Apple WatchOS 8 Update User Opinions and Reviews

Apple WatchOS 8 Update User Opinions and Reviews

During Apple’s keynote presentation at WWDC 2021, the company revealed watchOS 8, a future upgrade to the operating system for the Apple Watch, and the upgrade is now available for users to install.

An app dedicated to mindfulness is currently being developed. Included in this purchase are updates to the Fitness Plus app and upgrades to the sleep app that can measure your respiratory rate.

It is essential to take note that Apple Watch 3 and newer devices will be able to download watchOS 8, which is an excellent update for earlier versions of the Apple Watch. The list of supported devices for watchOS 8 has not significantly changed from the list that was available for watchOS 7 last year. Let’s take a look at all of the recent alterations:

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Estimates for the WatchOS 8

The “full-fat” watchOS 8 upgrade was released simultaneously with the Apple Watch 7, which was also released.

Immediately following the unveiling of watchOS 8 at WWDC 2021, Apple made its developer beta available to any individual who possessed a developer account.

The Devices that are Supported

According to Apple, the watchOS 8 upgrade is fully compatible with all devices, beginning with the Apple Watch 3. That is to say, if you finished the major upgrade from the previous year, you would be able to use the new software when it is released this year. Apple will not update the watchOS 7 compatibility list due to this.

You’ll need an iPhone capable of running the upcoming version of iOS to install the watchOS 8 updates. This indicates that you need an iPhone 6S or later that is capable of running iOS 15 or later. This is probably for both the private beta testing and the public beta testing. For the watchOS preview to work correctly on your iPhone, you will need to ensure that it runs the most current version of iOS.

WatchOS 8 Functions and Features

It is anticipated that the watchOS 8 upgrades would provide a plethora of new capabilities to Apple Watches, which will improve how you utilize them. Although there aren’t any significant updates, there are some new features that one can use with the apps you already have.

Wallet: the ability to store digital IDs is now accessible on Apple Watch.

The Wallet app will soon have additional features that allow users to interact wirelessly with various locations and things. According to a press release issued by Apple, many aspects of this are exclusive to the Apple Watch 6 and the Ultra-Wideband technology it incorporates. Specifically, the futuristic capability of unlocking and starting your vehicle without ever leaving the driver’s seat (introduced initially at WWDC 2020 and coming to select automobiles).

On the other hand, owners of the vast majority of Apple Watches should be able to make money by adding additional digital keys to Wallets for their homes, places of work, and hotels and then unlocking those digital keys with their wearables.

Like how credit and debit cards are used, people living in certain states in the United States are able to upload a driver’s license or state ID to their Wallet, and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will accept these digital IDs at specified checkpoints. You only need to add them to the Wallet app on your iOS device, and then you may display them on your Apple Watch.

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A Brand New App for Mindfulness and Tracking your Sleep

The new Mindfulness app now comes equipped with its own version of the Breathe app. In addition, there is a brand new app available for download called Reflect, which leads users through several mindful sessions by having them reflect on experiences that they have had in the past.

The monitoring of sleep has been updated to incorporate a new metric called the respiratory rate, which measures the number of breaths taken in a minute. All of the information that you enter into the Health app will also be reflected in the new Trends feature, which tracks how your health measurements evolve.

Workout Application in Addition to Apple Fitness Plus

Tai Chi and Pilates, both more soothing and focused workouts, have been introduced as new fitness activities to the watchOS Practice app. These workouts are meant to complement the yoga session that was already available. According to an announcement made by Apple to the press, these watches incorporate proprietary heart rate and motion algorithms.

In addition to this, the Apple Fitness Plus watchOS app now has compatibility with the Picture in Picture format and more filtering options. You can also quickly transfer exercises between different devices by pausing one exercise and then continuing it on another.

New Jeanette Jenkins workouts are being introduced, and an Artist Spotlight Series will provide workouts that are specifically designed to complement entire playlists, including prominent artists.


One may synchronize memories and Featured Pictures to an Apple Watch through the iOS app, which has recently received an update that adds new methods to browse through collections. Using the new Portraits watch face, you can convert your Portrait-mode photos into watch faces, and by turning the crown, you can adjust the level of depth.

The Apple Watch will set the time or complications behind the Portrait, preventing the digits from covering up the wearer’s face in any way.


Additionally, additional granular capabilities are added to messages, such as the capability to move the pointer by twisting the crown of the keyboard, in addition to the capability to search for and respond with GIFs. watchOS has received a new software called Contacts, enabling users to browse, modify, and share their contact information using their Apple Watch.

One of the new skills that the Apple Watch can perform is called Intercom, and it is an update for the Home application that enables users to see who is at the entrance through a live video feed and even greet them.

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WatchOS 8’s Main Feature

This is a helpful new app that is usually found on children’s smartwatches, but adults can benefit from using it as well! You can customize your notification settings to favor work, exercise, sleep, or “do not disturb” mode, respectively. Whatever settings users of Focus on iPhone make, it will carry over those settings to their Apple Watch.

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