4 tricks that work to improve the coverage of your mobile at home

Although thanks to new technologies it is less and less common, we have all suffered network drops and loss of coverage in our smartphones . These annoying problems can be due to a multitude of factors, and despite being unpredictable, it is possible to avoid as far as possible that these types of incidents can leave us incommunicado.

Sometimes, this type of coverage loss may be caused by the location we are in , or possible waves that cause interference and distortions in the connection. Although in these cases it is not usually possible - at least in a simple way - to change the aspects that are preventing the valuable waves from reaching our device, there are a number of useful tips and tricks , which can be followed to improve the telephone signal and be able to surf the Internet again without losing connection. In this article we select some of them; The ones that really work.

Avoid loss of coverage with these tips

Remove your phone from its case

Despite not being too common, it is possible that the case with which you protect your smartphone may be blocking signal reception. This problem is further aggravated if the case has a piece of metal , or if it is made entirely of metal material.

Therefore, if you are having coverage problems, you may find it helpful to remove the case for a while and check if the situation improves.

Check network settings

If you have just bought a mobile phone or have recently changed your telephone operator, and have seen that you have coverage problems, the device’s network settings may not be configured correctly.

To check it, go to “Settings” , “Networks and Internet” and under the section “ Mobile network ”, make sure that roaming is activated - only if your operator requires it - and if the most appropriate network is being used. In this case, usually the best option is to activate the option “Select a network automatically”.

Finally, you may be interested in correctly configuring the APNs of the device. To do this, you can follow the guidance of our ADSLZone partners .

Consider changing operators

It is possible that the operator with whom you have been for years, or perhaps with which you have just hired one of their rates, has made some kind of change in their telephone networks that may affect you negatively. If so, it is best to make sure that, indeed, some kind of modification has been made, and if so, you may be interested in switching to another operator with a sufficiently robust network in the place where you do you live.

Bonus: use calls over Wi-Fi

If you still have coverage problems and do not know where they come from, but you still need to have a signal to make calls, you can use the calls via Wi-Fi .

This option –which is only available on some operators today– uses the Wi-Fi connection –as its name indicates– to make calls , and therefore it does not matter if the mobile network signal is weak. To activate this option, you must go to “Network settings” , and within “Mobile network” activate the option “Wi-Fi calling”

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