A Brief Explanation of the Range of Garmin Felix 6

A Brief Explanation of the Range of Garmin Felix 6

Discover everything you need to know about the Fenix 6 series offered by Garmin right here. For instance, compare the Garmin Fenix 5 Plus and the Garmin Fenix 6 Plus, for instance, and look at the differences between the two.

It is generally agreed that Garmin’s Fenix watch series is the greatest outdoor and multisport Smartwatch that can currently be purchased. The Garmin Fenix 6 unquestionably lives up to expectations because of its cutting-edge capabilities and high-quality construction components. Checking to see if the newest Fenix 7 is available is something else that we advise early Garmin adopters to do.

Along the lines of its predecessors, the Garmin Fenix 5 and 5+, the Fenix 6 is effectively a collection of watches. The Fenix 6 watches come in a variety of sizes, and we will get into the other small variances later.

  • The assortment is offered in the following three different sizes:
  • The diameter of the 6S is the smallest, measuring in at 42 millimeters.
  • The 6 is a gadget of moderate size, having a diameter of 47 millimeters.
  • The 6X has the largest diameter, measuring in at 51 millimeters.
  • The 6X has the largest screen and can go the longest without charging.
  • The screen of the 6S is the smallest of the bunch, and its battery life is the shortest of the trio as well.
  • The 6 can be considered to be somewhere in the middle.

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The Smartwatches are offered in a variety of styles in addition to the three different sizes that they come in. The letters that come after the 6S/6X in the names of the models are used to identify the models.

The following is a list of the 12 technically correct models:

S (Small)

There is also a more compact iteration of the Fenix 6 available. The main drawback is that the screen is noticeably less spacious, coming in at 1.2 inches and sporting a resolution of 240 by 240 pixels.

The iPhone 6s is available in two different flavors: Pro and Sapphire.

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro 

This is the model that everyone uses. This Garmin watch is constructed with Corning Gorilla Glass, in addition to boasting all of the other advanced features.

Garmin Fenix 6X

a battery that lasts 7 days longer (24 hours when using GPS mode), a screen resolution that is 16% higher, and a screen that is approximately 8% larger

There is also a solar and a sapphire variant available for the 6X Pro.


The Pro model’s capabilities are included in the Sapphire edition as well, but in addition, the glass on the Sapphire model is made of scratch-resistant sapphire.


This model and the Sapphire are quite similar to one another and share very few differences. As a direct consequence of this, the watch is a hair lighter overall, with the exception of the titanium crown.

Pro Solar

Both the Pro Solar and the Sapphire versions are entirely comparable in terms of their functional capabilities. The Pro Solar model is the only one that comes with Solar Power Glass, which makes it possible for the battery to survive longer when powered by solar energy.

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Upgrades from the previous model, the Fenix 5+

In this section, we will discuss the new features available in the Garmin Fenix 6 watches.

Larger display

Larger displays may be seen on the Fenix 6 and 6X. It has a 1.3-inch screen, which is a 17 percent increase over the previous model.The screen size of the 6X has been increased to 1.4 inches, a 36% increase over the Fenix 6X.The screen on the 6S is the same 1.2 inches in size.

Both the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6X have higher screen resolutions than their predecessors, with 260 x 260 and 280 x 280 pixels, respectively.

Always-on displays are standard across the Fenix 6 product line. They are designed to be used outside and can be read in a variety of lighting conditions.

Battery capacity

The battery life of the Garmin Fenix 6 collection has witnessed considerable improvements in both the smartwatch mode and the GPS mode, as well as in the mode that combines GPS with music playback.

For instance, improvements have been made to the GPS mode in comparison to the Fenix 5. The Power Manager on the Garmin Fenix 6 is an all-new function that displays the remaining battery life in the form of hours rather than as a percentage of the total capacity of the battery. The Power Manager makes it easy to move between the different power modes, giving you greater control over the amount of time that your watch’s battery will last and allowing you to save power when you aren’t using all of its functions.

The battery lives of Fenix 6 watches can vary, but one thing is consistent: their high quality. When using GPS, the battery life of the six, the six Pro, and the six X Pro is each 25 hours, whereas the battery life of the six X Pro is 60 hours. When music is played, the battery life is dramatically reduced; the iPhone 6 lasts for six hours, the iPhone 6 lasts for ten hours, and the iPhone 6X lasts for fifteen hours. But if you refrain from listening to music, you won’t be late for the charging station.


The groundbreaking new technology known as “Electricity Glass” enables the 6X Pro Solar to harvest solar power and extend the life of its battery at the same time. When the device is put into battery-saving mode, activating the solar function can extend the life of the battery by more than 50 percent. With the help of a savvy solar indicator and widget, you will be able to determine, whenever you feel the need to do so, how much power your watch is drawing from the sun.

The 6X Pro Solar, which is the most costly watch in the collection, has a battery life that is extended by an additional 10%. The idea that you will never need to plug in your watch again because it is powered by solar energy is appealing.

Reduced the distance between each lug

Both the Garmin Fenix 6 and the Garmin Fenix 6S have shrunk the distance between the lugs (the distance between the case and the strap). This contributes to their sleek and fashionable overall appearance.

Suitable for military use

The watches in the Garmin Fenix 6 series have passed rigorous testing and are up to par with military requirements. Garmin considers these watches to have achieved the highest possible level of accreditation.

User interface

If you’ve used a Garmin watch from the mid-class or above, you’ll have no trouble becoming accustomed to the menu structure.

If you’ve ever used a Garmin watch in the middle class or above, the menu layout won’t take you long to get used to because the modifications are modest. The most notable change is that, within widgets, you now have the ability to get information from numerous widgets all at once. This makes it much more convenient. Each widget on the Fenix 5+ has its own dedicated page on the device. It’s possible that now both activities and navigation will display more complex information.

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Displays for the data and gauges

Garmin has improved the overall experience of participating in activities by updating the user interface of the Fenix 6. In addition to enabling users to simultaneously access gauges and normal data fields, users also have the option of simultaneously opening up to eight data fields.


When compared to that of the Garmin Fenix 5+, the memory capacity of the Fenix 6 is twice as large. This suggests that there is space for additional music and maps to be added.


The Fenix 6 comes preloaded with a European topographical map and navigation that allows for turn-by-turn directions, making it comparable to a car navigation system.

You are able to locate the most efficient paths for jogging or biking when you use Fenix 6. (depending on whether you are running or cycling).

The maps include a variety of views for the various activities (such as running, biking, skiing, walking, and so on), so that you can quickly receive the information you require for the activity that you are engaged in with just a single glance.

Piste maps

A new feature that has been added to the Fenix 6 is a piste map that contains over 2000 different ski spots. Because the maps are so easy to read, you can get a good idea of the precise ifts, pistes, and difficulty levels with only a moment’s glance.


A brand new fitness feature known as PacePro can be found on the Fenix 6. With the new PacePro feature, it is much simpler to walk at your preferred pace over the entirety of a journey. You may use it to keep tabs on either a half-marathon or a full marathon.

VO2 Max

Your performance, VO2 Max, and the condition of your training might be affected by factors like heat and altitude. The Fenix 6 provides the clearest picture possible of your performance by displaying your VO2 Max in a manner that takes into account both the temperature and the elevation at which you are exercising.

Additionally, your body’s rate of adaptation to new situations is tracked by the watch as it is worn. Athletes that compete in running, cycling, and triathlon events and who travel regularly for contests might benefit from utilizing this function. The watch will be able to tell you when you have adjusted to the conditions and are prepared to give it your all.

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A wrist-based heart rate monitor that is compatible with use in water is called Pulse Ox

The Fenix 6 from Garmin comes equipped with the most up-to-date wrist-based heart rate monitor. Your heart rate can be recorded throughout any activity while using the monitor, and it can be worn 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You are now able to use the wrist-based monitor while swimming thanks to the fact that it works underwater as well!

Every single watch in the Garmin Fenix 6 range is equipped with a PulseOx sensor, which can measure the amount of oxygen that is present in your blood. This function is absolutely necessary for anyone who spends time in the mountains, but it is especially important for mountain climbers. What it can tell you is how well your body adjusts to the lower oxygen levels when you are up there, which can help you determine how quickly you can reach higher altitudes.

As an improvement over its predecessor, the Fenix 5+, the Fenix 6 incorporates the most recent fitness tracking features, which were first seen on the Garmin Forerunner 945.

The Fenix 6 tracks not only how far you’ve progressed in your workouts but also how your workouts are affecting your shape, whether in a positive or negative way. The watch will also classify your workouts and provide you with an overall assessment of the strain that you are putting on your body. For example, it will tell you what percentage of your workout is anaerobic, how much of it is extremely aerobic, and how much of it is only somewhat aerobic. On the basis of this information, the watch may make recommendations regarding the type of physical activity you should engage in so that you might improve your shape in a positive way.

In addition, the Fenix 6 provides you with recommended rest hours, which can assist you in preventing your body from becoming overworked.

Additionally, the watch is capable of providing advanced running and cycling dynamics measurements, very comparable to those provided by the Garmin Fenix 5+. Having said that, you will require some supplementary equipment.


With the audio functionality that comes built-in to the Garmin Fenix 6, you won’t even need to bring your phone along if you want to listen to music or podcasts. The Spotify application is already pre-installed on the watch, so all you need to do to get started is transfer your offline playlists and songs from your mobile device or computer to the watch (requires a premium subscription).

You also have the option to transfer music or mp3 files from Deezer.

You will require a pair of cordless Bluetooth headphones in order to listen to music stored on your Fenix 6 device.

Garmin Pay

Through the use of the Fenix 6, Garmin Pay enables you to use your watch to make payments at any location that accepts contactless payments. After that, check to see that the Garmin Connect app is downloaded to your smartphone, and after that, you should be all set. Garmin Pay, on the other hand, is only compatible with a limited number of financial institutions and credit cards.


A barometer altitude meter and a three-axis compass that are both automatically calibrated are included in the Garmin Fenix 6 watch. With this watch, you will always be able to maintain full control of your current position as well as the direction in which you are moving.

Detection of falls and collisions

In the event that you are involved in an accident, the Fenix 6 has a built-in safety feature that can send an alert to those who are closest to you.

You can register up to three different people to get notifications in the event of an accident through the Garmin Connect mobile app.

The function works by detecting any significant force (like when you fall) that is then followed by a period of inactivity on the user’s part. After that, a message informing your contacts of the occurrence will be sent to them via the address you provided. Even if you have been transported by an ambulance, a live-track GPS link will be included in the message with your precise location so that they are aware of where you are at all times.

In the event that you unexpectedly get an injury, you also have the option of sending the message by hand. To make the watch vibrate three times, simply push and hold the button on the top left of the watch for five seconds.

Note that you won’t be able to use this feature until your smartphone is within close proximity to your watch and is connected to it.

The latest in sports and profiles

The Garmin Fenix 6 comes ready to use with a wide variety of specialized applications for training, sports, and other types of activities. The use of these apps makes it easy to record your activities, follow your development, and evaluate and enhance your performance in a given area. The Fenix 6 now supports an updated version of the Off-Piste and Backcountry Skiing app.

There is no difference between the Fenix 5+ and the activity profiles on this watch.

Intelligent features and tracking of activities

A Fenix 6 will monitor all of the data that is most essential to you and provide you with meaningful insight into the activity level that you are now engaged in. The Fenix 6 can track a variety of factors, including your stress level, the number of steps you take, your heart rate, the number of calories you consume, and the quality of sleep you get.

You can get notifications on your Fenix 6 from your mobilephone. These notifications can include calls, texts, emails, Facebook notifications, weather warnings, traffic alarms, and calendar reminders.

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Sleep tracking

Garmin has not yet adopted sleep monitoring in the same manner that Polar and Fitbit have, with their respective gadgets offering an abundance of information on the quality of your night’s rest. Your sleep will be broken down into light, deep, and REM sleep, as well as any moments of waking, but all you will receive is a graph of your movement throughout the night if you use a Fenix 6.


Garmin’s Fenix 6 series is one of the most advanced and capable sports watches now available on the market. It is equipped with a multitude of capabilities, such as thorough tracking and analysis, music storage, and navigation with built-in color maps.

The watches are not just lighter and smaller than the Fenix 5 series, but they also offer larger displays and longer battery lives. This is especially true for models that have solar panels integrated directly onto the watch faces.

The only device that can compete with the Fenix 6 is the Garmin Forerunner 945. Nevertheless, the Fenix 6 exudes a higher feeling of luxury. The one and only drawback is that acquiring it will set you back a significant amount of money.

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