A Comprehensive Guide to Cartier Tank Watches

Cartier is unquestionably known as a luxury watch company1. Their Cartier Tank Watches are the most recognizable of all of their products; in this article, we will examine many of these watches.

A quality watch reflects the wearer’s personal style and taste. Despite the proliferation of high-tech smartwatches, classic wristwatches continue to enjoy widespread popularity. 

Since the company’s founding, Cartier has produced goods that are highly sought after. They embody luxury in every way and have a design that can be found nowhere else; they are classic and sophisticated. These are but a few of the many reasons why Cartier is the best.

The Tank series is the most recognizable of all the goods that Cartier has to offer. Let’s look at a few of them together, shall we?

Cartier Tank Watches 


Approximately $20,000

The Americaine is the one to choose if you like your elegance to be over the top and extravagant.

The Tank Americaine features a case that is made of white gold and is extremely ornamental. It has been given the title of being the world’s most stylish watch for ladies by a number of people. It is reminiscent of the style that was popular in the 1980s.

This exquisite timepiece is made of 18-karat white gold and features a bezel that is set with baguette diamonds. When they melt, the stones turn into a dial made of silver grain.

Because it features a 157 quartz movement on the inside, it appears good, but it also offers to pinpoint accuracy. You will be able to take this watch diving if you have the courage to do so. Who doesn’t want to look attractive underwater? It can withstand water pressure up to a staggering 30 meters. You may wear it while in the water and not worry about any damage to your investment because it won’t let water in.

Platinum Cintrée Skeleton

Between $40,000 – $60,000

The Platinum Cintree Skeleton is another exceptionally refined watch. Additionally, it is quite functional. This watch is a very sophisticated and intricately designed watch for guys to wear.

It has a platinum casing that is 34 millimeters in diameter. It features a skeletonized movement and a design that gently curves, and it has a finish that cannot be misunderstood. Alligator skin in a dark color serves as the strap. It includes a buckle that may be adjusted to ensure a good fit.

This watch is, without a doubt, one of the most impressive manually wound watches you will ever come across. A 9917 caliber MC can be found within, and it is dependable in addition to being powerful.

However, it is not recommended that you take it diving. Considering the price, you might be surprised to learn that it is not waterproof.

Diamond Anglaise 

Approximately $18,000 in price

There is a current trend toward keeping things straight regarding the color schemes available for men’s watches. Women often choose bolder and more vibrant hues. Cartier enters the fray with the Tank Anglaise, a watch that is absolutely luminous.

This timepiece was designed with ladies in mind. It has a wristband made of pink alligator skin that is consistent with the brand. The case is made of white gold that is at least 18 carats in weight and features 89 baguette diamonds.

The movements automatically wind themselves and also feature a date function.

Solo Steel

Around $3,000.

The Solo is the right choice for you if you are looking for an item that can be worn in a natural way with virtually all of your fashionable clothing options.

This watch is an absolute masterpiece in its field. It has a straightforward design, and yet it can perform a wide variety of activities. You have the option of using blue leather or steel for the strap. It is able to withstand water pressure of up to 30 meters.

As is the case with all Cartier Tanks, the focus is equally distributed between fashion and precision. A movement with a caliber 049 may be found on the interior of the Solo. Because of this mechanism, it can achieve an extremely high level of precision. In addition to that, it provides a date display option.

MC Chronograph

Approximately $6,000

Additionally, people who appreciate chronograph functions might get what they’re looking for at Cartier. Rose gold was used in the design of this Tank, which gives off an air of both sophistication and incisiveness. It features the famous alligator skin strap from Cartier, which can be either brown or black. The dial is silver. This watch is versatile enough to look great with practically any ensemble or event.

A caliber 1904 Chrono MC automatic movement with 35 jewels can be found on the inside. The automatic movement indicates that it will continue functioning while displaying chronograph capabilities for a period of forty-eight hours.

It is equipped with a calendar that allows one to keep track of the current date. When time is of the essence, this Cartier watch is the one that comes the most highly recommended.

Ladies’ Gold Francaise

Approximately $6,500

The Francaise is known for its outstanding dependability. It has a fixed bezel and a slim case that is 29 millimeters in diameter and is made of yellow gold. It is protected by a cabochon made of sapphire. The combination of all of these components results in a luxury watch that provides maximum efficiency and maximum longevity. Even the bracelet features a double clasp, ensuring a snug, comfortable, and safe fit all the way around.

On the inside, it is driven by a quartz movement, which is a more conventional type of movement.


These are just some of the great Tank models; nonetheless, even though the Tank is only one of the collections offered by Cartier, the vast majority of people believe that its geometric design is the most recognizable of all of them. In addition to that, some of the most cutting-edge technical expertise is already baked in.

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