9 Best Options to Strava for Walking, Running & Cycling

9 Best Options to Strava for Walking, Running & Cycling

Strava is an application for proficient competitors and individuals intrigued by the field of wellbeing and sports movement. A broad scope of gadgets is viable with Strava, incorporating Smartwatches like Garmin, Fitbit, Apple, Samsung Watch, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

This application is accessible allows utilizing and tracks every one of your records, including strolling, Cycling, pulse, and calories.

With professionals, Strava likewise has a few cons related to it. For example, Strava needs protection. Your location can be practical right on target the course map. So knowing a portion of the choices of Strava will be valuable.

There are a lot of options for Strava applications accessible on the web. Nonetheless, we have enrolled your smartwatch’s main 9 Strava application choices.

Google Fit

Google fits best options to strava.

Viable Smartwatches - Android Wear, Samsung Watch, and Apple Watch.

Google FitThe Google Fit application is fantastic to utilize for Fitness oddity and well-being-conscious individuals. Google Fit grants you a heart point for the action you do. As a team with WHO, Google keeps a guideline to meet WHO’s suggestion to foster its heart point innovation.

Google Fit is accessible for both Android and iOS. So similarity won’t be an issue.

What I like about this application

Store Data: You can see the exercise you have done in earlier days or weeks.

Maps: Google Fit has excellent illustrations and highlights of Google Maps to show you the heading while exercising.

Estimation: This application can handily estimate heart rate and calories consumed.

Put forth Goals: You can define objectives and accomplish them with the assistance of the Google Fit application.

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Viable Smartwatches - Apple Watch, Garmin, Wahoo, Suunto, Polar, Withings, WHOOP, TomTom, and Android Wear gadgets.

On the off prospect that you are a no-nonsense competitor, TrainingPeaks is the best approach. TrainingPeaks indicates that the correct method for preparing yourself is purposeful practice.

TrainingPeaksIt is controlled by many progressed devices that assist in accomplishing objectives. For example, it includes a scientific device that produces a total breakdown of your preparation, assisting you with getting essential experiences. You can fire up by setting an objective; TrainingPeaks will match a mentor to direct you all through your Fitness venture.

Continuously stay refreshed with your advancement by watching out for your presentation history. It shows you insights regarding your exhaustion, Fitness, and structure. By and large, If you’re a competitor, I suggest you investigate this stage and get an effect on your Fitness venture.

What I like about this application

Individual Coach: Matches an individual mentor to direct you in each way.

Incredible assets: Offers fantastic apparatuses to more readily dissect your information.

Keep focused: Offers beautiful exercise cards that show how close you’re to finishing your objectives.

Monitor Progress: This shows a comprehensive exhibition history.

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Viable Smartwatches - Garmin, Polar, Samsung Galaxy Watch, Suunto, Apple Watch, and Android Wear gadgets.

Komoot is principally centered around climbers and cyclists, predominantly because it shows regularly known trails and tracks alongside client-based information shared on this stage. Komoot can cover every last trace of the path, including rising, distance, speed, and many standard highlights.

KomootOne thing I genuinely love about this application, you can download disconnected maps for sometime later. This will save you a massive load of information if you regularly utilize these kinds of applications.

What I like about this application

Disconnected Maps: Download maps disconnected use them without stressing over the web.

Voice Navigation: Komoot guides about the bearing verbally with its voice route highlight.

Adaptable: You can add custom beginning and endpoint with Komoot.

Preloaded courses: Komoot has preloaded courses to track down an ideal experience.

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Adidas Runtastic

Viable Smartwatches - Apple Watch, Coros, Garmin, Polar Watch, Suunto, and Android Wear.

The exceptionally evaluated and most involved application for running exercises is Runtastic Running Pro, created by Runtastic. In 2015, this application was procured by Adidas. Presently, Adidas claims the application.

Adidas RuntasticIt is extraordinarily intended for running, viable with each gadget. A portion of the highlights is allowed to utilize. However, elements require a membership to open. The application is reasonable for running, cycling, exercise center preparation, strolling, climbing, and in any event, skating.

It covers pretty much every open-air sport, recording your exercises strictly that can be audited by the day’s end. In addition, it records your distance, pace, height, calories, and the sky is the limit from there.

They additionally have a great local area that assists with pushing your preparation and exercise. Generally speaking, it’s an extraordinary all-rounder and ideal for somebody engaged with multi-sport exercises.

What I like about this application

Map Feature: The guide component of Runtastic running professional will follow your GPS and let you in on the distance you take care of in the guide.

Journal: It stores your day-to-day information of running.

Designs and Statistics: This element will tell you about your presentation day today

Voice Coach: You will have a mentor to direct you in preparing.

Put forth Goals and Plans: Set your preparation plans and objectives daily and week by week premise.


Viable Smartwatches - Apple Watch and Android Wear.

Cyclemeter, similar to the name proposes, is primarily utilized for the activity of Cycling. On the application, you can pick an action matching your arranged exercise. The Abvio Fitness master organization sends the application off and is estimated for nothing to utilize. Furthermore, the stop identification calculation thoroughly takes care of you by ascertaining spans, targets, and plans. In general, it is an incredible application for cyclists.



What I like about this application

Following of Records: Cyclemeter tracks every one of your records of Cycling, running, strolling, and climbing, let it be either indoor or open air.

Stores Data: Cyclemeter application stores your consistent exercise schedule information and presentation details to keep you motivated to work more.

Voice Command: Pair with an apple watch and use Siri to control Cyclemeter.

Social Use: You can share your accomplishment or consistent exercise plan with your loved ones with the Cyclemeter application.

Sensor Feature: The cycle meter application screens your pulse, showing the speed of a cycle, bicycle, or strolling.

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Viable Smartwatches - Apple Watch and Android Wear.

Bikemap is one more incredible option for each cyclist out there. It includes more than 5 million cycle courses, which is crazy. You can download courses and begin your experience saving you information and battery duration whenever you have arranged your course.

BikemapThis application permits you to streamline your courses, given the sort of bicycle you’re riding. Moreover, the local area is brimming with bikers all over the planet.

What I like about this application

Disconnected Maps and Navigation: Save Maps disconnected and forestall information use.

Fall Detection: It can recognize falls and sends a crisis message.

Progressed Cycling Maps: Get progressed map layers uncommonly made for cyclists.

Improved Routing: Easy to keep away from unpaved areas or bumpy paths while exploring.

Zombies, Run!

Viable Smartwatches - Apple Watch and Android Wear.

Need to make your Fitness travel fun and energizing? The Zombie Run is a seriously great application that adds delight back to your Fitness. This application fundamentally centers around each sprinter out there and goes about its business impeccably.

Zombies, Run!Utilizing this application makes your run a mission of endurance. Assuming you will utilize it with a smartwatch, you will require a smartwatch with earbuds support. Meaning, the watch should be equipped for blending Bluetooth headphones.

In zombies run, you’ll put your earphones on, and vivid sound plays in the earbuds that put you in the core of zombie end of the world experience.

Zombies Run isn’t just for sprinters; you can walk and run and have some good times utilizing this application.

What I like about this application

Web-based Syncing: Tracks your running and offers your advancement.

Adaptable: It can be utilized while running and strolling.

200 Missions: Try another mission consistently.

Use Anywhere: The application can run all over, whether it’s indoor, open-air, or exercise center.


Viable Smartwatches - Apple Watch, Samsung Gear, and Android Wear.

MapMyFitness is another incredible Strava elective, which tracks constant courses, speed, distance; from there, the sky is the limit, utilizing GPS. It can follow various exercises with your smartwatch, including Running, Cycling, Walking, Gym, Elevation, Calorie Burn, and that’s just the beginning.

MapMyFitnessMapMyFitness permits you to design and make your own customized courses by making your excursion’s beginning and finishing point. Furthermore, you can likewise find famous courses shared by individuals around you.

Track Gym Workouts: It offers a nitty-gritty following exercise center exercises by showing the advancement of logging burden, sets, and reps and following your heap, sets, and reps per workout.

Live Tracking: You can share live areas.

Customized Routes: Create your courses or find new ones.

Challenges: It incorporates difficulties to keep you persuaded.

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Practice Tracker by VimoLabs

Viable Smartwatches - Android Wear

Practice Tracker by VimoLabs


This application is widely known as Wear Fitness, which is exceptionally intended for Android Wear and Apple Watch by Vimeo labs. Its cutting-edge innovation recognizes and self-learners new activities to assist you with better following exercises. The limit application is viable with both Android and iOS.

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What I like about this application

Calories Count: Precisely counts your calories in your exercise and routine.

Guide Mode: The Guide mode element of the VimoFit application, record and look at your Fitness level. According to the examination, put forth objectives to assist you with accomplishing extraordinary Fitness.

Mentor Feature: You will get exercise instructions from the Fitness mentor, Coach Kozak.

FAQs: Best Alternatives to Strava

What is the one best option for a Strava application?

If you are searching for the best option over a Strava application, you ought to go for the Google Fit application. Google Fit application has every one of the highlights you are searching for.

Like the Strava application, it can keep your everyday record, examine your details, measure your pulse, and consume calories during the exercise. It has a component of live following of GPS and show of guides to show you appropriate running, strolling, and cycling courses.

These highlights make the Google Fit application the best contender of the Strava application.

What is the best Strava elective for Cycling?

On the off chance that you are searching for a particular application just for Cycling, Cyclemeter is the best and best option for a Strava application. The Cyclemeter has a sensor that includes action, your pulse, and cycle speed. This component is inadequate in the Strava application.

Alongside the sensor, the Cyclemeter likewise keeps your day-to-day action record and shows you an examination of day-to-day details to tell you how you are performing. The voice order highlight makes this application consistent and advantageous to utilize. You can share your presentation via virtual entertainment utilizing this application.

What is the best option in contrast to the Strava application for Running?

The best option in contrast to Strava for running is Runtastic by Adidas. This application is uncommonly planned and focused on sprinters. You can lay out your objectives and complete them with Runtastic running expert.

The element of a voice mentor from Runtastic Running star will direct you to define your objectives and plans for running. This application includes a guide to follow your day-to-day running record and store it.

It examinations your everyday record and gives you measurements and charts with the goal that you will know your exhibition for seven days, month, or year.

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