A Brief History of Zodiac Watches

When you hear the term “Zodiac,” you probably immediately think of different star signs. What you probably do not consider is a Swiss watchmaker, which is unfortunate since Zodiac watches have been produced continuously since 1882. However, the business was harmed by the so-called “quartz crisis” that occurred from the 1970s through the 1980s, and it never fully recovered after that event.

This is an outrage when one considers the high quality of the brand’s timepieces in general. In the early 1950s, Zodiac made a diving watch that could compete with Rolex. It was one of the first watches made for sale specifically for diving.

It is likely that Zodiac’s acquisition by Fossil in the early 2000s was the primary factor in Fossil’s decision to partially revive the brand’s once-dormant appeal among consumers. Fossil insisted on preserving the mysterious character of Zodiac, although this did not always work to the company’s advantage. Some people felt that the watches had an aggressive air about them.

Zodiac (operating under the name Fossil) considered this input and made certain adjustments as a result. The business introduced new iterations of its iconic Sea Wolf diving watch series by using mechanical movements that were developed in-house. Let’s begin by taking a look inside a sea wolf.

The Super Sea Wolf may be purchased for $1,255 or £1,145.

The Super Sea Wolf still has a lot of swagger despite having a relatively solid traditional watch design and the usual high-quality workmanship. This is mostly owing to the watch’s vivid color, which makes a full-on statement.

You will, like with every other Zodiac, get a timepiece that is dependable and fashionable. Even though it was one of the earliest dive watches ever made, the initial model wasn’t designed with divers in mind. Instead, it catered to those who didn’t often go underwater. Thankfully, it was well over 50 years ago, and the tone of the message has since changed.

Even the packaging has something to say about the product. It is packaged in a simple black cube that exudes elegance while having no frills whatsoever. The case and matching band are both made of stainless steel and have a vintage appearance, which is a great way to pay tribute to the first edition. With a diameter of just 39 millimeters, this watch is perfect for wearing on a daily basis.

It may seem brilliant green, mint green, teal green, or lime green, depending on the lighting conditions, and it features orange rings that frame the face. Not for everyone!

On the interior, there is a movement that occurs automatically. You may anticipate having 42 hours of power when it is completely wound up. You’ll notice that it has a 20ATM certification due to the fact that it was designed to be a diving watch. This rating isn’t terrible, but you shouldn’t expect to descend to tremendous depths with it.

Promotional Materials from the Past for the Zodiac Sea Wolf Jetomatic


The most current innovation is the Jetomatic, which has a water resistance rating of 10 ATM, a casing that is 42 millimeters in diameter, and a leather band that is 20 millimeters thick (an impressive 100m).

In order to construct the new version of the watch known as the Jetomatic, the engineering team at Zodiac used the original blueprints of the watch as well as some of the watch’s original components. It has a classic appearance with its matt black and white color scheme. It features a face that is two-toned and has minute and hour markings that are raised and are a bright mint color.

Therefore, watch fans living in current times have been yearning for something known as the Jetomatic. The craftsmanship updates the most admirable aspects of the traditional while maintaining its integrity. The greatest aspect is that, taking into account the materials, movement, and style of this watch, the pricing is rather reasonable. It is equipped with all of the features of a watch that is much more costly.

The Aerospace GMT Limited Edition Chronograph costs $1,695 (approximately £1,475).

In 1966 saw the release of the first iteration of the Aerospace, which was yet another advancement of the Sea Wolf. An automatic movement produced in Switzerland is housed inside this casing that measures 40 millimeters and is constructed of stainless steel. Even though it was not designed to be a dive watch, it nonetheless has a rating of 20 ATM.

This limited-edition watch displays time in two different time zones, and despite the fact that its powder blue and vivid orange colors may give the impression of being contemporary, they have been a Zodiac hallmark for some time. They can be found on a few different iterations of the Sea Wolf.

According to Zodiac, this is intended to seem like rays of sunlight reflecting off the lake. It is clever and carried out with such precision that it just seems gorgeous. Given the color option, this was a risky approach, but it paid off in the end.

Do the high prices of Zodiac watches justify their purchase?

Zodiac is a reputable brand that can be relied on. They have preserved both traditional aesthetics and reliable engineering. They just upgraded, which led to an improvement in their status.

Although Zodiac may not be the most well-known Swiss brand, it is definitely one to take into consideration due to the company’s precision, durability, and dependability. To this day, people are still saying positive things about them.

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