A Comprehensive Guide To Aragon Watches

When purchasing a new watch, it is important to find a timepiece that is not only reliable but also attractive and reasonably priced. People who are looking for a watch that is both fashionable and affordable tend to go for Aragon Watches, a contemporary watchmaker. But do you think it’s money well spent? In order to acquire additional information, we investigated the brand.

When Was Aragon First Established

Aragon is one of the youngest watchmaking firms in the world, having been formed in 1991 by Wing Liang and Angela Liang. The Liangs’ dream was to start a business that would produce timepieces of exceptional design and craftsmanship, complete with innovative functions that would simplify the wearer’s life.

Liang’s early timepieces were whimsical and took their cues from movies and automobiles. His one and only non-negotiable demand was that the company shake up the market for timepieces and introduce something fresh to the mix. When one considers that the organization’s mission statement is “building into the future by respecting our past,” it is very evident that Liang is resolved to move forward despite the changing expectations.

What is the Reason for the Widespread Popularity of Aragon watches

Customers are won over by a brand when it demonstrates a true commitment to affordable pricing while preserving high levels of functionality. Aragon has come a long way since it was founded in 1991, and it is now a firm that enthusiasts of watches respect and admire.

Their unconventional designs make people talk, and if you want to stand out from the crowd and get something that is unique, you can be confident that Aragon will have what you are looking for in their inventory. People love them even though their designs can be described as tacky because they refuse to adhere to mainstream standards.

The Aragon Divemaster EVO

Because of the design and the combination of materials used, watch lovers from all over the world believe the Divemaster EVO to be the most impressive watch that Aragon has ever produced. This watch is available with a casing that is either 45 or 50 millimeters in diameter, and it features a bezel that is shaped like a turbine. It is protected with K1 Crystals, which offer a high level of scratch resistance.

You can take it to a depth of 660 feet without having to worry about it breaking, and it features an easy-to-read display that can be examined without any issues while you are underwater. Dedication to quality has been made. Therefore, it should be no surprise that consumers continue to show a strong interest in this watch.

The Aragon Antigravity Automatic

The Aragon Antigravity Automatic is an excellent option to go with if you are looking for something that is vivid and eye-catching. It has a blue/purple screen and dial that is easy to see and offers a fashion statement that is difficult to find in watches that are priced similarly. You will have a hard time finding a watch that can compete with this one.

The length of the case is 50 millimeters, and the width is 19 millimeters. The dial is made of mother of pearl. The clasps on their other timepieces are of the screw-down variety. This watch is not for those who are easily intimidated, but if you are looking for something daring, then purchasing this is the perfect choice for you!

The Aragon SiverJet Skeleton Automatic

The SilverJet Skeleton currently holds the position as the Aragon catalog’s second most popular device. It has a unidirectional bezel and a case that is 47 millimeters in diameter and has a crown that screws down. The watch face rests elegantly on the band, which is crafted from stainless steel and provides a magnificent holder for the watch face.

This watch can withstand depths of up to 660 feet of water, making it an additional excellent option for swimmers and divers. In addition to being an excellent dive watch, this one is rather affordable, meaning that you won’t have to spend an excessive amount of money to acquire the tool you require.

The Aragon Parma

A Kickstarter campaign offered the watch at the price of $200 when it was first introduced as the Aragon Parma. The final watch features a screen that is 47 millimeters in diameter and provides 40 hours of power. The dial features apertures for the date and the day, and a Seiko SII 24 movement powers the watch.

The watch gets its light from tritium, which means there is no need to charge it. The tritium tubes have a lifespan of up to 25 years and automatically turn on the light.

The Aragon Sea Charger Automatic

The Sea Charger Automatic features a gorgeous blue dial and a casing that is 50 millimeters in diameter, and it is one of the most popular watches. The bracelet’s band is composed of stainless steel and has a high-end appearance and feel on the wrist.

Extremely scratch-resistant K1 material was used in the construction of the screen. You won’t have any trouble taking it down to depths of 660 feet, either. Your wrist will feel comfortable wearing it, and it satisfies all of the other requirements for functionality that you have.

Are Aragon Watches Worth Spending Money On

Customers looking for a watch that can keep up with their busy lifestyles without breaking the bank will find the Aragon brand an excellent option. The Aragon objective emphasizes accessible pricing and forward-thinking product design, and the company succeeds well in each of these areas.

Aragon is an excellent brand to start with if you are new to the hobby of watch collecting and are looking for something distinctive. In addition to this, they provide exceptional service and back all of their purchases with a warranty that is valid for two years. They may not be the most well-known name in the world of timepieces, but they are undeniably a brand that should be taken into consideration.

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