7 Best Free Software to Watch Internet TV from Mac and Windows PC

7 Best Free Software to Watch Internet TV from Mac and Windows PC

Most of us have a TV at home with limited free channels to watch, unless you subscribe to a cable or satellite service that offers a wider range of channels. If you didn’t know, it’s possible to get free access to thousands of online TV channels from your computer simply by installing software. Here we will show you the best software to watch TV on PC .

For this you do not need a TV card or any other hardware other than your computer, web browser and Internet connection. This software is unsophisticated as it only provides a list of working TV channels and also search or filter capabilities. However, you will need media player software such as Windows Media Player or RealPlayer to stream the video to your computer.

TV viewing software and sites are very helpful in place of a TV. You must arrange your desktop or laptop PC’s latest Internet connection and broadband to watch TV shows using the software from the above sites. You don’t need any TV tuner card and you don’t have to download additional setup

1. JLC’s Internet TV

This is one of the favorites of many. Although it is not actively being updated, there are many channels that are still working. It’s free, and more importantly, it cleans from any rogue adware during installation.

After installation, when you start JLC’s Internet TV for the first time, it will ask you to download the latest channel list. It currently has 1,400 channels available and the useful information like ratings, language, bit rate, category, channel name and country. The filter and search function makes it even easier to retrieve the channels that interest you.

JLC’s Internet TV software provides a large database for presenting TV channels. It offers a simple interface to use without any hassle. There are simple options found in the channel lists so you can select TV channels by user rating, content, type and country level.

Also, you can add a list of your favorite channels. One of the best features of JLC’s Internet TV software is that it downloads any kind of software update automatically.

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2. Readon TV Movie Radio Player

Readon TV Player is another favorite because it not only has its own channel lineups including live sports, but also supports third-party TV/Radio services like SopCast, ShoutCast TV, TVU Player, YouTube, and PPStream.

This saves you the hassle of installing multiple full-fledged TV player software when you only require one plugin to stream, which can also be easily installed from the Plugins menu. Channels can be filtered by country, genre or favorites and it also has a search function. It runs only on Windows.

Apart from its praised channel organization, you also have available radio and streaming channels. It is very versatile in its service, and has a highly valued automatic shutdown function, so you don’t have to worry about falling asleep watching your favorite movies.

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3. SopCast

SopCast uses a unique P2P technology to broadcast the channels. There aren’t many channels, but some of the most requested ones, like HBO and Disney Junior, are included in the list. To use SopCast, run the software and you can log in as anonymous or with your account. Hit the Live Channels tab and double-click the channels you want to stream.

SopCast is also capable of streaming video or audio, but it requires you to log in to your account, which can be created for free. Supports Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android devices.

During installation, the Ask toolbar will be prompted to install by default. Make sure you select “Custom Install” and uncheck both checkboxes before clicking the Install button.

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4. TVUPlayer

TVU Networks’ TVUPlayer has been providing free TV since 2005. You can sort the channels by category, by language and also search using a keyword.

A very useful piece of information displayed when hovering over channels is the bandwidth meter and signal strength, so you have a better chance of choosing a video channel that will stream without the need to store all the time. TVUPlayer works on Windows and Mac.

TVUPlayer is very easy to use, and allows you to view the television image on its small interface screen or enlarge it to 800x600 if you wish. It has few channels, but the quality of the signal, and having several popular channels, make this software one of the best to watch TV on your PC.

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5. Online TV Player

There are 2 versions of Online TV Player, one which is free and the other PRO. The paid version contains more channels, but from what we see in the channel list, the free version already contains more than a hundred channels.

Channels are sorted in a tree view based on country and you can filter based on bandwidth connection, libraries or country. There is also a search function where you can find the name of the channel you want to watch. Bitrate is also shown where a higher bitrate means better quality, but requires a faster connection to stream.

The graphical user interface seems to be a bit outdated, but you can be sure that the given channels are still working.

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6. TVPC Elite

TVPC Elite is a free software to watch TV online that contains 2000 TV channels from all over the world. With this TV viewing software, you can watch your TV channels in multiple languages, for example, French, Spanish, Italian, and others.

You can also watch many sports channels, kids shows, world news, music channels, and the latest international released movies.

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7. Truveo Video Manager

The Truveo software is developed and controlled by the search engine AOL ( American Online Limited ). It is a video search engine that allows you to view related video categories like comedy, tragedy, sports and music, TV shows.

Although it is not really a live TV video signal, it allows you to watch TV shows, sports programs, news. This software is very comfortable to use, having control over the most important online hosting services.

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What is the Best Software to Watch TV on PC?

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From the latest greatest hits series to the host of sports starting in the fall, you won’t want to miss a thing. You don’t need to be limited to one TV. You can take your shows with you anywhere these days if you have an internet connection.

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