TicWatch E2 User Opinions and Reviews

TicWatch E2 User Opinions and Reviews

The TicWatch E2 is an uncomplicated fitness wristwatch that comes in at one of the most affordable price points currently offered. The TicWatch E2 is marketed as the “ultimate companion for your workouts and swims” by its manufacturer, the Chinese company Mobvoi. The TicWatch E2 includes more capability than its predecessors did in its base package than did its predecessors. The E2 is now able to tolerate being submerged in water when swimming and has improved accuracy when measuring distances.

Both the TicWatch E2 and the TicWatch S2, which were both introduced simultaneously, have features and measurements that are identical to one another. Compared to its counterpart, the S2 smartwatch, the E2 smartwatch may be purchased for a lower price and has a simpler design. It is also twenty or twenty-five pounds cheaper than the alternative.

Although it is not as complicated or technologically advanced as the Apple Watch Series 4 or the Samsung Galaxy Watch, the TicWatch E2 was able to receive an award for its excellent value. However, the Huawei Watch GT Classic could take first place in the competition.

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The Fitbit Ionic and the Samsung Galaxy Watch are two examples of competitive smartwatches that are easier to use than the E2. The E2 is also quite simple to use. It is not difficult to use the gadget in the shower or pool despite having a less sensitive touchscreen and only being water-resistant to a depth of 5 ATM or 50m.


The TicWatch E2 is compatible with a wide range of third-party applications because of the fact that it is powered by Google’s Wear OS. These applications include Spotify, Uber, Messenger, and many others. Users can answer calls, but to continue a discussion, they need to remove their phones from their ears as the device does not have integrated speakers. The E2, on the other hand, has a built-in microphone that users can talk to in order to activate Google Assistant and give it voice commands. This feature is available out of the box.

You will not be able to use this wearable to make contactless payments because it is not equipped with NFC capabilities. However, it does come equipped with a GPS that has been thoughtfully integrated for a more enjoyable mapping experience.


If a person is searching for a smartwatch that will assist them in reaching their fitness objectives in a more timely manner, they will be pretty delighted with the TicWatch E2’s capabilities. The step counter on the wristwatch possesses an incredibly high level of precision, with an average error of only 18 steps per mile. Consequently, it is a fantastic option for a user who requires accurate results and who is working toward the achievement of high step objectives.

In addition to Google Fit, the TicWatch E2 uses its own proprietary fitness training programs to preserve a record of the workouts carried out by its owners. This encompasses a wide range of activities, from strolling to squatting to surfing! Unfortuitously, the smartwatch does have some limitations in terms of the precision of the information that it is able to display on its screen. The data obtained from the chest strap are noticeably more precise than those obtained from the heart rate monitor. The numbers on the monitor may be off by as much as forty beats per minute while being used during physical activity. Despite this, the monitor shows that the heart rate is within the normal range even when the wearer is at rest.

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When designing the TicWatch E2, we adhered to the principle that functionality should always take precedence over looks, regardless of the context. By placing the crown button on the right side of the E2 Smartwatches, the manufacturer has adhered to the standard placement of such a component on traditional wristwatches. This seems to be the most straightforward and logical course of action to take. Users are compelled to use the more subtle on-screen actions rather than the rotating capabilities that would ordinarily be used to scroll through any menus or notifications that may occur. This is because rotating the screen would typically be used to do this task.

The reverse side of the smartwatch is constructed from polycarbonate and features a glossy finish. There is a slight elevation in the center of this surface that serves as the location of the heart monitor—putting some light pressure on the wrist in an effort to ease any soreness that may be there. The fact that the TicWatch E2 is built out of polycarbonate draws attention to the fact that it is a smartwatch that is available at a low price.

The stunning AMOLED display has a resolution of 400 by 400 pixels, which transforms the 1.3-inch screen into one that is vibrant and full of color. Because the writing is written in such a small font and the lighting is so well done, it is possible to read it even when it is pitch black outside. On the other hand, because it is unable to react to varying intensities of background light, it is not nearly as effective when used in bright sunlight.

The TicWatch E2’s battery can easily last for two full days without needing to be recharged because it is 30 percent larger than the battery found in its predecessor. The larger battery does, however, require a more significant case, which means that the TicWatch E2 is not nearly as slim as it could be. This is because the case needs to accommodate the larger battery. However, because it only weighs 52.5 grams, users will frequently forget that they are even wearing the wristwatch because it is so light. This is due to the fact that it is so comfortable to wear.

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The TicWatch E2 is a highly budget-friendly smartwatch capable of efficiently carrying out a variety of day-to-day tasks and responsibilities when all of its features and components are taken into consideration. The price of this smartwatch, which is £145.99 ($159.99), makes it an excellent choice for individuals who are just getting started.

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