Seiko Diving Watches User Opinions, Features And Reviews

Seiko Diving Watches User Opinions, Features And Reviews

The Japanese company Seiko is one of the many titans that populate the watch market. Its products are every bit as good as Rolex’s, but for some reason, they don’t get the credit that they ought to get for how amazing they are. This is unfortunate because its products are every bit as fantastic as Rolex’s. The variety of dive watches offered by Seiko is wide, nearly to the point where it might be overpowering to choose from. In this article, we are going to take a look at five of the most famous diving watches that Seiko has manufactured.

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1. Seiko Prospex Padi Solar (SNE435P1)

Suppose a watch has been deemed worthy of purchase by PADI, commonly known as the Professional Association of Dive Instructors. In that case, you can be confident that it is an outstanding option. It is a beautiful diving watch made of stainless steel and comes complete with all of the necessary functions; this watch is the Seiko Prospex PADI Solar. It is never necessary to worry about whether or not it has to be charged because it is powered by the sun and reflects the PADI colors of blue and red.

The fascinating aspect of the Prospex is its high degree of craftsmanship, which is especially impressive when one considers how affordable it is. The display can be observed with relatively little effort being required. On the bezel of the watch, there are marks for one hundred and sixty minutes. Because it is crafted from metal, the bracelet is exceptionally long-lasting. Despite the fact that it is not perhaps the most stylish choice, it is built to withstand a significant amount of wear. The price range is on the lower end of what Seiko has to offer, yet the product is obviously of high quality.



  • A fair price for the services provided
  • Intense illumination underneath the surface
  • The representation is unmistakable and straightforward to comprehend.
  • PADI special edition
  • 20ATM


  • Hardly any, if any at all; practically none.

2. Seiko Special Edition Diver’s Watch (SPB083J1)

Another item that is part of a limited edition run from the Prospex brand. The only difference between it and the PADI version, which looks to be an exact replica of the other, is that it gets its power from the sun rather than a battery. It has a power reserve that is good for fifty hours, which is not an insignificant amount of time. It ought to suit all of your requirements, regardless of whether you intend to employ it as a serious diving watch or simply as something to flaunt to your friends and coworkers.

Although it is a lovely dive watch, the reason you are required to pay a higher price for it is not that it possesses a more significant number of functions; instead, the reason is that it is part of a limited edition. It was conceived with collectors of Seiko watches in mind when it was created.


  • A magnificent clock in terms of its physical appearance.
  • The coating that can withstand the rigors of professional use without damage
  • Wetsuit extension buckle
  • The gradient style looks fantastic.
  • 20ATM


  • The solar-powered PADI sibling product does not have nearly the same level of battery life as this product.

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3. Seiko PADI Solar (SNE499)

The exterior is designed to look like the back of the fabled Golden Tuna, and it is equipped with cutting-edge technology that can be powered by solar energy for up to ten months.

When one looks closer at the design, one will discover that there is an additional allusion to PADI in the shape of red and blue at the center of the design. Aficionados of old Seiko who have remained loyal to the brand’s history and relationship with PADI are likely to find this enticing, despite the fact that it is exceedingly risky.


  • Outstanding value for a product that is available only in a restricted quantity
  • Outstanding capacity for life in the battery
  • A profile that can be viewed with ease
  • When used underwater, the increased protection provided by the screw-down case is beneficial.
  • 20ATM


  • When other possibilities are taken into account, it’s possible that this is just a marketing ploy on the part of PADI.

4. Seiko Prospex SRPC44 Automatic-self-Wind Watch

This affordable diving watch from Prospex manages to exude beauty in places where other models fall short of accomplishing this feat, making it a standout among its competitors. It is a good dive buddy despite the fact that it has an appearance that is quite different from the usual diving watch owing to the combination of gold and black. It can withstand water pressure at a level comparable to that endured by other Seiko automatic diving watches in its category, ensuring its accuracy. Additionally, it is fitted with Seiko’s characteristic automatic movement, which guarantees its accuracy. You won’t have to worry about it while you’re underwater because it has a power reserve that lasts for 41 hours so that it will take care of itself by itself.


  • In the realm of design, elegance at an affordable price
  • A substantial amount of time reserved for the use of the available power
  • The well-known automatic movements manufactured by Seiko have been included.
  • a bezel that features a luminous dot that only glows in one way
  • Hands that give off a brilliant glow


  • It’s possible that some people won’t like the design of the watch when compared to other, more traditional diving watches.
  • There is a possibility that its appearance is too close to that of the SRP775.

5. The special edition of the Seiko Prospex (SSC701)

This special edition of the Prospex family is distinguished from other members of the Prospex line by a higher level of both elegance and fashion when compared to its siblings that are manufactured of Prospex stainless steel. Solar energy is used to power this device, which also features its very own chronograph as part of its standard configuration. In addition to having a space for the day and the date, it is able to keep track of the time in increments of one-fiftieth of a second for up to an hour.

The Seiko diver’s watch is undeniably one of the most aesthetically pleasing alternatives that can be purchased at this price bracket. It has a distinctive and bright appearance thanks to the gradient coloring that was used on the blue face. The blue band is made of silicone, and it perfectly harmonizes with the black bezel, which features blue highlights to draw attention to themselves. Due to the fact that it is so lightweight, it will not be a stress on your wrist at any point.


  • The look and sensation of a style that is highly stylish.
  • Unique chronograph function for precision
  • solar-powered, resulting in a battery life that is exceptionally impressively extended
  • The inclusion of three side buttons enables a straightforward navigational experience.
  • 200 ATM


  • It has been challenging to pinpoint any issues that may be linked with this dive watch.

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Before purchasing a diving watch from Seiko, you will first need to determine whether you prefer a quartz movement or an automatic movement in your timepiece. Each and every one of the brand’s Smartwatches is of an incredibly high caliber, which is evidence that both of these facets are meticulously attended to by Seiko. The quartz movement will have an accuracy of between 5 and 10 seconds every day once a whole year has passed. Since many of the items Seiko sells are powered by solar energy, you can count on them as a dependable dive companion as long as there is sunlight.

Because Seiko is well-known for the broad assortment of watches it offers, the first step is for you to determine the specifics of the watch you require. A dive watch is an accessory that should not be taken lightly, and despite the fact that Seiko’s offers are not cheap, you can be confident that you will not be disappointed by them.

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