6 Best Free Software To Recover Deleted Files on Windows and Mac PC Easily

6 Best Free Software To Recover Deleted Files on Windows and Mac PC Easily

Hard drive data recovery is a risky task that should be done with extreme caution. If you lost important files and want to get them back as soon as possible, the first step is to choose one of the Best Software to Recover Deleted Files on Windows and Mac PC.

The web is full of deleted file recovery software. Since many of these software are available for free download, we will focus on them.

You don’t have to be a computer expert to recover your data. Just make sure your preferred data recovery software is easy to download, install, and use. Some of these software come with a “Wizard” mode that describes the step-by-step guide on how to recover lost files. Avoid software with complicated data recovery systems that require additional tools in order to recover lost files.

Whether you have lost your data due to accidental deletion, unintentional formatting, power failure, malware attack, virus injection, partition error, empty recycle bin, hard drive crash, etc., you should rest assured that deleted file recovery software will help you solve the task with ease.

1. Stellar Data Recovery

Meet, the absolute best software to recover lost files or valuable data. Whether you’re an individual or a business, we’ve all experienced some kind of panic when it comes to potentially losing crucial files.

Stellar Data Recovery is designed for personal and/or business needs. Available for Mac and Windows. Just take a quick look at its easy to use interface and all the ways Stellar offers to retrieve your files from various sources. Also, there are a large number of file types that this software will recover.

Stellar Data Recovery is amazing data recovery software. The free version of Stellar Data Recovery allows users to repair up to 1 GB without paying. That’s a lot of data, or PDF documents, perhaps, that you could possibly recover for free.

Repair video or photo files with Stellar Data Recovery , or even use its BitRaser for File feature to remove unwanted data from your internet browsing or folders on the hard drive.

Use Virtual Machine Recovery to recover data from any virtual machine or permanently erase file and drive data from your device.

Download from website

2. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

No options to configure? Basically the software took care of everything? These are qualities that EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard reflects .

EaseUS introduces you to scannable drives, guides you with an intuitive interface, and offers the option to preview all recoverable files from an Explorer-like window. Data recovery with this software is a smooth experience while using it.

You can recover data from internal and external HDD, SSD, SD card, USB flash drive, camera and video player, etc. It is equipped with two scanning modes to recover lost data after deletion, format, device damage, system error, virus attack, etc.Recovers lost data including documents, media files, images and photos, emails, database data, and program files. It also has support to scan a single partition or an entire hard drive.It has also included file repair feature to repair damaged and corrupted photos and video files from Canon, GoPro and DJI devices.

The free version supports all kinds of data recovery from any loss situation with limited amount of only 500 MB. To get another 1.5 GB, you need to share it via SNS within the software. The free version is suitable for the recovery of documents of low weight or few in terms of quantity.

The Pro version offers full functionality, allowing the user to recover files without restrictions. If the data size exceeds 2 GB, the Pro version is your best option.

Download from website

3. MiniTool Power Data Recovery

Install, scan and recover any lost files fast and smoothly during MiniTool Power Data Recovery’s installation tips and simple search scans.

Unlike basically any other entry on this list, you can get your data back in your hands in 3 easy steps. Select the location, scan and select the items you want to restore and it will instantly save them to a safe place. Scans are extremely fast and the results are easy to read.

However, the free version limits you to only 1 GB of recovered data. Its main quality is simplicity, ease of use and speed. It shows that its creators racked their brains trying to make a software as simple as possible and that it was functional. And they did. That’s why it’s on our list, it’s one of the best.

Download from website

4. Disk Drill

Disk Drill appears on almost every recovery software list for good reason, it’s powerful and simple, and you don’t need a Ph.D. to recover your data.

We love the simple and straightforward interface. Simply scan a drive and you’ll be presented with recoverable options, free of charge. That way it scans images or files and previews them to make sure you’re recovering the right file. They even give you a good tutorial at the beginning.

It is very good in its functionality, but it only gives you 500 MB for free, so we dare not put it at the top, however, it does deserve to be among the best.

Use Disk Drill if you prefer a simpler interface with less complex options. It is ideal for quickly recovering an accidentally deleted file.

Download from website

5. Recuva

If you need to get something off a memory card, USB stick, or even your iPod, Recuva is the answer.

It is a super flexible, ultra deep scan, everything recovery tool that can recover anything from anywhere. The detailed interface is easy to use thanks to the recovery wizard. Deep scanning takes you deep into your hard drive and exposes you to rare and exotic data species you never knew existed.

If you don’t want to be taken to this fantastic world, you can narrow your search to find something more specific. There’s a reason geeks love this tool, it’s the full recovery option.

We do not recommend it for newbies, and you should be prepared to receive ads similar to YouTube every 3 minutes. However, there is no evil that does not come for good. This tool is really very good and its ads are worth watching.

Download from website

6. UnDeleteMyFiles Pro

We couldn’t have a complete list of file recovery software if we didn’t mention a software called UnDeleteMyFiles. This is actually one of the true freeware on the list.

A strong drawback is that there is no indication of the recoverability of the files. Here is a free file recovery tool that offers some advanced features usually only found in a commercial application.

This app is free and there is no paid version available. The free software is provided as is, and can be used for any purpose, including commercial applications. You can recover an entire file system or just selected files and it has a Mail Recovery Wizard to help you recover deleted emails.

Download from website

What is the Best software to Recover Deleted Files?

No one is immune from accidental data loss. Whether you fall victim to a hard drive crash, accidental file deletion, or even a virus infection on your PC, the loss of your documents, photos, and videos may not be permanent.

Fortunately, there are specialized software to recover deleted files. While most can easily find deleted files, data recovery depends on various parameters and can never be 100% guaranteed. A file deleted from storage media is not actually deleted.

The six software that we have shown you are really very good, each one with different characteristics and qualities. However, we are left with the Stellar Data Recovery, by far, it is the most complete.

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