A Comparison Between The Fossil Gen 5 and Fossil Gen 6 Watches

In the watch market, Fossil is considered a trailblazer, specifically when it comes to producing fashion-forward timepieces that also have smartwatch functions. When shopping for a new smartwatch, it’s essential to consider the company, regardless of whether or not you’ve been a loyal customer of the brand in the past. Comparing the Fossil Gen 5 with Gen 6 is the focus of this essay.

The Fossil Gen 6 was introduced in September 2021, and it has rapidly established itself as a popular watch, but how does it contrast to the watch that came before it, the Gen 5? We’ve analyzed and contrasted the two most popular smartwatches on the market so that you can choose the one that’s ideal for you.

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A Brief Overview of Fossil

In addition to producing other kinds of accouterments and leather products, Fossil is best recognized as a watch manufacturer. They sell a variety of things, but their watches are recognized to be of exceptional quality. This has earned them a reputation as one of the most reputable shops to purchase fashionable watches from.

This particular company provides customers with a wide selection of watches, including understated designs, while others are more classic chronographs or even smartwatches. Both the Fossil Gen 5 and Gen 6 smartwatches are contemporary takes on the smartwatch concept, but they also retain many of the brand’s signature aesthetic elements. Users also have access to high-tech products, fitness bands, and other features through these possibilities.

Comparisons of Important Characteristics

Both of these Fossil watches share many characteristics, but there are also some key distinctions between them.

Style and Construction

Compared to the previous generation’s model, the Gen 5, the appearance of the Gen 6 wristwatch is not much different. In contrast, the Gen 5 was only sold in one size, the 44mm casing and the Gen 6 is now available in two sizes, both of which measure 44 millimeters and 42 millimeters. Both watches are made of stainless steel, and you can choose from a variety of sizes for the watch straps that come with each watch.

Both watches are offered in a comprehensive selection of hues, patterns, and straps to complement their cases. Customers have a wide variety of options to choose from in terms of style, thanks to Fossil creating designs for both men and women. Fossil offers a variety of watch alternatives, so regardless of whether you want a watch with jewels or one with a more straightforward design, you may find what you’re looking for.

Display Quality and Features

Both the Gen 6 and the Gen 5 watches come equipped with an AMOLED display, which provides users with a crisp image and vibrant colors. Touch controls are available for use on both displays, and there are a total of three buttons located on the side of each of the timepieces. The watch’s wearers have an option to operate the timepiece thanks to the central button, which doubles as a rotating crown.

Trackers for One’s Health and Fitness

Both watches come equipped with the standard array of fitness and health monitors that are available on smartwatches. These include devices that monitor your heart rate and sleep and those that count calories, steps, and other aspects of your day. Both watches also have GPS and altimeters built right in, so you can keep track of how many floors you’ve climbed.

The newer Gen 6 model has improved health and fitness monitors, which puts it in a better position than its predecessor, the Gen 5 watch. Users will now be able to measure the amount of oxygen in their blood using SpO2 monitors, making this update ideal for anyone who is trying to be more health-conscious. Many people have observed that this more advanced feature has been long overdue, but it is now available, which is excellent news for anyone interested in fitness.

Battery Capacity

Due to the high-end components of both watches, their respective battery lives are only around a day-long at most. This is because the watches both contain premium features. Users should anticipate a shorter life duration while the GPS is active and the trackers are turned on, but fortunately, Fossil has reduced the amount of time required to charge its watches.

Users can now get up to 80 percent of their battery life back in about half an hour with the help of Fossil’s Gen 6 watch, which has a charging time that is roughly half of what it was before. The battery performance of the Gen 6 watch has also been improved by thirty percent, providing you with a little longer lifespan compared to the Gen 5 model. This is a result of adding a 4100+ chip and 1 GB of memory.

Media and Storage Capacity

When looking for a new watch, storage is another crucial element to consider. Both of Fossil’s versions come with 8 gigabytes of storage, giving consumers more options for storing music and other media. Both watches provide users with access to an integrated microphone for use with the Google Voice assistant, and one may use the loudspeaker on the watch to play the music that has been stored locally on the device.


You are in luck if you desire the opportunity to check your messages while you are away from your computer. Users of the Fossil Gen 5 and 6 smartwatches have the ability to manage notifications that are received on their associated smartphones. Users will have the ability to select which alerts are displayed, including those from Gmail, WhatsApp, and other applications. It is possible to respond to notifications using the watch, although it is only available for Android smartphones.

Both watches can also enable people to obtain and make calls immediately from the wristwatch; however, you will need to guarantee that your smartphone is nearby at all times. One of the most significant distinctions between the two models is that the Gen 6 uses Bluetooth 5.0, which enables speedier communication while simultaneously extending the battery’s life.

Other Characteristics

  • Other exciting aspects to take note of include the following:
  • Both watches support Google Pay as a payment option.
  • The Snapdragon 4100+ is now being used to power Gen 6.
  • One can set the screen on the Gen 6 watch to remain active at all times.
  • Both watches are equipped with a variety of preconfigured sports modes.
  • When the user of either watch has been sedentary for an extended period of time, the watch will notify them with a sedentary reminder.
  • Both the Gen 5 and Gen 6 versions are waterproof up to three times their normal pressure.

Concluding Thoughts

It might not appear to be a significant difference between Generation 5 and Generation 6 when you compare the two. The new Gen 6 model, on the other hand, features improved Wear OS performance, blood oxygen sensors that measure SpO2, and quicker charging times. If you are interested in upgrading, it is recommended that you do so to take advantage of the more advanced fitness capabilities; however, if this does not concern you, you can continue to use the Fossil Gen 5 watch.

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