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Our data centers in India are equipped with industrial hardware platforms and highly reliable engineering systems that provide:

  • Guaranteed level of availability of the data center not less than 99.982%.
  • Automatic fire extinguishing system
  • Uninterruptible power supply
  • High level of reliability

Automatic climate control (monitoring temperature and humidity), on the basis of equipment made specifically according to the needs of our data center infrastructure technologies.

Professional video surveillance and perimeter protection. Client access to the data center and server room is only accompanied by staff.

Our Datacenter

Our Data Center offers a range of Web Hosting and IT services for the storage, transfer and disposal of corporate information resources, provide stand-IT-platforms and storage of corporate information in our own data centers in India. Our Data center services corresponds to the level of Tier III (Tier 3) and Tier IV (Tier 4) reliability and meets the international standard (TIA-EIA) for Data Centers.

Our Datacenters are connected to the dedicated communication network channels with a capacity of over 100 Gb / s, as well as have a high level of connectivity with the global centers of traffic exchange.

Datacenter Connection: Connectivity through high-capacity backbone for high-performance with pre-existing equipments. Structure of exclusive network with high quality and absolute redundancy, totaling currently 100 megabit connection and multiple peering agreements.

Datacenter Hardware: CRG Soft’s policy to use only quality equipment and notably known brands, since the performance and reliability of equipment are key points to ensure the availability of customer websites.

Datacenter Monitoring: System of continuous monitoring servers (24x7x365), which ensures maximum surveillance on equipment hosted in Datacenter, immediately alerting you to any failure.

Datacenter Security: Access is thoroughly checked, circulation is monitored at all times by CCTV closed systems and controlled circulation of buttons that are delivered to all visitors.The goal is to always maintain the integrity of equipment and customer information.
In addition, we also offer a management network security solution, which ensures, in addition to physical security, also the logic through firewalls and filters that are part of the network, which maximizes our customers’ application security.

Operational solutions to all problems

Dedicated Server: Providing customers dedicated servers to host corporate web-pages and corporate sites. When the service is activated, the speed of the network connection is of at least 1 Gbit / s. You can access various system applications with providing round the clock technical support.

Virtual Mail Server: Ability to manage all corporate e-mail us with the domain name of the website of your organization. Centralized anti-virus scanning and spam-filtering correspondence provides reliable protection for corporate networks and reduces the cost of Internet traffic.

Co-location Services: Services relevant to clients with the resources with a large amount of information (information portals, e-commerce, electronic product catalogs, multimedia content, etc.) to create a backup of IT-systems, secure storage and retrieval of large volumes of information.

Email: Corporate and collaboration – Zimbra to optimize business communication, CRG Soft enjoys the most modern market collaboration tools. This service allows you to share agendas, access messages from any location, schedule meetings and integrate mobile devices.

Hosting and Database Administration: CRG Soft hosts and manages the databases such as Oracle, MySQL and SQL Server. Is empowered to design and operate environments where they are installed from small banks websites, to corporate banks with large volumes of data and high load.

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