Acute Words Examples List: 100+ Common Acute Sentences Definitions

Acute Words Examples List: 100+ Common Acute Sentences Definitions

These words can have two, three, four or more syllables, since the only condition is that the syllable with the greatest emphasis is the last one. For example:return , reach , information , recovery .

When do acute words have an accent?

The acute words take tilde (or orthographic accent ) in the following cases:

  • When they end in N. For example: ala crán , also , garden , region , some .
  • When they end in S. For example: besides , it ’ s trés , Pa ris , goodbye , bus .
  • When they end in a vowel . For example:maybe zá , i ate tea , mana  , su bío , ta .

If an acute word ends in any other consonant, no tilde should be placed and only a prosodic accent (that is, the one that is pronounced) is maintained. For example:

ivory , clock , love , ballet . _


To take into account: All infinitive verbs that have more than one syllable are acute words. For example:to know , to sea , to sleep .

In addition to the acute ones, as far as stress is concerned, there are other classes of words:

  • Plain words . Also called serious , they are those whose stressed syllable is the penultimate and are marked when they do not end in N, S or vowel. For example:apple , martyr , house . _
word class stressed syllable tildación examples
treble Last When they end in N, S or vowel re loj , a tril , valor , emo tion , maybe , studied
trowels penultimate When they do not end in N, S or vowel door , feeling , cat , most useful , album , car mobile
Esdrújulas Antepenultimate Always upper case , laugh ass , shy girl , physicist , broccoli , mi mica
sobreesdrújulas Previous to the antepenultimate Always do n’t use it , read it to me, give it to me , see it again, take it see it

Examples of acute words with tilde

action _ du ro pate or
chord on domi no for tea
also more equation _ loss _
addiction _ ele gi persecution _
to god I found three stay tuned
administration _ faced _ painted to
admission _ enre did portuguese _
german _ is who toe _
some _ it’s three pu 
to me exclamation _ maybe _
warn uncle explanation _ root _
nis _ explore  scratch off
harness _ french _ mouse _
yes _ fun do will receive
bus _ illustration _ rebbe lion
aviation _ information _ religion _
to vion inhalation _ look back
balloon _ interest _ rin with
ba ul ireland _ kidney _
baby baby boar li rom peep
button _ ha bon rotation _
bourgeois _ never again rotu lo
bus what japanese _ ruby _
coffee faith heh heh sausage _
drawer _ ha món salt mon
cami son play it salvation _
rum bed lu cio satisfaction _
truck _ lesson _ section _
champion _ le ón according to
song _ lemon _ he renounced
captain _ cleaned _ yes more
ce bu arrived _ so fa
I did not cook corn _ too _
cabbage chon male con television _
bri coli ma ma termination _
like mine ma ni shark _
how do you sea with ti mon
bought gave brown here to what
common _ medication _ to 
confess  I do n’t will work
confirmation _ my sion betrayal ne
confirmed _ I will show transition _
i will tell you multiplication _ translation _
corded kiss mu laughed transfer to
short teas na tion you ron
give nes occasion _ hesitated
say say occupation _ go rum
decision _ will operate twenty three
of more organization _ see me
discor teas country _ vision _
later _ prediction _ saw saw
sixteen _ pants _ voting _
say laugh pa pa big voice
divided gave pakistani _ vu duú

Examples of acute words without accent

open car run _ ask tar
open tsar dissolve see prescribe _
here bar I decided to say proceed _
how to give cir _ protector _
accuse _ dei dad what to give
adapter _ give such what a laugh
attach tar deposit _ rectangular _
adopt tar deflate _ compose tar
aero sun editor _ give water
affectivity _ entrepreneur _ come back
shave tar chain _ ren tar
affinity _ charm _ repa triar
adjust _ in tra answer der
to sea hide der pay back
enlarge _ write _ re tsar
an give essential _ give rum
aran cel special _ salt var
ascend der spiritual _ go out
asen threw stipulate _ salt tar
to tril explode _ hello give
to yer export _ heal ar
to blue bright faith sector _
dance _ general _ sign lar
bor give great _ sir _
ar edge yell tar feel tar
delete _ taste _ feel tired
czar yawn in flare so bro
box ar play _ social _
bran chial I will go sun _
tans dor bad dad sun tar
brutal _ damn cir dream _
bubble ar manchar _ knew ner
ca bal older _ suspend _
lime car such a thing tem blor
change _ monitor _ holder _
walk _ show _ work jar
can sar world dial bring er
sing _ wall _ traitor _
charge gar music lime gir
brush _ national _ universal salt
circular _ na give university _
necklace _ give away tar
put car omi tir neighborhood dad
jump rope panel _ sell _
buy _ particular _ truthfulness _
I checked pair _ see dad
cer cone put _ I saw sister
counter _ peel ar i saw
with tar perceived bir see again
corral _ pu lir shake ar

Particular cases of accentuation in acute words

In acute words, stress has some additional rules:

  • When the word ends with the letter Y, whether it forms a diphthong or a tripthong , it does not have an accent mark. For example: with voy , para cool , vi rrey .
  • The presence of a hiatus of an open vowel plus a stressed closed vowel makes it necessary to place a tilde in the latter, regardless of the final letter. For example: root , ata úd , laugh ,where they all end in consonants other than N and S and still have an accent.
  • Acute words that end with two consonants do not have an accent mark. In general, they are usually foreign words or terms from other languages. For example:ma muts , ro bots , carnets .

Sentences with sharp words

  1. The young man did not like how he was treated.
  2. Going for a walk is what he likes the most.
  3. The same song played all night .
  4. His greatest virtue is solidarity .
  5. The house has been empty since April .
  6. The sofa was stained with wine.
  7. I want to know exactly what happened .
  8. The orangutan is a type of primate.
  9. Juan left his house and did not return until the next day.
  10. The restaurant closed its doors after ten years.
  11.  Do you want to come to dinner at my mansion ?
  12. The woman has a very rich spiritual life.
  13. Suddenly, a feeling of inexplicable sadness came over him.
  14. The control tower lost contact with the aircraft .
  15. The theater room lacks lighting .
  16. The street is deserted.
  17. The boy ran so much that he was exhausted .
  18. The team won the final match .
  19. The young man called on the phone, but no one answered him .
  20. The school will be closed for the summer.

Acute words are those whose stressed syllable (that is, the one that is pronounced with greater intensity) is the last one. For example:

coffee , lemon , yesterday . _

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