Why the internet at my office is slow?

  • Tuesday 1st March 2016
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There are several factors that should be checked by the IT staff, among them, the network configuration.

The dependence of the Internet in the corporate world is such that any signal oscillation is mostly felt by the end user. IT teams should always be ready to quickly identify the cause and make the necessary maintenance, since the productivity of the whole company is committed by a falling sign.

There are several causes that can disrupt the Internet signal, such as:

1. Problem Creators:

Fluctuations in climate, constant maintenance on the network, technical issues, poor stability of the signal or wrong contract with the provider can be factors that hinder the speed of the Internet. The first step is to check which plan the company has in the contract and whether it is sufficient to meet the company’s demand for staff. If not, it’s time to upgrade for a larger data plan. If the signal instability last for a long time, it is time to think about changing the service provider.

2. Problem with Router:

If the company uses Wi-Fi signal to suit mobile devices and computers, you should check the physical location of the router and to assess whether there are many obstacles between your sign and the devices feeding. Also, recognizing the quality of the incoming signal from provider and check how it is being distributed by the router.

3. Virus in Network:

The viruses multiply rapidly in erasing machine data, capturing information or changing its normal operation. Formerly contaminated through diskettes and files, but now flows through the Internet, via e-mail or misuse of applications and downloads, affecting bandwidth flow and configuration. It is important to maintain a systematic monitoring, an updated antivirus software, as well as the firewall, which blocks suspicious or insecure connections.

4. Overloaded Network

The whole Internet system may be being harmed by users who are not informed about the correct use of the sign. Download videos and large files, for example, overloading the network. As navigate portals that start with pop ups and heavy ads that will require more bandwidth. The ideal is to sensitize the team to watch videos that are not related to work during off-hours and create rules for downloading files.

5. Wrong Settings

The router settings and machines are up to date? If so, are they correct?

A complete check of these points makes all the difference in the speed that the Internet will reach to the end user. Verify the router channel with lower network flow in the region where the company is located and, if necessary, choose one with less congestion. Note the settings using specific programs or if you want a more thorough evaluation, do it manually.

6. Slow Sites

After checked all of the above possibilities, it is possible that the error is on the other side of the line. The portals and sites that the user is accessing, which can be heavy and slow to load. Do a test by changing the page and see if the speed normalizes.

Other possibilities, already warned here on this blog, should be checked to assess whether the Wi-Fi signal is not an interference. See if there are the electronics company connected to the same frequency as the router and are physically close; change the router’s channel to one that is less congested in the region where the company is located; check keyboards, mice and headsets using Bluetooth if they are not also using the same range of routers; make sure there are no electrical safety issues, such as the use of regulated cables and adapters, and finally, keep it safe, prevent many people from using the same signal at the same time by dividing the capacity of the Internet.

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