2 years after its launch, Nintendo says goodbye to Miitomo, its particular WhatsApp

Social networks and instant messaging have probably been the greatest social revolutions of the ‘smartphone era’ , and that is that permanent connectivity is essential for the social experience of a smartphone to make sense.

Nintendo was the first to see it and the fastest to take it to the world of videogames, and if the Wii was already a new social and / or family game experience, the truth is that the Mii’s and its Miitomo social network I didn’t go deeper into that field, in that of a social game that had much to offer ...

I had in the past, and that is for Nintendo a golden age closes no less than twelve years after the landing of the Mii avatars, already obsolete in our days and with games for mobile platforms in the near horizon . Yes, time passes very fast, we have already realized!

The message Nintendo recalls the announcement that had been made some time in which to currency transactions was announced in Miitomo in January this year, facing the end of the social network yesterday.

Two years of life has had the first game for Nintendo smartphones, which was launched there by the month of May 2016 to explore the terrain for the arrival of Mario and, hopefully, the rest of the Nintendo family. For now, Mario Kart Tour is already in the oven for the next one.

As the Japanese firm itself indicates in its statement, Miitomo ends its service and you will not be able to start the application immediately , showing a message informing that the service has stopped and it is not possible to use any of its functions.

You will not be able to see messages in the application, nor use the objects obtained nor the wallpapers or posters, although you can transfer your Mii character to a Nintendo account so as not to lose your avatar, although it will go without personality and any than other information available on Miitomo.

Nintendo needs another step in mobile gaming, will it finally go for it ...?

The disappearance of Miitomo can be understood as a lack of affinity of the Japanese video game giant with smartphones, although really the concept of the Mii had long since become obsolete and Nintendo needs to take off seriously on mobile platforms.

With SEGA triumphing and all analysts claiming that Nintendo would earn more with mobile games than selling their own consoles, the truth is that the landing of Super Mario Run does not seem enough for a firm that has a brutal cast of titles to bring to smartphones ...

In fact, if Nintendo designers were right with Switch, it was precisely mixing concepts learned from the exponential growth of mobile devices , adding the experience acquired on Wii and Wii U with social gaming and mobility.

It remains to accept the paradigm shift that smartphones have brought to the gamer industry , and so far the Japanese have been wary of losing control of their platform and giving others a good part of the success of Mario, Luigi, Pikachu, Link, Donkey Kong, Zelda, Kirby, etc.

We are convinced, Nintendo : Why don’t we enjoy a quality Zelda on mobile phones if the gameplay is good? Why we weren’t going to pay for it? Perhaps the problem is in the money that Google and Apple raise with sales in App Store and Play Store, although sooner or later we hope to see Nintendo fully with us

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