7 very useful applications worth trying

There are many applications on Google Play , but not all of them are equally good and useful . Many of them promise everything and more, but the reality is that they either fall short of functions or, in practice, end up using them once or twice a month. Therefore, in this article, and echoing the video that our fellow Urban Tecno members have published, we wanted to collect seven apps that we do use daily and that are worth trying. This compilation is the result of the consensus of all editors, so you will surely find one that you like .

All the apps you have below are completely free and many of them are available for both Android and iOS, so you can try them on any operating system. That said, and without further delay, we begin.


Spendee is, without a doubt, one of the best applications to keep an exhaustive control of our expenses and income . It allows you to create a record of everything we do with our money, offering us the possibility to add notes, a location and even a photo of the receipt. That way, if we go to a restaurant for dinner, we can add that dinner has left us for 20 euros, “Dinner with friends” in the notes section and a picture of the account to know, exactly, what you paid.

It can be synchronized with your Google account to have all your data in the cloud and be able to use it on any device (ideal if you have an Android and an iPad, for example). It also allows the creation of budgets, expenses and income with repetition and, if you pay for the premium version, you can share the account so that other people can add movements and everything is synchronized with your bank account, although the free version is more than enough . Take a look, because it is very good to know how and how much you spend and, thus, learn to save.


You already know that it is essential to have a strong and secure password to protect your profiles and accounts, but that implies a problem: secure passwords are difficult to remember, and more if you have a different one for each account. The solution is as simple as using a password manager, and we cannot stop recommending LastPass. It is a free service (although it has completely accessory payment functions) that, once you enter your life, you will not be able to stop using it.

LastPass is used to manage all your passwords and works on Android, iOS and almost any browser . Not only does it save them all in a private and encrypted space, but it allows you to autofill credential fields (so you won’t have to remember them). In the same way, it has a secure password generator that you can customize to your liking and a store of notes to store, for example, bank keys or the WiFi password. It is extremely useful for all those people who care about the integrity of their information and privacy . A must have , plain and simple.


What to say about Snapseed that is not already known? Snapseed is Google’s photo editor and, in our humble opinion, the best photo editor you can use on any platform. The app has a good amount of filters and tools that will allow you to do everything to your images, from correcting high lights and shadows too dark to removing unwanted objects from a scene, pimples of a portrait or modifying the perspective without losing quality.

If you are still using the editor that the Instagram app has implemented by default, we recommend that you give Snapseed a chance. Its use is very intuitive and is the closest you will be to have a professional editing app on Android . It is completely free, without ads and works like a charm in any terminal. Take a look.


If you usually travel often, you probably know the nuisance of having to print tickets. Besides that it is not very ecological, it is much more practical to carry all the tickets in a device that you will not forget at home as is the mobile. For this there is the .passbook format (created by Apple). This type of file is not only for storing train tickets or boarding passes , but for movie tickets, sporting events and some establishments such as Starbucks.

All iPhone have an app compatible with this format (Wallet), but in Android we have nothing similar. Therefore we must resort to third-party apps, and our recommendation is WalletPasses. It is completely free, has a very nice design and works perfectly. In my personal capacity, I have not printed a movie ticket or a train ticket for years, and I am sure that when you get used to using it, the same thing will happen to you.


We all have old photos stored in dozens of albums at home , and it would be a shame if they were damaged, erased or broken by a domestic accident. To avoid this problem, nothing better than a photo scanning application that leaves you ‘nickel-plated’. One of the best is FotoScan , which has been developed by the Great G. This app allows you to scan your old photos, obtaining a pretty decent result that synchronizes instantly with Google Photos. It’s over losing your memories.

It is available for both Android and iOS - and being honest, we must recognize that it works much better in the second than in the first. It is extremely useful to make a backup of all your memories and, although it will be a slow process - since you must scan all the photos one by one -, you will be grateful to have done it within a few years.


How many online services are you subscribed to? If you take an account, between Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime, the monthly payment of your mobile, etc., at the end of the month you are going a good peak that you could have foreseen . With Suscribly you can keep track of all your subscriptions online and get an estimate of how much you will have to pay on the 30th. In addition, since it allows you to create personalized options , you can add the house rental, the payment of electricity, water, gas and Internet. Very useful, no doubt.

For iOS there is a Bobby call that works exactly the same, with the difference that it has a subscription limit. If you want more you have to pay 3.49 euros, although it is a single payment, not a subscription.


We have put Telegram in this compilation not for its benefits in terms of instant messaging, but for everything you can do with it thanks to the bots . Telegram bots have virtually unlimited options, and you can use them to receive news, keep track of your online orders and even create your own blog. Not to mention that you have a personal and unlimited cloud in which you can save absolutely everything you want.

You can also take advantage of the app to subscribe to offer channels like the one we have, and even create your own channels to share information with everyone . If you want more information about everything it can offer you, we invite you to go through our section dedicated to Telegram .

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