VARRAM Pet Fitness Tracker User Opinions And Reviews

VARRAM Pet Fitness Tracker User Opinions And Reviews

To keep your pet active, content, and healthy while you’re gone, VARRAM Pet Fitness is a pleasant, intelligent pet robot with a smartphone application.

Like humans, dogs and cats are sociable animals. They may experience loneliness as well as behavioral issues that interfere with their daily activities. Cats and dogs enjoy being with people and other animals and thrive on companionship.

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What if you frequently travel away from home?

A robot-like device called VARRAM Pet Fitness engages in playful play with your dog or cat by autonomously zipping around your house, interacting with them, and dispensing rewards. It’s a fantastic approach to keep this family member active throughout the day, which lowers the likelihood of depression and lethargy.

The cunning little gadget includes a mechanism that resembles a radar that enables it to avoid and weave around any obstructions. It is also intelligent enough to recognise when your pet is nearby. Due to its tough structure, VARRAM can easily traverse carpets and descend stairs while taking quite a beating.

The accompanying smartphone app allows you to steer the robot in addition to having it move automatically. You can play with your pet remotely thanks to this. You’ll feel better knowing your pet is engaged and active whether you’re working long hours or are just too lazy to leave the couch. You can set your pet’s activity requirements on the app, including how many treats they can have and how long they should play for.A successful Kickstarter effort was launched to bring VARRAM Pet Fitness to life. The initial target of $30,000 has been more than tripled, to almost $130,000. If you wish to participate, there are still 3 days left in the campaign. In January, delivery to funders is anticipated.

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Cost: $89 and above

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