4 good alternatives to Google Trips to organize and plan your trips

The day has come: Google had warned us early June, and has been finally executed his plan : the app Google Trips will no longer be available from today , and with it all its fantastic profits analyzed at the time . The company decided to stop supporting its travel organization application, and as of today Trips joins the extensive catalog of services that Google has decided to “kill” .

Luckily for us, the rest of the developers offer us great travel planning applications through Google Play. In this guide, we have decided to select the best ones that can be downloaded as an alternative to Google Trips .

Alternatives to Google Trips: the best apps to organize your trips

Sygic Travel

The tool of Sygic , the famous company specialized in the development of navigation software and maps, is probably the best alternative that currently exists to Google Trips . In fact, its design based on the Material Design lines is very similar to that of the - now deceased - Google application.

It has a database of more than 20 million sites to visit to plan our trips , with descriptions and images selected by the company’s professional editors. It also allows you to download trips to see them offline , as well as the possibility of finding accommodation through the main hotel and apartment platforms.

Probably one of the best features of the app, and certainly the one that most about Sygic Guides to Trips is synchronization between devices in the cloud , so that planned trips are visible from the mobile or computer.


Another famous free travel application worth trying is Tripit . One of its most interesting functions is the integration with the main email managers , so that the application is able to capture the data of our hotel reservations, boarding passes and more to organize trips automatically, in the same way what Google Trips did.

Other additions that Tripit offers are real-time notices about the status of our flight , maps of interactive airport terminals, and of course a selection of places to stay, visit or where to eat at our destination.

Guides by Lonely Planet

The people of Lonely Planet have been a reference for travel guides for years , thanks to their destinations selected by professionals who help us plan our adventures in the best possible way. The Android application offers guides with offline maps, built-in translator and even a currency converter . In addition, it has a careful and intuitive design that facilitates the planning process.


Those who do not need tools as advanced as those of the other applications of this selection, can bet on a somewhat simpler app - although not for that worse - like TripPlanner . The main virtue of this app is that it is not necessary to create an account or log in to plan trips , and still we have options such as automatic selection of places to visit according to our destination , interactive maps or the possibility of adding notes about places concrete The app can be downloaded for free and does not include ads of any kind.

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