Facebook users get five new emoji alternatives to the “like” button

  • Wednesday 24th February 2016
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Mark Zuckerberg left the internet in an uproar last year when he suggested that Facebook would have a “Sad” button. In fact, he wanted to create a button to show empathy, and that’s what we have today.

Facebook is distributing to five users around the world new reactions: Like, Love

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Know the process of Inbound Marketing in 5 steps


Inbound marketing generates more leads than traditional marketing strategies. Learn the inbound marketing process in 5 steps.

1. Have a dynamic website with CMS 2. Create a content strategy that attracts visitors 3.

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There was once the world of SEO. I like totally secular journalist, could not understand how “nerds” were able to rank a website and put it on the top positions. What magic is this that makes their site appear in the top positions for a term searched by “x” user? People

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A brief article on history of Cloud Computing!

Learn the history of one of the technologies that are transforming the way we work and share information.

Currently, you can access the Internet through a variety of devices, basically anywhere in the world, with more security and speed than ever before. The technology is constantly evolving, and with

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10 basic SEO tips for the proper positioning of your website

Monitoring and working on every SEO factor on your website or blog is virtually impossible. There are dozens of factors. Only Google considers more than 100 in the formulation of their algorithms and often include or exclude new.

You do not need to work on all SEO factors. Only need to work harder

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