they want to see for themselves if those products are effective.
Do the same with the written word: tell readers to tune in next week and offer a teaser on the topic you’re planning.

5. Run a Contest

Contests are fun. If your blog supports a product or service, don’t be afraid to give away freebies.
Perhaps your blog is built around the refurbished furniture you create in your barn. Offer readers a chance for a one-on-one Skype session with you on how to stain wood furniture. It doesn’t have to be elaborate it only has to be something you can offer your readers to keep them coming back for more.

6. Share

Share a number of different resources on your blog. Refer your readers to other blogs that could help them out in addition to yours.
Remember, you’re their friend, and you want them to feel like you’re in this for them.
Give them official sites to visit when they are researching products similar to yours. Share other blogs that will give your readers further information. Share your blog forum with guest bloggers as well this puts a fresh voice on your blog and often pulls in additional blog followers.
Which content sharing sites do you use to promote your posts? Which social media accounts do you have the most success with? Do you run contests on your blog? How do you build buzz around your blog post?
Share your thought with us.

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