10 Awesome Functions and Features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Even though it was introduced in 2019, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is still able to compete well with other timepieces that fall within the same budget range. It is one of the most famous wearables currently available. This exquisite wrist gadget is capable of doing everything, from monitoring more than 30 different exercises to responding to phone calls and text messages.

If you already have a Galaxy Watch Active 2 or are thinking about getting one in the near future, familiarizing yourself with these useful hints will be of great benefit. Because it is capable of doing so much, locating some of the device’s capabilities that aren’t immediately visible may be difficult and painful.

When you have this information under your belt, there is no one who can stop you from making the best out of your Galaxy Watch. Because of this, we have compiled a list of ten fun activities that can be done with the Galaxy Watch Active 2.

1. Activate Movable Bezels 

The touch bezel feature made its debut on a smartwatch for the first time with the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. It was pushed out with a new system update that introduced the capabilities of the touch bezel from the Watch Active 2 to its precursor. This made it possible for the device to react to the taps that were placed on the bezels. On the other hand, it does not come pre-activated by default. When the feature is turned on, all you have to do to browse is swipe left or right on the bezels.

To turn it on, go to the Settings menu, then choose Advanced, then Touch Bezels, and then turn it ON.

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 does not come equipped with a revolving bezel; however, it does enable the feature of a touchscreen bezel, which gives the impression that the watch does have a spinning bezel.

2. Perform a Triple Tap with Two Fingers 

This “Two Finger Triple Tap” option is found in the Accessibility menu on the Galaxy Watch. It is a very useful function that allows the user to complete the task at hand by touching the screen three times with two fingers. To turn on the Two Finger Triple Touch function, go to the Settings menu, swipe over to Accessibility, and then choose Settings Tab from the drop-down menu. After this, you will need to tell the watch what action it should do when you three-finger touch the display with your two index fingers.

There are instructions that are pre-loaded, such as activating accessibility, the digital assistant Bixby, dark screen mode, or greyscale mode. Because it acts as a mode that conserves battery life by changing the full watch colour back and white, the grey-scale setting is the one that I choose to configure.

3. Automatically choose the appropriate clock face based on the wearer’s ensemble 

Sometimes it’s challenging to get your timepiece and the rest of your outfit to look good together. Because there are so many different watch faces to choose from, it may be challenging and difficult to choose which one best complements your own style. One of the amazing things that you can do is have the watch face automatically identify your design and adjust itself to fit dependent on the clothes that you are wearing.

Absolutely, that’s not out of the question at all. In order to do this, you will need to complete these easy steps:

  • First things first, you need to check to see whether the “My Style” watch face is chosen on the watch.
  • Open the Galaxy Wear app, and then pick watch faces from the menu at the bottom.
  • After that, you will discover an option to modify the watch face in the upper right corner of the screen. Make your choice.
  • You can export a photo from the Gallery or take a picture with the camera if you want to use the backdrop option.
  • When you have chosen the camera, the first thing you should do is snap a photo of what you are now wearing.
  • Activate the OK button. And you’re done.

What effect will this have? Following the procedures outlined above will cause a variety of watch faces to be generated that is dependent on the colour scheme of the dress that you are now wearing. This is an absolutely great function, and it’s the one that I like using the most. Try it out on at least one occasion.

4. Notifications During Inactive Time 

A major contributor to the development of illnesses and other disorders is a sedentary lifestyle. Additionally, the likelihood of having high blood pressure is raised as a result of this factor. This is essentially the same as leading a sedentary lifestyle when there is no opportunity for physical exercise. Imagine if your watch can give you a signal when it is time to wake up and begin moving. Because of this, the wristwatch has one of the most cutting-edge features, which alerts the wearer if they have been idle for an extended period of time.


  • In order to set up notifications on your Galaxy Watch, please follow these steps:
  • Launch the Samsung Health application on the watch.
  • Continue scrolling until you reach the settings.
  • The next step is to search for an option that is titled “Inactive time notifications.” And make sure that it is turned on.
  • Additionally, you should plan out exactly what times you would want to be notified.

5. Select the Theater Mode 

The Theater Mode function is a third-party software feature that is already included when you purchase the product. When you are in a situation like a theatre, for example, where you don’t want to be bothered by notifications, system noises, or alarms, having this capability may be of great use. You may access the theatre mode from the notification shortcuts, and then switch it on by setting a time length in order to minimise annoying sound warnings. Activating the theatre mode will take effect immediately.

Theater Mode should be enabled on the Galaxy Watch Active 2

Once this function has been activated, it will prevent your watch from making any noise and will turn off the display. In addition to that, it mutes any and all notifications, alarms, and other system noises. Along with that, it disables the always-on display as well as any wake-up gestures. This is useful because it prevents you from being sidetracked and enables you to make the most of the time you have available to you.

6. The mode called “Good Night” 

Good Night Mode on the Galaxy Watch Active 2 functions in a manner that is similar to Theater Mode. If you are the kind of person who wears their watch while sleeping, then the Good night mode will be one of the features that will come in the most handy for you. Once you activate this feature, it will reduce interruptions by turning off other functions, such as the Always-on screen, Wake-up movements, and touch to awaken. Once you activate this feature, it will take effect immediately. You will still have access to alerts, which is a positive development.

How can one turn off the “Good Night” mode? It is possible to turn it off manually. However, the watch is able to analyse your sleeping habits and will either activate the mode or deactivate it automatically depending on how you normally rest.

7. Capture images of the screen

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is capable of taking screenshots and storing them in the gallery, much like smartphones. That is very awesome to hear. But first, you have to enable it by heading to the Settings menu, then selecting Advanced, then Screen Capture, and finally selecting Enable.

Hold the watch in a horizontal position to take a screenshot, then press and hold the Home button while swiping the screen to the right. Once you’ve done this, the screenshot will be saved. In addition, there is an opportunity to transfer the images taken to the phone once they have been taken.

8. Manage the Camera on Your Phone 

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is compatible with an app that gives users control over the camera on their phone. This programme is known as “Camera Controller,” and it can be downloaded for free from the Samsung Galaxy Store. After you have installed it and opened it, it will activate the camera on your smartphone and open itself on your phone. You’ll have the ability to take pictures from a distance using this device on your wrist. The ability to capture a steady shot from one’s wrist comes in pretty useful.

Note: To switch between the front and rear cameras, swipe your finger across the screen.

9. Use Spotify to Listen to Music Offline 

If you need to go for a stroll or to the gym but don’t want to take your smartphone about with you, but you still don’t want to lose out on listening to your favourite music, you may use Bluetooth headphones. In this situation, you may be asking whether or not it is feasible to stream Spotify without an internet connection on the Galaxy Watch Active 2. The good news is that you can listen to all of your preferred music on Spotify, even when you’re not connected to the internet.

  • To activate this functionality, just go through the following steps:
  • Launch the Spotify application with the watch.
  • Navigate to Settings > Playback on your menu.
  • Select “Standalone” from the Playback section of the menu.
  • Obtain the Spotify Playlist so that you may listen to it offline.
  • Install the playlist from Spotify here.

What effect will this have? You will now be able to play any music that you choose, straight away. But before you do that, check that the playlist you want to listen to has been downloaded. To do this, go to Music and download all of your preferred music.

A helpful hint: to go offline, turn off all wireless connections, including Bluetooth and WiFi.

10. Setup SOS Messages

In the event that you were unaware, an SOS message is useful in the event that there is an issue. It’s possible that there may be certain circumstances in which you won’t have access to the phone. In this scenario, you may utilise the watch to immediately communicate an emergency situation to a group of pre-selected contacts.

  • To configure the SOS, carry out the following steps:
  • Launch the Galaxy Wear app on your mobile device.
  • Proceed to the Send SOS requests menu option. And make it possible.
  • After that, configure the people that you wish to be able to send SOS messages to.

One last piece of advice that we can provide you is to make sure that the location services on your watch are always active, as this will allow it to broadcast your actual position to the contact that you choose.

How should an SOS message be sent? Following the completion of the processes presented above, you will now be able to send the SOS messages. To send the SOS message, hit the power key three times. It will then be sent to the contacts that you have specified, along with a link to your present position.

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