5 best tips for creating Reels on Instagram

Instagram’s most recent feature , Reels launched in early August as a competitor to TikTok and is already giving the talk. The question now is: how to create good Reels on Instagram to impress the crowd?

In addition to enchanting friends, or selling products, it is good to stay connected as Instagram is giving prominence to producers who have already started using the new tool. See a list of the main tips, and place your video among the tops of Insta.

This is the time to create Reels

As it is a recent format on Instagram, the new content of Reels is having a great visibility. It is time to get out of learning and dare. Try to create content that “talks” with the people you want to reach.

If you have a public profile and want to expand your brand, be aware of your target audience and do not use the same formulas that you used in Stories . Reels allows you to make more fun and energetic videos, which can be shared in the “Explore” feed to reach people who do not yet follow your profile.

Explore storytelling

For someone to be interested in your story, it needs to be really cool, but naturally have a short storyline. One of the advantages of having only 15 seconds available is that your messages have to be dry, funny, reflective, and be able to arouse interest.

Abuse of filters

One of the features already used in Stories, filters and Augmented Reality (AR) play a very important role in Reels. They don’t just work to make you cute or cute. In a 15-second video, these features, while still not as sophisticated as those of TikTok, work as special effects in your storyline.

Get inspired by TikTok

It’s no secret that Instagram created Reels to compete directly with the Chinese social network . So, if you’re starting to produce content for Reels, learn from what’s going on at TikTok. Many influencers are doing this, and many established artists are already creating videos in the Tik format.

Show your products or services

If you use Instagram to leverage your business, Reels works as an excellent virtual showcase to display your products, services, or content. For this, the videos should have a teaser format, to get the audience excited and arouse their curiosity.

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