A Comprehensive Analysis of The Best Watches From Orient Watches in 2022

It can be challenging to find a watch in the mid price range because quality varies greatly between brands in this category, but Orient watches have a large selection.

This category includes more expensive timepieces from lower-end brands and less expensive Swiss-made watches. However, even a $50 difference in price can result in a significant difference in the watch’s quality.

So, if you’re searching for something in the mid-range – often under $1000 – you should research the brand you’re considering. Orient is a brand worth considering because it provides good quality at such a reasonable price.

A Brief Look Into The Background of Orient Watches 

On July 13th, 1950, Orient was formally established in Tokyo. The company’s roots may be traced back to 1901, when its founder, Shogoro Yoshida, opened a wholesale wrist watch shop in Ueno, Japan.

When mechanical watch businesses were struck hard by mass manufacturing of inexpensive quartz wrist watches in the 1970s, Citizen and Seiko elected to produce affordable quartz watches en masse, but Orient adhered to what it thought was best, making mechanical time pieces.

Orient and Seiko established a pot manufacturing business in 1985. Orient produces a wide range of quartz and automatic time pieces, with prices ranging from high to low.

Orient seems to be quite well known throughout the world. Orient’s watch manufacturing plants can be found in Singapore, South America, and Japan. For nearly a century, Orient has been a well known and recognized name in the watchmaking industry.

In the past, mechanical mechanisms were employed in Orient watches.

The highly high end time pieces Orient Star and Royal are among the most precious watches in the world. When compared to some of the world’s greatest watch manufacturers, such as Citizen, Orient uses in-house movement manufacturing, which is recognized as one of the most effective procedures in the watchmaking business in decreasing capital investments and keeping a low product cost.

In the 1980s, Orient’s ability to manufacture extremely small mechanical components led them, like Seiko, to the orient six computer sector, where they created tiny parts for the computer industry. Orient has grown into a multi-billion dollar conglomerate. Many other companies are now seeking to emulate Orient’s success and high standards.

Let’s take a look at the greatest Orient watches for 2022.

Orient Men’s Monarch Watch 

The Monarch is a dress watch that has a royal look to it. It has straps on it and looks like a pocket watch. Its large face and gold case aid this. Arabic numerals are used to symbolize the hours. They’re also designed to look like a pocket watch.

Given that it is a dress watch, it is unsurprising that it lacks a stainless-steel band. You will be presented with a leather strap. Although the leather appears to be sumptuous, it collects moisture rapidly and takes a long time to dry. We’re not sure what kind of leather Orient is utilized, but it has a premium feel to it.

On the other hand, the device is resistant to water. It can dive to something like a depth of 165 feet underwater (50 meters). Given what we’ve said about getting wet, stay away from the water.

The Monarch is an Orient mechanical watch. The back of the car has now been exposed, which is a welcome sight. The Orient caliber 48C40 movement drives it. A forty-hour power supply will be provided to you.

In the chamber, there seems to be a mineral window. Its crystal is bent, which is a unique feature. This improves its impact resistance while also giving it a more expensive appearance. In Swiss jewelry, curved displays are common.

Orient Men’s Sun and Moon V3 Watch

The smartphone’s display does not really have any luminescence. It does not even have any color on its hands.

There is a calendar, but it is in the shape of a sub-dial. If you look attentively, you could notice a date wheel. If you’re wondering what the dial on the left is for, it’s the watch’s sun and moon indicator. It accomplishes exactly what you desire.

Given its high-end appearance, it’s no surprise that the crystal is sapphire.

On our list, the time piece is one of the most substantial. It has a 1.65-inch (42-mm) wide casing. It has a sparkling appearance because of its high quality.

The strap is, in fact, made of leather. We’re not sure what kind of leather was used, but the embossing makes it look like alligator skin. Keep in mind that leather is a very water-resistant material.

Will the watch survive a swim in the pool? It’s conceivable. It can withstand up to 50 meters of water.

Our investigation comes to an end with the addition of another automatic watch. The F6B24 mechanism is included in the package. This equates to a power reserve of 40 hours and 22 jewels in the gears. It’s possible that the device can be self-wound and hacked.

Orient Men’s Bambino Version 5 Watch

The Bambino collection is perfect for those seeking a dress watch on a budget. It features designs that are both simple and attractive. Some of the greatest mechanical movements are available at this price point inside.

The Bambino V5 has a 40.5mm case that is 12mm thick, similar to its predecessors. The display, which seems to have Arabic numerals on a sunburst effect dial and exceptionally polished hands, is protected by a crystal dome. The case’s side is brushed and matte. It’s available in three different colors.

Orient Men’s Star Watch

Die-hard enthusiasts consider Orient’s Star collection to be the best. It has a more sophisticated design and is marginally more expensive than other lines, although it does have some of the more recent technology, movements, and design aspects.

The most popular model is the Classic Star, which has a very versatile design that can be worn with any outfit for any occasion.

The sunburst dial and crystal dome are both on-brand on the Classic Star. Both gleaming and refined. This one has dauphine hands and beautifully polished markings once more. The dauphine hands and beautifully polished markings create a striking contrast with the pristine white dial, making it extremely readable in any light.

The case is 38.5mm and 13mm thick. It has a vintage look that oozes class.

Orient Men’s Mako II Watch

The Mako II is the most popular model in the sports line, and it’s also the most affordable.

It’s a little thicker with a diameter of 41.5mm and a thickness of 13mm than the others. The stainless steel case has a polished finish on the sides and crown. Divers love it because it has a whopping 20 ATM water resistance, which is nearly unheard of at this price.

Orient Men’s Ray II Rubber Watch

If you enjoy diving or other severe water sports, the Ray II ($129 / £107) is a fantastic choice.

The background of the dial has a starburst pattern. It’s not just pretty to look at; it’s also built to be seen underwater, where it can resist 200 meters of water pressure.

The face contains few details, which is done on purpose so that the wearer can quickly check the time when needed.

The scalloped edge of the unidirectional bezel is, on the whole, fairly narrow. It includes a fluorescent pip at the 12 positions, so you’ll always know what time it is. You’d be hard pressed to find a more dependable dive watch for the money.

Orient Men’s Mako XL Watch

Returning to the minimalistic design theme, the Mako XL has the cleanest design of the bunch. It’s simple but sophisticated. It’s got just the appropriate amount of text and markings to keep things tidy. The dial and hands have been designed to be razor-sharp. The indicators are vivid, but they might be brighter.

Although the bezel rotates, it is durable and of higher quality than others on the market. Instead of the traditional triangle, the bezel includes a 60 marking. It takes some getting used to.


Orient timepieces are of reasonable quality, with stylish designs and solid mechanisms. The sports watches, in particular, are of outstanding value, especially considering that this is one of the few cheap companies that still manufactures its own movements.

If you like the sound of Orient but want to look at some other options in the mid-range, take a look at some of our reviews. If you’re not convinced about Orient, start with Guess, which is a more well-known brand. Here’s what we had to say about it. See what we mentioned about the Nixon brand here if you’re interested in a brand you may not be familiar with.

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