100 Examples Of Serious And Plain Words

100 Examples Of Serious And Plain Words

Serious words , also called plain words, are those whose stressed syllable (that is, the one that is pronounced with the greatest intensity) is the penultimate. For example: easy , bed , kitchen .

These words can have two, three, four or more syllables. For example: 

Saltsa, parking.

When are serious words accentuated?

To know which serious words have an accent or orthographic accent, we must follow the following rules:

  • If the word ends in N, S or any vowel , it should not have an accent mark. For example:re su men, cro quis, ca tre.
  • If the word ends in any other letter, it must have an accent mark. For example: diffi cult , fluor , marble.
word class stressed syllable tildación examples
treble Last When they end in N, S or vowel speed , rumor , kindness , coffee , bye too _
Bass or flat penultimate When they do not end in N, S or vowel su min go, i ma gen, vi rus , crater , fossil , album bum
Esdrújulas Antepenultimate Always vertigo , oxygen , cell , recondite , machine , athletic _
sobreesdrújulas Previous to the antepenultimate Always say it to him , weakly , sarcastically , explain it to him , quickly

Serious words with tilde

aba gave to  ecology _ _ for I am
afo ni a ego is ta po dri to
nimble _ energized _ _ poe yes to
ago ni to it’s ril tea police officer _
reached _ _ ether _ po lies ter
analo gi to etolo turned to poker _
long for faith mur by the way
apollo gave _ fertile _ I preferred to
tree _ sharp trust _ pro cer
mobile car _ I finally turned to pro hi be
biologist _ _ forceps _ psychologist _ _
ca da see fragile _ puberty _
river comrade _ football _ x - ray
cancer cer geologist _ _  cord
character _ _ crane to I laughed _
jail cell skillful _ see again _
locksmith _ _ ha laughed _ river or
lawn _ hero na _ roared _ _
surgery _ _ invero yes thousand san die a
cl max I am yes thousand
comic mic jewelery _ _ toner _
con sul ketchup _ chest _
raised pencil _ tre bowl
date _ latex _ you in
weak _ went to useful _
distract me _ leader _ greenery river _
dollar _ more useful see sat till
dor me to watch river _ i saw _
I slept laughing i do vo la til
due or orography _ _ zoo _ _

Serious words without accents

aba ni co with your me mo chi la
to bas to run _ sample _
be ha cor ti nas nu be
to bri go and you do n’t oh jos
to good the how much Om bli go
water the _ cu cha ra organ ni za
to dor not neck _ or so
wow _ account _ bread will help you
ai re desor de na par lan tea
to the fom bra tell you pe lo
I love llo disco _ ne sees ra
po len fe laugh do oh yeah
before _ compa ñe ra tabs _ _
re na ensa la da stone _
thursday _ is pe ra leg na
to your me it ‘s god plan cha
to have to it’s you ma pla ya
writing river _ it ‘s three llas plum ma
ger men structure your ra po ne
bank _ fi gu ra port _
ban que ro fruit ta re dac ta
bo ta source tea re me ra
good na ga the xias re your menu
ac bus win na do saw sa
le gum bre ta co rhinoceros rum tea
ca be llo genius _ rock _
cable _ fat do break pe
ca che tes wow not _ ro pa
cal za do my gas _ sa lu su
walk na ta genius _ _ saint _
cabbage cha mo na yes call
col mi llo Thurs _ good luck
with me ju go super po ne
with ju ro I know ta pa do

Serious words separated into syllables

a-le- gri - a com-pra- ri - a ma- ri- no
angel -gel ñan- dú - es work _ _
a- zú - car I - ta -lia per - so -na
ba-hí - a ce - men -to family _ _
in - chu -fa no -che roots _ _
co- mi - da hungry _ _ ro -jo
ran - a man- za -na rum -da
say - say - a es - pe -jo knew _
do- cil nec- tar see -of

Serious animal words

ace say to pig do ga lli na
to scratch _ ci claw _ rooster _
gun say llo coco dri lo cat _
vis pa eat dre ha hamsters _
whale _ _ condor _ hee ra fa
owl ho co ne jo I died
horse _ _ co to rra dog _
goat _ cuca ra cha ra na
poop you to raven _ know po
ce bra he fan you you gre

Serious words of fruits and plants

na ran ha man za no euca lip to
to ron ha pi not ro sa
send laugh na ca or ba mint _
ba na na ce dro mag no lia
pineapple _ oak _ have cho
hot water _ ol mo step by step
u go sau ce dawn to dusk
ki wi ficus _ li ma
pe ra cei bo czar za
fruit you call maple _ ro i ro
fresh _ hi gue ra ne bro

Serious words of cities and countries

Argentina you na It ‘s pa quit _
Aus tra lia Philippines _ _ be bia
Barce lo na bi za saw her
bra yes lia England land _ trust _
Letter na _ li ma your belief
chi le London _ Switzerland _
Colombia _ _ I cry ca have faith _
dina sea ca Pra ga come to the

Particular cases of accentuation in serious words

In serious words, the stress presents some additional rules:

  • Serious words that form a hiatus of an open vowel plus a stressed closed vowel (in any order) go with a tilde, even when the word ends in N, S or a vowel. For example: gavea, ac you a, dor me a.
  • Interrogative and exclamatory pronouns go with a diacritic tilde to distinguish them from their respective relatives , which do not have a tilde. For example: how, who , where , who.
  • Serious words ending in S go with a tilde, if another consonant appears before that letter . For example: records, biceps , forceps .

Sentences with serious words

  1. The cat went out the window .
  2. The moon looks bright .
  3. He never imagined what could happen.
  4. There is no need to mistreat anyone .
  5. The cinema will remain open all weekend .
  6. The article I read is very interesting .
  7. They say that there is no evil that for good does not come .
  8. The football match ended in a draw .
  9. His greatest virtue is empathy .
  10. The writer publicized his latest novel .
  11. The girl cries non-stop for the absence of her mother.
  12. The school will welcome new students next year .
  13. The president confirmed the event that was leaked in the press .
  14. The jungle vegetation is very exuberant .
  15. My brother is very good at cooking .
  16. The computer crashed . _
  17. This word does not appear in the dictionary .
  18. They knocked on the door , but no one answered.
  19. The doctor ordered a chest x - ray .
  20. The forward of the team is very skillful.

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