A Comprehensive Analysis of Victorinox Watches

Introduction To Victorinox Watches

The Swiss Army name was initially conceived by Victorinox watches, which is now the company’s namesake. It’s been well over a century since they first appeared. It is common knowledge that they manufacture the Swiss Army Knife, a tool that can be used for nearly any purpose. However, people aren’t always aware of the status of their timepieces.

This article will describe the Swiss Army Watch’s quality and analyze the history of how the watch came into being.

Background Behind Victorinox Watches

After manufacturing knives for more than a century, the higher-ups at Victorinox came to the conclusion that the company needed to expand its product line beyond the multi-tool to remain competitive. They wanted to be able to continue to meet the demands of their clients, so they decided to come up with a new product that maintained the same level of quality as the knife.

In 1989, they started working on the design of the Swiss Army Watch.

At this point in history, Swiss watchmakers had solidified their position as the industry’s preeminent practitioners of high-quality watchmaking. Particularly in Geneva, people regarded it as an art form.

In the 1700s, the Calvinist rulers of Switzerland prohibited local goldsmiths from creating jewelry. In response, the inventive Swiss artisans started making watches instead.

How reliable are watches from Victorinox?

The prices of Victorinox watches are among the most competitive in the industry. They typically cost between $350 and $550 in total. Considering that a Swiss watch may sell for thousands of dollars under another brand name is a really decent deal.

Let’s take a look at the benefits that come with owning a Victorinox

Accuracy of Victorinox Watches

The movements used in Victorinox watches are made in-house. They happen to be correct in their assessment. They will, at most, see a loss of two to three seconds per year.

The mechanisms can withstand contact with water. They use synthetic rubies for movement, and this helps to ensure that the rubies do not become worn out over time.

The price of a Classic Quartz watch that has a clock, and a tachymeter is currently $139.99.

The Durability of Victorinox Watches

Each and every one of Victorinox’s timepieces are resistant to scratches. They are covered in a crystal that has been strengthened to a level that is twice as high as the standard in the industry.

Standard is 450 Vickers. If you use mineral crystal in this instance, you will obtain 900 Vickers, but if you use sapphire crystal, you will get 1,200 Vickers. Absolutely nothing, with the exception of a diamond, will be able to scratch the face of your watch.

It is well known that the INOX model, which costs $235.00, can withstand the force of being dropped from a height of three stories, then being run over by an HVG lorry, and finally being put in a washing machine.

The Devil is in the Details of the Planning

The timepieces produced by the Swiss Army are gaining a reputation for being of exceptional quality while being affordable. However, it wasn’t always as simple to do so. When they were first being developed, Victorinox encountered a difficulty that they needed to get beyond in order to succeed. That being said, contracting out the manufacturing of goods like watches was common practice at the time. They did not want to give up control of the production process because they did not want the quality to suffer. Therefore, in the year 2002, Victorinox established its very own manufacturing factory. They were in complete command, and their success continued unabated.

Here, we can see how the different models each use a different type of material. The most superior components are used in the production of Swiss Army watches. Another Swiss business that is known for producing high-quality parts is ETA, which is where the movement originates from. If you were to take apart a watch by Omega or Tag Heuer, or really any timepiece that bears the Swiss-made mark, the likelihood is that you would discover an ETA movement inside of it.

Luxury timepieces are often still crafted by experienced watchmakers using traditional hand techniques. When you consider that each year, approximately one million Swiss Army watches are produced, you can’t help but wonder how many hands are involved in the process and how skilled each individual must be in order to keep up with the demand on a global scale.

Be Cautious with Bogus Claims

You need to have a good understanding of the subject matter because there are certain watches on the market that claim to be created in Switzerland even if they do not appear to be made in Switzerland. Regrettably, authentic Swiss watchmakers are currently at risk as a result of the proliferation of counterfeits on the market. The person who wears the watch will, in the end, be the one to bear the consequences of its poor construction and low-quality materials.

Utilization of the “Swiss-made” emblem is the primary means by which one can recognize an authentic Swiss clock. If the movement included within the watch is constructed with at least half of the components coming from Switzerland, then it is authorized to use this logo. Unfortunately, this isn’t much, and you can find several subpar watches that claim this feature but aren’t worth the price at all.

Many timepieces manufactured in Asia circumvent this regulation and make their way onto the market through an available loophole. Even if the watches are not of the same high quality as their authentic Swiss counterparts, they are nonetheless allowed to wear the luxury designation and are priced accordingly.

The availability of these counterfeits is a shame because there are firms like Victorinox who have been in the watch market for more than a century and make beautiful and dependable timepieces like the Maverick (which costs $275.00) and the Night Vision Quartz (which costs $189.99).

If you are looking at a watch and it says that it was made in Switzerland, try to find out as much as possible about where the various parts of the watch came from.


Maverick Chronograph, FieldForce Sport Chrono, and Maverick all come standard.

The Swiss Army watches produced by Victorinox have a well-deserved reputation for being among the best available. You may rely on their watch to keep accurate time.

For $693.00, you may purchase timepieces constructed of either stainless steel or titanium with an automatic winding mechanism.

No matter whatever option you choose, you can be confident that you’ve invested in a timeless watch that, on the inside, is an impressive piece of craftsmanship.

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