5 Effective Social Media Marketing Tips That’ll Boost Your Business

Social Media Marketing is a slow and time consuming process, which aims to build a community of loyal customers (fans, followers…), and friendly relationships based on trust.

Gone are the days when brands themselves dictated how much they are worth; today every brand/product is only as good as its customers say it is.

It is not easy to lead a social media campaign, it requires a lot of planning, creativity and time. You have to stand out from the crowd, be different and be noticed. Furthermore, it can have so many different approaches it might seem confusing on where to start.

The important thing is to hone in on specific areas where you’ll be the most effective, and keep a consistency going with those steps so you’ll never fall behind. Much of that comes down to finding the proper channels where you market online, and not being overzealous as some new to business might be.

Setting a Quota on Your Postings

When you plan a quota of how many tweets or postings you do in a day, you set some rules for yourself in consistency so you don’t lose sight of goals. You’ll have to organize everything you’ll post in a day in your own personal digital document so you don’t get confused on what posts go where.

Most importantly, you shouldn’t overdo it. Those new to business may feel they need to post something constantly every hour to make any difference. Keep it reasonable, though study what the reactions are later in your metrics so you can do more or less if necessary.

Focus on Each Social Media Circle Separately

Even though it’s convenient to automatically send your postings to social media at once through tools like HootSuite, each social media site is going to be different. You’re much better off focusing on a few media sites that are most relevant to your business.

Study the demographics of each site and see if you’d find the most customers there. Personalizing each post will help you find the proper customers without assuming everyone will react to posts that are all the same.

Focusing on Personalization in Customer Service

Personalization may be the crux of your social media marketing campaign. With customers expecting personalization in business nowadays, you can’t afford not to respond to people who make comment about your promotional postings. While it may be impossible to answer everyone if you get an influx of replies, replying to as many as you can is imperative.

If you’re promoting a new business, chances are you’ll  just enough comments to answer them all without being overwhelmed. When you do, make it as friendly as you can so you can start nurturing relationships online. This will build over time and give you a solid customer base that will stick with you forever.

Start Conversations Rather Than Just Post

A convenient way to nurture those customer relationships is to track conversations related to your industry on places like Twitter. You can do that by simply searching hashtags related to what you do in your business. This shows all Twitter conversations taking place under that subject, and provides you with a convenient way to gather lists of people you know would be good leads.

Or, you can just break in to a conversation and add your own insight. However, be careful not to use sale tactics right away. Just participating in conversations first will help you develop follows and friendships before you lead people to your site.

The Use of Google+

WordStream suggests you place considerable focus on Google+ in your social media marketing endeavors. The reason is because of the easier way to nurture relationships with people in your industry, as well as customers.

Google Hangouts are also very useful in gaining opinion from the public. It’s an overall great place to promote, as well as connect, in ways that even include free Hangout video chats through Youtube.

There you have it. Five social media marketing strategies that will straighten your relationship with you customers, increase the number of your loyal customers and boost your business.

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