A Comprehensive Guide to the 10 Best Moon Phase Watches

You have arrived at this page as a result of your search for the most reliable moon phase watches. But why is it the case? The moon has long held a special place in the human imagination. Over the course of our history, the moon has come to represent a variety of things, and many people are adamant in their belief that the phases of the moon directly bear our physical and mental well-being.

Even though there isn’t much in the way of persuasive scientific proof that the moon can influence human behavior, people continue to be fascinated by it. It is unknown whether or not the moon has an effect on curious humans, but what is known is that it has an effect on the tides. Alterations in the tide are brought on by the gravitational force that the moon exerts.

The moon’s phases, of which there are eight during each cycle, have long held a strong fascination for humans. It can be finished in somewhat less than 30 days’ time. Therefore, if you are more interested in science or spirituality, moon phase watches are available on the market that follows this cycle in either direction. We have compiled a selection of suitable watches for a variety of price points that follow lunar cycles.

Now that we have that out of the way let’s look at the top ten moon phase watches.


Skeleton Moon Phase Dial Watch

The first item on our list is a clock made by Stührling called the Skeleton Moon Phase. This watch boasts a real one-of-a-kind appearance, including a dial in the shape of an open heart. It has the appearance of a skeleton, which opens up the whole piece so that you can view the mechanisms that are contained within it.

These attractive qualities are accentuated by an automatic movement that winds itself and is self-winding. This movement has some incredible structures that are a sight to behold. It has a circular and polished case that measures 46 millimeters and is made of stainless steel. Crystal is used to making the glass, which contributes to the material’s incredible resilience. When it comes to the strap, you will receive real leather that has been imprinted with an alligator pattern. The leather strap provides both comfort and durability.

You should be able to pick up the Stührling Skeleton Moon Phase Dial Watch for something in the neighborhood of $200.


Minimalist Moon Phase Leather Watch for Men

Following up, we have Fossil’s Minimalist Moon Phase Watch for Men in our lineup. This timepiece was designed to be as uncomplicated as possible, just like its name says. The simplicity of this watch is something that we consider to be a strength. The understated appearance is really sophisticated.

It has a glittering silver dial that is set against a gold-toned stainless steel case that measures 42 millimeters in diameter. It has a quartz mechanism and an analog display on the front of the watch. The dial is silver-colored overall, with white and gold markers, and the hands also match the marker colors. It glistens in every sense of the word.

A pane that shows the moon’s current phase can be seen at the 6 o’clock position on the dial. Because it comes with 22mm straps that are replaceable, this watch’s appearance may be customized to suit your preferences at any time.

It has a rating of 5ATM, so it will be protected from any splashes that may occur. Water resistance is an added feature.

You may purchase this watch for close to 120 dollars.


Holst Moon Phase Multifunction Watch

Skagen is one of the top brands since its designs are so elegantly understated. They are unquestionably one of the most cutting-edge brands on this selection’s roster. In this regard, the Skagen Holst Moon Phase watch does not fall short of expectations. In particular, we believe that an audience consisting of young adults will find this watch to be the most appealing. To sum things up, it’s one of those pieces that bring together form and function in a cohesive package.

The understated design is highly representative of Skagen’s aesthetic. It has a black dial with Roman numerals and three sub-dials, one of which displays the moon phase. The case is 40 millimeters in diameter. Since the strap is constructed of nylon, it is pliable, comfortable, and resilient all at the same time. However, if there is something else that you would rather have, this can be changed.

The Skagen Holst Moon Phase Multifunction Brown Nylon Watch is currently available for a price that is less than one hundred dollars. ThHolst Moon Phase Multifunction Watch is without a doubt one of the most attractive and reasonably priced moon phase watches available.


Ascender Moon Phase Men’s Watch

The Nixon Ascender is the watch for you if you’re looking for a Moon Phase watch that lets you participate in activities in the water. Its water resistance is rated at 10 ATM, and its housing is made of stainless steel for increased longevity (100m to you and me).

It is both fashionable and practical, thanks to its well-thought-out design. If you are interested in getting a good deal for your money, this is your product. The design itself was inspired by the sea and incorporated components that are commonplace on a ship’s bridge. This was done in order to give it a nautical feel. An analog display, a dial ring calendar, the current month and day, and the moon phase are all shown to you on the dial of the watch. The analog display is guarded by a transparent window made of crystalline glass.

Particularly helpful is the precision that Nixon provides. The precision of this watch is due to the Japanese Quartz movement that is housed within the watch.

This watch may be found for about $250; however, the price can range significantly depending on your material. Because of how affordable it is, this moon phase watch is among the very best that money can buy.


Premier Kinetic Drive Moon Phase Watch for Men

The SRX003 from Seiko is a watch that gets its power from the motion of your wrist as you go about your day. That’s quite cool. A kinetic Quartz hybrid movement and an analog display may be found inside the watch’s 42mm stainless steel casing.

The moon phases are, of course, the most important component of the watch dial, and they are located in the upper portion of the face of the watch. Next to this is an indication of the power reserve and the current date and day. All of this is encased in sapphire glass for protection. The watch itself is water-resistant to a depth of one hundred meters.


Eco-Drive Moon Phase Flyback Chronograph Watch

It should come as no surprise that Citizen is a luxury brand. This watch is without a doubt one of the most attractive ones on our list. It boasts luminous hands and a case that measures 44 millimeters and is made of stainless steel with rose gold accents.

The moon phase complication is designed to look like a half-globe and contains a different hand that is used to track the phase of the moon. This stunning dial is guarded by a sapphire crystal that is both anti-reflective and scratch-resistant. It can withstand light rain and splashes of water, but you shouldn’t take it swimming with you. It seems like the ideal timepiece to wear to the office, especially with a clean white shirt.

This watch is equipped with a chronograph, has the ability to record up to 12 hours of data, and can display both 12 and 24-hour time. Because it is equipped with Citizen’s patented Eco-Drive technology, the wristwatch can power itself using either the user’s natural or artificial sources of light.

You should expect to spend close to $2,200 on this timepiece.


Master Collection Men’s Moon Phase Watch 

The moon phase product from Longines is among the most elaborate options available on our list. The dial displays an overwhelming amount of information. It comprises a chronograph with three subdials and a white dial with Arabic numeral index markers. It also has a date window. In addition, it keeps track of the seconds and minutes that pass, as well as the phases of the moon. The dial, which is composed of scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, safeguards the entirety of this mechanism.

On the inside is a self-winding mechanical movement with an analog face. The watch’s movement, which is a Valjoux caliber 7751, has an exceptional power reserve of sixty-four hours on a single charge.

This watch may be purchased for close to $2,750.

Baume and Mercier 

Clifton Full Calendar Moon Phase Swiss Watch

The Baume and Mercier Clifton is an important timepiece that shines with its own unique brilliance. The bracelet is also made of polished stainless steel, giving the whole thing an almost futuristic appearance. You have every reason to anticipate that the brand will provide you with a high degree of handiwork, and your expectations have been met. This moon phase watch by Baume & Mercier is a fine example of the brand’s commitment to providing luxury goods at costs that are accessible to the average consumer.

The face of the watch has the appearance of brushed steel, and it is loaded with several characteristics, such as Arabic numeral markers and dauphine hands (meaning wide and tapered). In addition, there is a chronograph, an indication of the current phase of the moon, a calendar, and the possibility to keep track of 24 hours.

This comes in a case that is 43 millimeters in diameter and has a window made of sapphire crystal, which, as we all know, is resistant to scratches. In addition to that, it has a rating of 5 ATM, which should put your mind at ease. Automatic and produced in Switzerland, the movement has a power reserve that will last for forty-eight hours.

This timepiece will run you something in the neighborhood of $3,500.


Speedmaster MoonPhase Co-Axial Master Chronograph

The name Omega is practically associated with opulence. Famous people like James Bond have been known to favor this particular brand. This particular iteration of the Speedmaster retains its allure by showcasing exceptional watchmaking expertise.

It exudes an air of elegance because of its blue dial, accents, and ceramic bezel, which come together to create this look. It is modern while retaining an air of understated allure. The hands and index hour markers have a coating of Super Lumi-Nova, which makes them glow in the dark when exposed to low levels of illumination.

Because Omega is a luxury brand, the material ceramic and 18k yellow gold are both included in the package. A Swiss-made automatic movement with an analog display may be found on the inside. In addition to that, there is a chronograph for further functionality.

Remember that the moon phase indicator needs to be adjusted once every ten years, and don’t let it slip your mind!


Sun and Moon V3 Japanese Automatic Watch Designed for Men

This watch is offered in a few different variations. You can select whichever component best complements your personal taste, be it a rose-gold or silver-toned case or a blue, black, or white dial. The dial features an indicator for the current phase of the moon and a quirky date window, the day of the week, and Roman numerals. The width of the casing is 42 millimeters. In addition to that, it has a water resistance rating of 5 ATM (50m). This is safeguarded by a window made of sapphire crystal.

A Japanese quartz movement with an analog display on the inside, making it highly precise. Find out more information about Orient watches here.

This watch may be yours for somewhere in the neighborhood of $350.


You have made it all the way to the bottom of our top moon phase watches list! We sincerely hope you had a good time. Because we went through a range of diverse styles, materials, prices, and functions, this article should have something of interest for everyone.

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