What Shared Web Hosting Can Do for Me and what it can’t do

  • Friday 11th September 2015
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Shared web hosting is the first choice for many small businesses as well for beginners as it provides good quality hosting services at a cheap and affordable price. Shared Web Hosting has one physical server and the allocated resources hosted on that server are shared between many users.

A shared hosting website can do a lot for the business. The cost effectiveness features in the shared hosting makes it a more viable feature, which attracts many users. If an enterprise does not require a high performance and high bandwidth service, then shared hosting is the best economical choice. In the shared web, a number of other websites will share hosting the website. Thousands of websites share one web server for the hosting company is at an affordable price.

Shared web hosting is a simple form of web hosting. In shared web hosting, the host maintains the server and associated hardware in their data center. There is no technical maintenance required to run these types of servers. This is an apt solution for anybody has no idea about the expertise or does not have an adequate work force to run a server it allows the user to focus on the business processes. On the other hand, in shared web hosting, comprehensive tools such as control panel software create the shared hosting environment easier to understand.

In shared web hosting, the user can easily upload the website and configure it to work. All shared hosting providers offer their services with a friendly web based Control Panel, which makes it easy to upload the site, create email accounts and create a database. Shared Web Hosting saves time and reduces the tension for the user, as they need not care about the server maintenance, which makes it the apt solution for smaller websites.

However there are many limitations associated with shared web hosting, first is a limited amount of bandwidth and disk space that is allotted to the users, with shared web hosting the computing resources are shared with other users on one physical machine and therefore every user receives a limited service. Shared web hosting can deteriorate the performance of the server, if there is a lot of traffic, there is a possibility that the servers may crash. In a shared web hosting security is always the biggest concern; unlike in a dedicated server where the users are given a root access to the servers which enables them to have full control over the website, however, in shared hosting server there is always a high degree of risk of malicious attacker having easy access to the shared servers.

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