10 Best Diving Watches Under 500$

Some people find that deep-sea diving or scuba diving serves as a kind of meditation for them. People who enjoy diving two or three times a week should make sure they have a dive watch on them at all times. Diving is a very strenuous exercise that engages both the mind and the body.

We are aware that numerous designer dive watches may cost several thousand dollars, but if you are astute enough, you will be able to choose the greatest dive watches that are appropriate for your way of life, your wardrobe, and your budget.

In order to make your search for the best dive watches a little bit easier, we have compiled this list of the top diving watches that cost less than $500. But in the end, it is up to you to choose the watch that is going to work best for you.

In addition to this, several of the timepieces on our list are available in a variety of colour variations. In addition, a variety of strap options are available to make the diving watch seem more fashionable so that it may be used on a regular basis.

What exactly is a dive watch, and how does it compare to other types of smartwatches? 

As is common knowledge, each and every smartwatch produced by the watch market is water-resistant to some degree. Some have a waterproof certification good for up to 30 metres, while others have one good for up to 50 metres.

Only timepieces that claim to have an IP68 certification with a minimum depth of 50 metres may be considered swim-proof. This indicates that you can wear these watches when swimming.

If, on the other hand, you are considering purchasing a dive watch for the sole purpose of diving in a pool or surface waters, you should know that there is no requirement for you to do so. This is the case even if you do not intend to engage in activities such as scuba diving or deep-sea swimming.

How to Pick the Perfect Watch for Diving? 

Before you go out and get a diving watch, have a look at the following list of some of the qualities that you ought to think about. In addition, all of these characteristics are specified based on a categorization used at the industry level. This standard is known as ISO 6425, and it describes the characteristics that a diving watch must have in order to meet the requirements.

The following are the primary characteristics that ISO 6425 bestows upon a diving watch:

1. Water Resistant: 

The capacity of a dive watch to withstand water, which should go without saying, is the single most significant attribute of any diving watch. These diving watches, in contrast to ordinary watches, will be subjected to testing at extremely great depths below. Therefore, the water-resistance capabilities of the diving watches have to be a minimum of one hundred metres.

On the other hand, we feel it is important to point out that all of the watches that you are about to see on our list are water-resistant to a depth of at least 200 metres for reasons that are self-evident. If a person is able to swim to a depth of 100 metres in the ocean, then they are capable of going much further than this.

2. Visibility: 

The ISO has asserted that this is a very essential characteristic of their standard. You are not going to purchase any diving watch if the visibility of such a watch is not clear at depths between 100 and 200 metres since it would be ridiculous.

This inventory was compiled with this important characteristic in mind, and we have limited our discussion to those timepieces whose watch faces display strikingly graphic designs. In addition, you are able to get precise readings from the data despite the fact that the design is so daring.

3. Rotating Bezel:

This is an essential component of any diving watch worth it’s salt. If this function is missing from the watch, then it is not designed to be worn when diving. A diver is able to keep track of the amount of time they have spent underwater thanks to the spinning bezel function. How would it work? To begin the dive, you turn the bezel on the watch. This is how it works.

The vast majority of watch manufacturers boast that their timepiece is both water-resistant to a depth of 200 metres and equipped with a backlight to improve readability, making it suitable for use when scuba diving. On the other hand, their watch is just designed for swimming and not for use in professional diving.

When it comes to watches, the presence of a revolving bezel is the sole criterion for classifying one as a professional diving watch. In addition, the majority of the watches on our list include a rotating bezel, which provides further clarity.

4. A Strap That Will Last:

A timepiece without a strap that can withstand wear and tear is pointless. When it comes to straps for diving gear, NATO-style straps are the most common choice since the fit and finish of this material are long-lasting.

The watch straps are often not interchangeable with diving watches because of their water-resistance. I will recommend that you go for the one that has interchangeable straps because if you want to wear that watch to parties or date evenings, then the NATO-style strap will not be handy for your look. Instead, I would propose that you go for the one that has interchangeable straps.

Every one of the timepieces on this list has the ability to have its strap replaced.

10 Best Diving Watches Under 500$ 

1. The Cressi Leonardo, which was awarded “Star Product” 

Cressi, an Italian company, is the manufacturer of the professional dive computer known as Leonardo. In the event that you are unaware, Cressi is a brand that has been the pioneer in the development of all dive gear since 1946.

In order to make the process of setting the air and meter settings in the Leonardo easier, Cressi included a single button. On the other hand, we can state that Leonardo is a one-stop solution for someone who is just starting out or who is interested in learning how to dive.

It has a higher screen quality, which displays huge numerical results, making it simple for a person to accurately understand all of the information that is being displayed on the screen. Additionally, you are able to change the FO2 oxygen level, which is a very crucial factor to consider when working with divers.

The battery life is outstanding given that it may last up to one to two years, and once the battery dies, you can change the battery at any time with a new battery (Battery model: CR2430).

The fact that you are unable to swap out the straps is one aspect of this diving watch that is not to my liking. However, Cressi provides you with a wide variety of colour options from which to select. This is the one drawback of this diving watch; other than this, everything about it is incredibly interesting.

2. A watch from Citizen called the Eco-Drive Promaster Diver. 

According to the manufacturer, the Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Diver wristwatch can be powered by any source of light, whether it be natural or artificial, as it is able to transform light into energy when exposed to it. The watch has a water resistance of two hundred metres and is perfect for any sort of activity that involves being in or around water, including swimming and diving.

Because the dial on this diving watch is so prominent, you won’t be able to obscure the view of the time while you’re underwater. This is one of the many advantages of purchasing this watch. Additionally, this watch is equipped with a bezel that can be turned.

Additionally, the straps may be changed whenever you like; the only requirement is that they have to be 20 millimetres in width. In addition to all of these features, this watch also comes with an outstanding guarantee of five years.

3. Orient Men’s Diving Watch 

The Orient Men’s Diving Watch has an excellent water resistance rating of up to 200 metres, a design that is traditional and automated and made of stainless steel, and the build quality of the watch is fairly decent.

In addition, this timepiece has a special function that the vast majority of diving watches do not have, and that is that it brightens the dial when it is submerged in water that is between 100 and 200 metres deep. In order to activate this function, you must first expose the watch to sunlight for a period of time. In addition to this, it causes the dial to shine under water, which increases your visibility.

The fact that this watch includes a rotating dial to keep track of your dive time is the primary factor that contributed to its inclusion on our list. In addition to all of these features, the watch offers a battery life of around forty hours, and moreover, the straps may be interchanged according to your preferences in both appearance and disposition.

4. Orient Men’s Mako II

At this price point, the Mako II is the only dive watch that comes equipped with every function that is necessary for engaging in diving activities. This watch can withstand water pressure of up to 200 metres and is equipped with a unidirectional spinning bezel that may be used to keep track of the amount of time spent underwater. This dive watch is versatile enough to be worn for any and all types of water sports, not only diving.

Altering the straps to match your style is also possible, making an already convenient accessory much more versatile. The strap must have a size of 20 mm, although if you ask me, the strap made of stainless steel is the most comfortable of all the available options. In addition to all of these features, the diver’s watch that you purchase will provide you with a battery capacity of forty hours.

5. Seiko SKX007K

You may have complete faith in the Seiko brand without having any concerns at all. You might claim that this brand produces some of the greatest diving watches for under $500, or alternatively, that they manufacture very good dive watches that are affordable.

This watch includes virtually all of the qualities that are necessary for scuba diving, such as being water-resistant up to a depth of 200 metres and having a display that can be viewed extremely well underwater.

In addition to that, it features a bezel that can be turned. Because of this, it features a strap made of highly durable stainless steel, but in the future, you may swap it out for one of your own personal preferred straps.

6. Seiko Prospex SRPD11 (Limited Edition Black) 

As already noted, Seiko creates good divers’ watches. In addition, the Seiko Prospex SRPD11 is another one of the company’s top-quality products. It comes in a unique black version, which is my favourite colour out of the options available.

In addition, when compared to the performance of other dive watches, this one offers a very exhilarating experience when diving. The water-resistance of this watch extends to a depth of up to 200 metres.

It also features a diving timer dial, and the panel of the watch is sufficiently bold so that it can be seen from a depth of two hundred metres below the surface of the sea.

In addition to this, the battery life of this diving watch is rather satisfactory. There is a battery life of 41 hours provided by it. In addition to all of these features, the case is made of black stainless steel, and it is so light and comfortable that it won’t cause any itching even if you wear it all day.

7. The Luminox 3001 Quartz Navy Seal Dive Watch 

One of the most reputable manufacturers of diving watches is Luminox. They manufacture rugged and long-lasting timepieces, the kind that every diver’s watch should, ideally, be designed to be. This diver’s watch is outfitted with all of the fundamental components that are necessary for scuba diving.

This watch has a water resistance of up to 200 metres and is ideal for divers. And has a one-way spinning dial to track down to diving capacities, and this has a very striking dial face for improved vision beneath the water. In addition, this watch is water-resistant to a depth of 100 metres.

In addition, this diver’s watch has a carbon-reinforced case structure, a case diameter of 43 millimetres, and straps that are extremely long-lasting. All of these features contribute to the watch’s overall high quality. They come with a surface that has a rubberized finish. However, you have the option of changing the straps to a NATO type.

8. An automatic diver’s watch by Seiko, model number SRPA83. 

The Seiko SRPA83 is an acceptable timepiece for scuba divers.

Because this watch lacks a rotating bezel, it is not possible to manually calculate the length of the dive using it. However, because the watch has such a striking dial face and is able to withstand water pressure of up to 200 metres, it is quite easy to read even under adverse conditions.

In addition, the guarantee on this watch is for three years, which is more than adequate for a watch of this nature in my opinion. In addition to this, the wristwatch has a case diameter of 50 millimetres and is the only watch on our list with such a large diameter.

The width of the band is 26 millimetres, and you are free to replace the straps whenever it is most convenient for you.

9. Tissot Seastar (Model: T1204171104100) 

This Tissot Men’s Seastar watch is a straightforward example of a diver’s watch.

It is the same as the other timepieces on the list, with the exception of one characteristic: this watch is water-resistant to a depth of up to 300 metres, which is equivalent to 1000 feet. This is the single factor that makes this device stand out from the others on the list. That’s pretty crazy, right?

The only thing that distinguishes this watch from other dive timepieces is its cost, which helps make these watches the best dive timepiece for under $500. I’m sure you’ve seen watches with a higher water-resistance capability than this one, but the price is the only thing that sets this apart from other dive watches.

This watch features a luminous backlight for improved legibility in any lighting situation in addition to a unidirectional spinning bezel that may be used to keep track of your driving distance. With this, you will receive a stainless steel casing that allows you to swap out the strap at a later time for any 22 mm option.

10. Casio “G-Shock” Quartz Resin Sport Watch for Men 

The G-Shock you’re looking at has some great features for use in water sports, but they are not designed for scuba diving.

It is water-resistant up to a depth of 200 metres and includes a Luminescent Backlight to improve sight even when the surrounding illumination is poor.

You won’t be able to use this watch for diving in the ocean’s depths due to the absence of a revolving bezel, but you may wear it when you go swimming. You might already be aware of this, but the bands of any G-Shock watch cannot be removed and replaced with standard straps, and the same restriction applies to this model as well.

Hence, if you are seeking a watch to use when swimming or participating in any other type of water sport, then I believe that this watch will be an excellent choice for you to make.

Final Verdict

Every watch that made it into our list was designed with scuba and deep-sea diving in mind. However, in the end, you will have to put your money into one of these investments. Therefore, it is imperative that you are clear about it.

 The solution to your dilemma is going to be to get a watch that offers it. For example, if you are looking for a diving watch that is only dedicated to tracking information, then the Cressi Leonardo will be your best option.

However, if a dive monitor is going to be the first watch you add to your collection, then rather than purchasing a specialist dive watch, you should seek a watch that satisfies your primary need for diving while still having a fashionable appearance. In addition, I believe that the Orient Men’s Mako II is the only watch that can fulfil your requirements, and it is that watch.

And if you are searching for an overall dive watch that does not only look fantastic but is also suitable enough for dives, then the Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Diver Watch will serve your needs well. It is a watch that is worthwhile enough for diving while also looking wonderful.

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