6 Best Tournament Management Software and Systems

6 Best Tournament Management Software and Systems

If you are wondering what software can I use to organize tournaments or sporting events ? then you are in the perfect place, we analyze each of the software and create a list of the best ones so that you can choose one of the 6 software that we have placed on our list, we hope you can find the ideal one for your use.

Below we will present a list of the 6 best software to organize tournaments this year . We hope it can be of great help to you. Without further ado, let’s continue.

01. Event Bracket

Event Bracket is an online bracket and tournament management application . It helps digitize candidate registration, create individual or team events with criteria, generate single or double elimination tournament brackets or round robin tournament schedule, and keep match progress online. It can also be used to generate fillable blank brackets.

Tournament events can be created with criteria on age weight etc, and all matching candidates will be automatically filtered and displayed to be added as participants. Single or double elimination tournament brackets or rotation schedule can be auto-generated and saved against events. Event support helps digitize candidate registration, supports both webcam photo capture and photo file upload for candidate registration.

Event Bracket supports both single and double elimination tournament brackets as well as round robin tournament schedule generation, tournament brackets can be created and maintained entirely online, this eliminates the need for printing and pencil marking. Event Bracket tournament brackets support automatic match progress by updating the match score. The updated brackets will be saved in the system automatically.

Event Bracket has extensive search functionality across all the logs it handles. It will be very easy to find any entity that you have entered in the application. All records can be sorted and printed as you wish. With Event Bracket you can download all your data at any time in Excel format to your local computer (Except tournament brackets which can only be printed).


02. Acadeware

Acadware is an easy-to-use, data-driven sports academy management software to nurture sports talent from grassroots to elite levels. Help in:

ACADEMIES MANAGEMENT - Simple setup, custom branding, role-based access, academy analytics, player onboarding, attendance tracking, payment tracking, news and notifications, performance reviews, performance analytics and reports, sports scouting activities.

PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENTS - Set up your own tests and capture test results in real time. Use test results to create player leaderboards, talent ID markers and tags, performance trend reports, and dashboards. Share reports with players in the app and follow up with instructional updates to help players improve their performance before the next event

LONG-TERM ATHLETE DEVELOPMENT - Planning based on an athlete development calendar that includes player evaluations, training exercises, training plans, injury management, competition monitoring.


03. Playmatches

Use the scoring app to score in tournaments or casual (individual) matches. It works in offline mode, you don’t need internet while marking the matches and you only need it when you sync the data online, since it works in offline mode, you won’t lose the match data under any circumstances. The intuitive match is analyzed with the board, the summary and the graphs, share the data on the completion of the match. It is not necessary to register and it is available on ios, android and web.

Who can use?

SPORTS ORGANIZERS : As a sports organizer, this platform reduces a lot of your manual work and helps keep track of your data.

PLAYERS : Keep track of tournament records and analyze statistics.

EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS : Organize meetings of schools and universities and keep track of the sports records of your students.

CORPORATE : Great platform to organize internal tournaments that involve your employees.

SPORTS CLUBS : Organize tournaments for any level, be it an amateur or professional sport. This platform facilitates your effort.


04. SportsEngine

SportsEngine is a cloud-based sports management software for sports event organizers. The software helps users manage operations, online registration, league organization, and website design. SportsEngine’s online registration feature allows participants to register for an event using email, Facebook and Twitter. Users can also enroll from mobile devices such as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

SportsEngine’s Tourney feature allows team managers to use online schedules, results and standings. In addition, the feature provides users with real-time updates on changes to venues and event times. The solution integrates with platforms like Facebook, Twitter, MailChimp and OnlineDraft. SportsEngine comes with a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. The solution offers customer support via email, live chat, and phone.


05. MonClubSportif

MonClubSportif is a cloud-based sports league management software designed for sports teams and organizations, coaches, players, schools and more. Key features include scheduling, match results tracking, availability management, automatic reminders, player information and statistics.

MonClubSportif allows users to track the availability of their players for a specific event added to the team calendar. The solution also provides users with a player address book that allows them to create member profiles via their email addresses.

In addition, MonClubSportif has player boards, discussion forums and a centralized team album. It also has the “Shared Access” functionality that allows parents and children to access the information on the computer through their respective accounts. Mobile applications for iOS and Android devices are also made available to users. Services are offered on a monthly or yearly subscription basis that includes phone and email support.


06. Joom Sport

JoomSport is a cloud-based sports league management software for small and medium sports associations, universities, schools and private tournaments. It has online registration, scheduling, donation management, facility management, and results tracking features within one suite.

An iOS app is available. JoomSport has WordPress integration, which allows users to embed an online booking engine on their websites. The product also integrates with Joomla!, so users can take advantage of JoomSport templates to design their websites.

JoomSport has iOS apps, which allow members to access league standings, matches, results, events and team statistics. Users can also view member profiles, historical performance, and statistics.

The JoomSport app also includes team notifications, which help administrators to broadcast news and event reminders. JoomSport supports different types of tournaments, including round-robin, knockout, and double elimination. The software also allows users to schedule matches based on match type and available dates with the help of the scheduling calendar.

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