11 of the Best Apps for the Apple Watch, Designed for Educators

The Apple Watch is the most practical instrument for boosting one’s level of productivity. In order to get the most out of your Apple Watch, you are going to need certain applications that are specifically designed for educators.

It is important for you as a teacher to be organised, and the App Store has several fantastic collecting applications that may help you do just that. Everything from resolving difficult mathematical calculations to arranging activities becomes considerably simpler to do.

1. Bear Notes 

Since you are a teacher, it is imperative that you have a notes application installed on your Apple Watch. Bear Notes is among the most useful programmes for educators since it enables you to record your ideas, findings, and thoughts. In addition to that, Apple’s Software Store has recognised this app as the best app of the year for its App Store.

Along with being able to translate your ideas into words, it also comes with some other fantastic capabilities, such as the ability to quickly organise using tags, share your thoughts anywhere, back them up, and restore them, as well as many other functions.

The software is completely free. You may access further features, though, by paying an additional fee of either $1.49 per month or $14.99 per year.

You will be able to encrypt independent notes with a password, lock your notes with a face or touch ID, export notes in different configurations (PDF, HTML, DOCX, and JPG), and get access to dozens of beautiful themes in order to improve the quality of the user experience. These features are only available to users who pay for the premium version of the app.

2. OneNote from Microsoft

One other option for note-taking software for educators is Microsoft OneNote. With the assistance of Microsoft OneNote, users are able to organise their own large events, take notes, including photographs and videos in a note, encrypt their notes with a password, save them to the internet, and do many other tasks.

The primary distinction between these two programmes is that Microsoft OneNote may be used without charge, whilst the Bear Note app will charge you a fee if you want to make use of any of its more advanced capabilities. The other similarities are minimal.

OneNote from Microsoft is a freemium product. That is to say, if you want to access extra capabilities, you may do so by purchasing a subscription to Office 365 within the app itself.

3. Messages 

If you are a schoolteacher, you might find that having alerts appear on your wrist during the day can be a minor distraction at times. However, making effective use of it will help your day go more smoothly. You have the ability to select which messages warrant your attention by activating the notification settings for certain applications. You will be able to improve your productivity and better manage your time if you do it this way.

4. The Microsoft Translator application 

The programme Microsoft Translator is one of the most important tools for instructors who are teaching several languages to their students. When you reach a point when you are unable to deduce the meaning of words or statements on your own, you can put it to use.

By converting words or phrases into your mother tongue with Microsoft Translator, you will have a much easier time comprehending what is being said.

The Microsoft Translator software differentiates from other apps of the same kind since it supports over 70 different languages. It can translate not just text but also speech, graphics, and discussions between several people. In addition, you may talk directly to your Apple Watch to get a quick translation of whatever you need.

You may also download languages for free in order to perform offline translations, and you’ll receive access to a plethora of features such as auto-sync, listening to your converted phrase, sharing your transcriptions with other applications, and a great deal more. In general, a fantastic tool that I highly recommend to any educators searching for translation software.

5. Timer 

Being a teacher requires you to have highly meticulous attention to detail about time. The clock is a built-in app on the Apple Watch that can assist you in keeping track of the passage of time. It guarantees that the time is being managed effectively so that more of it may be devoted to the pupils in your class.

You always have the option of using a preprogrammed timer with increments of (1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 30) minutes and (1, 2) hours. You will find that using these presets saves you a lot of time. Scroll down and create a customised timer if you would also like to establish your own personal timer according to your specifications.

In fact, SIRI is always available to provide assistance. You may say something along the lines of “Set a timer for thirty minutes.” You will be all set and prepared to move on.

6. Dictionary 

It is unreliable to carry about an actual dictionary book, which is both bulky and cumbersome. What if, on the other hand, you had access to a dictionary right from your wrist? Over two million more reliable definitions and synonyms may be found in the Dictionary app for Apple Watch.

It provides you with many tools, such as a word of the day, a synonym of the day, voice search, word puzzles, audio pronunciation of words, synonyms, grammatical guide, editorial articles, learner’s dictionary, A-Z Dictionary, and favourite terms, all of which are designed to help you expand your vocabulary.

This programme can be used, thankfully, even when you are not connected to the internet. It will not be necessary to have an active internet connection in order to utilise it.

7. Reminders 

Having notifications on your wrist can make your life much simpler if you are constantly pressed for time and have a lot of things that you need to accomplish and remember. The Reminders app, which is pre-installed on your Apple Watch from the factory, will save you in these kinds of sticky circumstances.

It is possible to schedule reminders to collect assignments, attend activities, and most significantly take attendance. The nicest part about this app is that your pupils won’t be able to hear the reminder noise, but the vibration alert will let you know when it goes off.

8. Schedule of Lessons 

When you have a packed agenda, it might be challenging to remember all of the lessons and activities that are scheduled for the week. This is something that the Class Timetable app will take care of for you.

Classroom Timetable is the ideal companion for instructors working in elementary schools, secondary schools, colleges, and universities.

Class Schedule distinguishes out from other timetable programmes available on the App Store because of its straightforward user interface. It comes with an in-built task list that will ensure that everything is arranged for you automatically. And enables you to examine as well as make changes to your task list.

In addition to that, it provides you with certain premium services such as a task reminder, an exportable timetable, and class notice, among other things.

9. PowerPoint from Microsoft

There are a variety of PowerPoint presentation apps available on the app store, but one of the finest is Microsoft PowerPoint. Using this software, you are able to easily and quickly make edits, create new presentations, view existing ones, give presentations, and share them from any location.

It grants you access to all of your recent presentations and lectures and allows you to watch them on any device. And displays the current slide number as well as the amount of time that has passed since the presentation began.

In addition to this, it enables you to easily shuffle the slides by providing buttons that move forward and backwards through the presentation.

PowerPoint from Microsoft is available for free. Nevertheless, if you want access to even more capabilities, you can buy a subscription to Office 365 right within the app itself.

10. Calculator 

It is required that you have a Calculator application loaded on your Apple Watch if you are a teacher. Calculating difficult equations has never been simpler than with this helpful and intuitive tool. In addition, this programme for a calculator offers both common and scientific calculators, which may be used to solve mathematical problems. In addition, you will be able to save your calculations and show them to your pupils so that they may better comprehend them.

11. Email 

It might be rather difficult to check your email on your laptop or phone on a regular basis. If you switch on email notifications on your watch, you can freely respond to your emails without having to download an app first. This is because you can do it all from your watch.

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