A Comprehensive List of Best Budget Watches (Under $200) Available for Men

What are some of the most excellent watches available for men that cost less than $200?

Put away your Rolex and Omega because this is James Bond on a shoestring budget. Even while it’s improbable that you’ll find a Citizen Eco-Drive watch at a price that’s too good to be true, it doesn’t mean there aren’t some great options still within your price range.

Watches are status symbols that can give even the most boring outfits an air of sass and confidence—assuming that you have the means to purchase a reputable timepiece. Even if you wanted to buy watches advertised by happy Formula One racers and tennis players, the inflated costs implied that you could only afford them if you were already extremely wealthy.

Even though this is still the case with superior mechanical watches, it is still possible to purchase a Quartz watch that is respectable, fashionable, and affordable.

A watch is referred to as an economy or budget watch if it has a lower price tag than $200. For many years, this has been the accepted system of classification. The price of budget watches has been steadily increasing, moving closer to the upper end of the range but remaining roughly the same.

There is a plethora of different watches and clocks within this price range from which to select, and all of them are easily accessible.

Be wary, nevertheless, because it is simple to be misled into believing that most of these options are fantastic because it is so simple to acquire them. Examine the features and functions of the affordable watch you’re considering purchasing to be sure you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck.

Let’s take a glance at the top timepieces for men available for less than $200 each.

Swatch YIS401G 

This item used to be quite desirable, but these days all it does is provide a decent quality watch at a cost that is not prohibitively expensive.

This Swatch includes a band and case front made of stainless steel. This specific model has a thickness of 42 millimeters, and it has a dark blue dial with the date displayed at the three o’clock position. Additionally, it has two silver hands to indicate the hour and minute and a striking red hand to indicate the second.

There are many other variations available to choose from, according to your preferences. It’s an elegant style that won’t put a strain on your finances.

This Swatch has a quartz movement on the inside, which isn’t typical of the brand as a whole because they also make high-quality automatic movements. However, this movement is a classic. The back of the watch is made of glass, so you can see the workings of the movement if you turn it over. The dial is shielded from damage by acrylic glass, and the watch itself is water-resistant up to a depth of thirty meters.

Tissot Men’s Classic Dream 

A leather strap is included as a finishing touch for this timeless appearance. You can enter the world of timepieces made in Switzerland without paying an insanely high price for the privilege.

You shouldn’t count on mechanical movements, but you should count on genuine Swiss quartz that’s created by ETA (the most popular quartz provider).

This particular style fits into the category of formal dress. It has clear definition thanks to the contrast of the white face with the black accents on the features. The case is 38 millimeters in diameter and has lugs that look elegant. The dial is uncomplicated but immaculate.

This is almost at the $200 threshold, but if you have more money in a bank account, explore Tissot in more depth, and you can end up falling in love with their mechanical variety of watches.

Skagen Men’s Signatur

Skagen is a Danish business that creates some of the most elegant and understated clocks you’ll ever see. They were self-sufficient before Fossil joined along, but they continue to operate independently of the Fossil Group to keep their brand identity intact.

The Signatur is an example of how a dial may look uncluttered while maintaining its design integrity thanks to its minimalist aesthetic. It sports a leather strap and a case made of stainless steel measuring 40 millimeters in diameter. Inside is, predictably, quartz movement. However, it does have a water resistance of up to 50 meters.

Bulova Men’s Dress Watch

The history of Bulova’s production of traditional watches dates back many decades. During the 50s, they were the most influential company in the watch industry. They manufactured one of the most accurate watches that the industry had ever seen up to that point in time.

In the event that you are unable to acquire a mechanical movement, the quartz movement offered by Bulova is an excellent alternative.

A vintage date is displayed in the three o’clock position on the black dial. There are only markers and the hands for the second, minute, and hour. There are no numbers.

On the inside is a movement that winds itself automatically, and it will be resistant to water for a depth of thirty meters.

You may depend on a Bulova to last for a long time if you want something elegant.

Braun Analogic Quartz Watch

This watch was made by a German manufacturer that is famous for their generally industrial style of design, which can be seen in this item. They’ve been at the forefront of the invention for almost a century, and throughout that time, Braun has established a distinctive look for themselves.

This is a slim 37mm case that is made of stainless steel that has been ion-coated in black. It features matching black markers that go with the dial, and they are essential.

Because the indicators themselves are brilliant, the readability is excellent, particularly that of the egg yolk’s yellow color.

One can find quartz movement on the interior, and it is resistant to water for a depth of thirty meters.

Michael Kors Lexington Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch

Quartz movements are used in every one of Michael Kors’ timepieces, which also makes them resistant to water. The patterns are well-liked since people can purchase them at affordable costs and feature designs that are simple to accessorize and can be worn with any outfit.

The illustrious Lexington watch collection designed by Michael Kors delivers sumptuous sophistication with a modern dash of trend-right embellishments suitable for any occasion, from glamorous adventures to the daily 9 to 5 grind.

On the exterior is a mineral crystal glass resistant to scratching, along with a 44mm case and 22mm bandwidth. The watch has a round case made of stainless steel, and it has a black dial and a band made of stainless steel with a deployment clasp. Quartz movement and an analog display for the chronograph may be found on the inside.

It is safe to use in the shower, swimming, snorkeling, and even shallow diving because it is waterproof up to 100 meters.

BUREI Men’s Luxury Automatic Watch Two Tones Stainless Steel Dress Watch

This BUREI watch is presented in an exquisitely designed and lavishly appointed watch box, making it the ideal choice for forgiving. The resistance to water makes it suitable for day-to-day use. The sauna, the pool, and scuba diving are all activities that should be avoided. They are protected against the effects of splashing.

A self-winding mechanical Japanese automatic mechanism is housed inside the casing that measures 38 millimeters in diameter. This luxury-looking watch costs less than $200, yet it features an ultra-precise quartz movement, a sapphire crystal glass, a stunning pointer and diamond, and a date calendar window. All of these features are wrapped up in a sleek and sophisticated design. It might be mistaken for a Rolex with little effort.

There is a selection of colors available to select from. However, the version that is all black is a huge favorite.

Invicta Men’s Pro Diver

The objective of Invicta is to design some of the least expensive – some could even call them “cheap” – Swiss watches that are currently on the market. The majority of their watches may be purchased for less than one hundred dollars, and they are available in a wide range of styles, making them adaptable to practically anyone’s preferences. However, their standard warranty lasts for 3 years, and many of their clocks feature high-quality movements, so you shouldn’t think of them as throwaway timepieces.

The intriguing style of this Invicta timepiece will make you glance twice as often as you usually would.

It comes with a band made of stainless steel and a fold-over safety clasp that has steel and gold-tone accents. Crystalline mineral covers the surface of the face. The bezel is stainless steel and has a coin border and a blacktop circle. The crown has a screw that secures it, and the crown itself has a screw.

The Invicta Pro Diver has a case that is 40 millimeters in diameter and is made of stainless steel. The dial is black. This model is characterized by a flawless automatic movement capable of withstanding water pressures of up to 200 meters.

Orient Men’s Japanese Automatic Stainless Steel Dive Watch (Ray II)

The Ray II is known for being “the most affordable luxury diver’s watch,” which is a reputation it has gained over the years. This watch appears to be both fashionable and practical in comparison to the majority of the less expensive timepieces that are now available on the market. Even though it appears to be a simple box, it is stunning, authentic, and has been well maintained. The Orient Ray II is a premium-quality watch made entirely of stainless steel and features a particularly intricate pattern on the face.

The Ray II is one of the few watches with a design that only consists of a single crown, which helps to reduce the amount of visual clutter because it only requires one crown to adjust the spring’s time, date, and wind. The Japanese wristwatch system is at the heart of this timepiece, and it operates with an exceptional degree of precision. On the other hand, given that it is a mechanical clock, it may accumulate mistakes over time, and you will be required to occasionally adjust the time by hand in order to keep accurate time.

Regardless of the reality that Seiko now holds a share of the firm, the company appears to have maintained its own identity, as seen by the fact that it produces watches that range from high-end to low-end and high-end to low-end. They are well-known for their inventiveness, always arriving with designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical, not only for diving but also for casual outings and various other activities. The Ray II, along with its companion model, the Mako II, is typically on the shortlist of advised first automatic watches to purchase for those who are just starting out in diving and collecting watches. This is true for both divers and watches collectors. The initial Ray is considered among the best choices available for different types of diving watches. Ray has also garnered appreciation for the unique brilliance of its indices, which is not only bright but also lasts for a considerable amount of time.

Daniel Wellington Classic Glasgow

The Glasgow from Daniel Wellington is a one-of-a-kind timepiece for gents. This unique-looking watch has a rose-plated casing with PVD and a cream dial. It measures 40 millimeters in diameter. The watch is rated as water-resistant up to a depth of thirty meters. Therefore, it is appropriate to use it in conditions where it may become wet but will not be completely submerged in water. You won’t get any water on you while you’re cleaning your palms, and you won’t get any rain on you when you’re outside.

This gorgeous watch celebrates a nautical aesthetic and conveys the spirit of spending the summer by the water through its design.

Conclusions and musings

Within the budget range of $200 or less, there is a wide variety of decently made timepieces available to choose from.

They range from casual to dressy in their appearance. What you intend to use your timepiece for is the primary factor in determining which model is the “best” option for you to purchase. This post discusses 5 in a rather basic sense. Still, you could easily spend hours investigating the various types of watches available at this price bracket suitable for various situations.

Some well-liked and well-established brands produce watches that, granted, are not made of the best materials (for instance, you’ll see plastic on the clock face as opposed to a crystal) and stainless steel silver instead of titanium. One such brand is Timex. Timex is a well-known and well-loved Swiss watch manufacturer. Quartz mechanisms predominate, as opposed to mechanical ones, in many of these watches. However, this does not imply that the overall quality of what is available for purchase will be poor.

You should realize that the quality of the watch will not vary substantially from brand to brand at this price point, regardless of the type of watch that you purchase. Don’t be afraid to look around at different places! There is a limit to how much one can obtain.

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