The type of service you hire is a very important decision to be made, perhaps the most important when hiring a cloud server. This is how you are willing to invest money in exchange for convenience. It also involves the amount of work you intend to allocate on your server, beyond the control you have on your operation. When choosing between a managed or unmanaged cloud plan, it is important that you understand the differences of each approach, and the need of your business, otherwise you may end up making the wrong choice. Let’s clarify some issues to ensure that it does not happen.

What’s The Difference?

Let’s use an analogy here, it’s not perfect, but it’s enough to understand our purposes. Imagine that you have to choose between two car rental companies.

The first offers you a car that you can customize and modify at an more attractive price, and the only condition is that you will be responsible for keeping it running. They will not help you if something goes wrong, or help in maintenance. Talking about our everyday life, it is also a work that is entirely yours and it’s up to you and how to fix them if something went wrong – a difficult task if you do not have any automotive knowledge.

The second rental company takes a different approach. As the first, they allow you to customize the car in any way you see fit – but this time, the company will do all the work for you. They will also handle all the technical issues involved in maintaining the operation of the vehicle, and even take you wherever you want to go. Although this has a higher cost than the first company, this service allows you to focus entirely on your destination – you also do not have to worry about the maintenance and car review.

A unmanaged cloud server is very similar to the analogy of first company. You have root access / admin server, and the freedom to configure it as you like – a privilege for which you will generally pay less. But unfortunately, if you have no experience in server administration, it can be almost impossible to work successfully in an unmanaged cloud. And though you have experience, you really want to take this service?  And if you get a problem on a weekend, or at dawn?

But when the cloud server would be managed as the second rental company, you know how the server is configured and customized for the application to be installed and the operating system being used, no action or advanced technical knowledge on your part is necessary. This option tends to cost more, but it means you can concentrate entirely on your business, not needing to spend time in the configuration, maintenance and monitoring of the server.

What Is The Best Option?

Now that you know the difference between the two models, you are the one who needs to decide which is best suited to your business. To help you in this decision, here are some suggestions:

You Should Choose The Cloud That Is Managed If :

You have a company with a limited IT department or with little experience in server administration;
You can spend a little more in exchange for convenience;
You are not confident you can devote enough time to take care of the server;
You prefer to focus on your business without having to worry about the server.

You Should Choose The Cloud That Is Unmanaged If:

You or your IT department has extensive experience in server administration;
You know you have time to maintain a server;
You really need root / admin access to the server.

Now it’s easy to choose!

If you concluded that an unmanaged cloud is better, you need to make sure you have technical expertise and time to maintain it properly. Running a server is not an easy task. If you do not have time or technical expertise to devote to it, I strongly advise that you hire a managed plan.

Similarly, if you need root / admin access and total control of the server, a managed cloud will not be the right choice. With unmanaged servers, you will have more freedom and full access to the entire environment.

I hope this helps in your decision. If you still have questions, you can add us on Skype (crgsoft) to chat, but you are the only one who can decide which is the best solution.

Choose wisely!

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