A Comprehensive Analysis of The Garmin Venu

The Garmin Venu has a very bright display and exceptionally long battery life. This is one of the greatest all-rounders we’ve seen in a while, and it comes packed with a variety of features for keeping track of your fitness. Similarly, if you’re an active person who enjoys sports, you won’t be let down by the selection of sports apps that the library provides.

Garmin introduced the redesigned and improved square version of this watch in September 2020 with the model name Venu Sq. This display is a brilliant 1.3 inches, and it has 20 distinct sports modes that may be tracked along with a variety of health monitoring capabilities. The battery life lasts for six days, and the quality is on par with what one would anticipate from Garmin. There is also a music version that can be purchased for a slightly higher price.

Garmin has just, in April 2021, announced another model known as the Venu 2.

Garmin Venu pricing and launch date

Since the Garmin Venu was only released in September 2019, it is now available for purchase. The Garmin Venu Sq was introduced in September 2020 and can be purchased through their website.

People in the United States can choose from a variety of color options for the original Venu. The brand-new Sq is available, depending on the model, in one of seven different colors. The first option is black with slate hardware, followed by blue with silver, black with gold, light sand with rose gold, and finally black with rose gold.

Garmin Venu Build

The round case has dimensions of 43.2 mm by 12.4 mm. The screen size on the Venu Sq is 1.3 inches.

It is water-proof up to a level of 5ATM. Because of this, it will function properly even in torrential downpours and is also suitable for use when swimming.

It weighs in at a mere 46.3 grams.

The Garmin Venue is an understated piece of technology, especially when one considers that it serves as both a fitness tracker and an attractive clock at the same time. The bezel is encircled by a band made of grooved stainless steel that it has. A round polymer body that is evocative of the widely used Vivoactive 3 is present. If you enjoy watches that appear sporty and have clever features, you are going to adore this one.

One school of thought maintains that it is more of a fashion statement than the Apple Watch. In addition to that, it has a more daring appearance than the Suunto 7. Using the Venu as an illustration, you could effortlessly transition from the gym to the office while wearing it, and no one would think your watch was out of place in either environment. Because of its shallow depth of 12.44 millimeters, it can easily be concealed by a sleeve. In addition, the band features a quick-release clasp, which enables you to switch out your 20mm strap with one that is more appropriate for the occasion whenever you so like.

The Venu’s featherweight design is made possible by the polymer. The addition of the metal ring that surrounds the case gives it the appearance and feel of a quality product. As a result, wearing them all day should not result in any discomfort in your wrists.

On the other hand, in contrast to the Vivoactive 4, the Venu is only available in a single size. Some people consider that to be overly restrictive. But with a 43mm face, it strikes an excellent balance between the dimensions of the case and the size of the screen. If you have a smaller wrist, it won’t take up excessive space on your wrist.

Display, user experience, and command buttons

1.2-inch display with AMOLED touchscreen and resolution of 390 by 390 pixels. 1.30 centimeters for the round variant (Sq)

The Venu is equipped with a widget list, programmable watch faces, and shortcuts to the home screen. The display is a marvel of exquisite beauty. Because your colors are so rich and vibrant, it’s not difficult to make out what’s written there under any lighting scenario. It is vibrant and daring, and in comparison to other Garmin products, it provides a fantastic user experience.

The display exudes an air of minimalism and comes equipped with the in-demand always-on feature. The watch faces are just as clear as they could be because of the 390 by 390 pixels resolution. This puts Venu in direct competition with watches such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, the Fossil Gen 5, and the Apple Watch Series 5.

The onboard software is straightforward to understand and utilize. On your home screen, widgets are organized vertically in a list, and you can access them by swiping up or down on the screen. The transitions are made with relative ease.

Utilize the Garmin Venu to take command of your musical selections. Swipe left to right and then up.

You will be able to personalize a variety of icons if you press and hold the top button. This will bring up a menu for you to select from. Features such as Garmin Pay, audio, and brightness are included. On the other hand, if you keep the bottom button pressed down, you’ll go further into the settings and have more customizable options available to you.

Tracking your workouts and performances with the Garmin Venu

In addition to its intelligent functions, the Venu is a highly functional sports watch. There are alternatives for multiple sports, which is one of the reasons you like Garmin so much. This content can be downloaded to your device. You can choose from a wide variety of activities, including rowing, and the common ones such as running, aerobic exercise, strength training, swimming, and golf.

Garmin’s Coach is a guided program that will help you achieve your running goals and might be helpful to serious runners. Gym bunnies can instruct the Venu to count repetitions.

The Venu is outfitted with a respectable array of sensors on board. It is fantastic for measuring elevation across a variety of terrains and is equipped with an onboard barometric altimeter. To get started, we’ll use GPS, GALILEO, and GLONASS. Quickly and with very little lag, the signal is picked up. Even in the most densely wooded locations, reliable route presentation is guaranteed.

Whether you’re exercising, sleeping, or just relaxing, you can monitor your blood oxygen level using a pulse oximeter. It will make a record of how your body reacts to extreme instances of stress or exertion and store that information. When it comes to activities that are performed on a more routine basis, the Venu will also monitor this.

A monitor for the user’s heart rate should be expected. One of the most advanced HRM systems available today may be found on the Venu.

What plans does the Venu have for the information regarding my heart rate? In addition to monitoring the intensity of your workout, it will also check your overall health. It is able to estimate the number of breaths you take each minute by looking at the variability in your heart rate. Your current respiration rate is displayed in the Health Stats widget, along with an average for the past seven days.

You can use this information to lead you through a breathing exercise if that becomes necessary. If you require it, there is a widget that can accommodate it.

In addition, the tracking of sleep provides a wealth of information during the course of the night regarding variables such as blood oxygen, respiration, and heart rate.

It will inform you how much water you have lost as a result of your workout. You can also manually tell the app how much water you’re drinking, and when all of the sensors are combined, it will tell you how much energy you have using Garmin’s Body Battery. This can be helpful in determining whether you should increase the intensity of your activity or reduce it. Both of these features are optional.

Innovative features

In addition to being an excellent fitness tracker, the Garmin Venu includes a number of valuable functions. To begin we will begin with notifications and safety alerts. You will also have access to offline music control, Garmin Pay, and a library of apps, among which you can select watch faces to use.

It is highly recommended that you connect your Venu to your smartphone by way of the Garmin Connect app.

The Venu does not come with a voice assistant, but depending on your preferences, this might not be a deal-breaker for you.

Battery capacity

For quite some time, Garmin has been able to brag about its long battery life. Although the Venu won’t keep you there for weeks at a time, it will gladly keep you there for five days. This is really ridiculous in comparison to the 18 hours that Apple provides. Be aware, however, that the battery will only last for six hours if you listen to music while using the GPS function on the device at the same time. The battery life of this watch, like that of any other smart or sports, watch, is entirely dependent on the manner in which it is used and for how long.


The Garmin Venu is, first and foremost, a sports watch, and its intelligent capabilities are an afterthought. If improving your health and fitness is one of your top priorities, this is without a doubt one of the most beneficial purchases you can make.

The incorporation of an AMOLED display is a move that is very much appreciated because it provides a wide variety of sports modes that will be easier to read.

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