A Comprehensive Overview of the Garmin Connect 2022

Garmin Connect is the brains behind your high-performance watch from Garmin. Garmin is among the most recognizable and well-respected brands in the health and fitness industry. Garmin offers a diverse selection of fitness trackers and other related gadgets in its product catalog. Garmin Connect is the place where the magic happens because it monitors your heart rate and movement, measures and analyses the activities you perform, and stores the information that your Watch gathers so that it can be viewed easily.

You can download Garmin Connect as either a mobile application for your smartphone or as an internet service that can be accessed through the web. Both methods give you access to an abundance of additional information, which you can utilize to improve your physical fitness and become a more powerful athlete, biker, or simply a healthier person overall.

Whether you have a simple fitness tracker like the Vivosmart 4, a high-powered and feature-packed outdoor watch like the Fenix 7, or both, you can access your data through Garmin Connect.

What exactly is the purpose of Garmin Connect

The Garmin Connect applications bring your Garmin devices to life and give you more control over your fitness. Using these apps, you can do everything from the train for a marathon and establish monthly goals to participate in team activity challenges and beat other runners’ best times along local routes.

My Day

My day is a program that keeps track of all the activities you’ve participated in and gives you an overview of those activities for the previous day. You are able to give a less or more visual display of your daily activities by using the collapse and expand buttons, respectively.

This function will display all of the information that the sensors on your Garmin watch have gathered about you during the day. The following are some examples of possible parameters:

  • The normal resting heart rate
  • Current Training Level Number of Steps Completed
  • Intensity minutes
  • Rhythm of Breathing
  • The amount of stress
  • Consumption of calories

If you wish to investigate the results more thoroughly, you can broaden the scope of all of these parameters. When you select the Heart Rate option, a visual representation of your current heart rate will appear on the screen.

You may gain a good sense of your weekly averages by scrolling down and checking the results from My Day for the same day and the data from the previous seven days.

You may also enable NFC payment with your device by using the My Day app, and you can manually keep track of your hydration levels using the app.

How to Edit My Day

You have the ability to customize how My Day is displayed. When you select Edit My Day from the menu, you have the option to remove parameters or rearrange their order. You also have the option to erase entire information panes if that becomes necessary.

Sleep Stats

Every new Garmin comes equipped with automated sleep detection support, which allows the device to capture data even while you are asleep.

The software allows you to customize the hours that you spend sleeping each day. A graph will show you how much of your total sleep occurred before, during, or after those typical hours spent in bed.

  • To set your bedtime hours, select the button depicting three blue lines in the upper-left corner of the screen.
  • Tap on Settings
  • After that, go to Sleep Settings by clicking on User Settings first.
  • Enter the time, then click the OK button.

Adjusting the Connect Step Goal

Garmin has launched new sleep capabilities to compete with Fitbit and other smartwatches in the domain of fitness tracking. These new features include additional data that can be reviewed when you wake up from your sleep.

You will also notice Sleep Cycles, which show the amount of time you spend in each stage of the sleeping process, illustrating how you are progressing between light and deep sleep stages.

Instructions for Changing the Connect Step Goal on a Garmin

Garmin motivates you to increase the number of steps you take and the amount of sleep you get by tailoring your objectives to your way of life.

You can easily switch back to manual mode if you find that the lengthy process of locating your stage (and the random objective numbers) is becoming too frustrating for you to bear.

  • Navigate to the tile labeled Steps on the My Day screen.
  • Tap the Steps Number to get the additional information and select the Edit Goal option.
  • You can enter the number you want to shoot for after turning off the Auto Goal option.


Because Garmin Connect stores so much information, it is not always easy to find a particular session when you are looking for it because it stores so much data.

Navigate to the Calendar page to get all of the compiled information regarding your day.

If you have a suitable device, Connect will segregate data categories such as steps, heart rate, and sleep from activities such as runs, golf, and cycles. You can do an analysis of your statistics by first choosing a day and then the data type.

For runners who want to verify their results, navigating the app to locate the information they require can be difficult at times. Using the Calendar is the quickest and easiest way to locate any certain run.

Find a drop-down menu in the top left corner of your device if you want a complete view of your findings. You can find it by searching for the “drop-down menu.”

  • Click on the Action Stats button.
  • Then pick the Running option.

You are able to review your most recent running activities in that location, and those three circles will display the distance, the amount of time, and the calories burned.

You are able to access extra information by using other tabs for the pace, timing, and speed, respectively.

With more modern types of Garmins, you will also be able to view details such as Training effects, Temperature, and even Running Dynamics.

Additionally, users can obtain detailed statistics here as well, thanks to the availability of the possibility to connect accessories such as power meters and Stryd and Garmin’s very own Running Dynamics Pod. If you’d rather not deal with the nitty-gritty of numbers, there are a lot of interesting graphs that break down your results.

How to Look at One’s Personal Records

It is only natural that you would want to reflect on the massive personal bests that you have established, and the good news is that you can check all of your records. Having said that, given how things are right now, it is not exactly an easy task.

Within the Garmin Connect app, you will have the option to select your profile photo as well as your statistics. You will be able to view your step goals as well as your running stats for the past year in this section.

If you want to see your personal best times for running, you will have to go into the mobile app and retrieve your information there. You’ll get a clear view of the half-marathon, marathon, 5k, 10k, and greatest distance runs from this vantage point.

We are aware of how popular online badges are, and they provide a fantastic opportunity to take stock of previous achievements and formulate plans for the future. Achievement badges can be earned by completing various tasks, including walking, sleeping, and even running.

Select your profile image in the Connect app for your phone, and then navigate to the Activity tab to view your badges. From that location, you will have access to badges that are still up for grabs for users and badges that have already been won.

Edit your Data

Occasionally, Garmin may give your runs names like “Woodside Ward Run,” which no one will ever understand and sounds really boring. Nevertheless, you have the ability to alter any activity.

Proceed to the corresponding entry in the Calendar.

  • To edit the activity, go to the menu that can be accessed by clicking the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • If the data were not labeled correctly, you can alter the exercise form, add remarks, and even change the name of the activity from this screen.

How to Import Data from Your Garmin Into Strava

Garmin Connect is an excellent tool, particularly for those individuals who enjoy participating in a number of different activities; nevertheless, when it comes to viewing and sharing, Strava is without peers. You are in luck because you are able to move sessions from Garmin to Strava in an efficient and hassle-free manner. If you want to link your Garmin to your Strava account, then you need to follow the simple procedures that are listed below:

  • From your personal computer, navigate to strava.com/upload/device.
  • Check that the Garmin app has been downloaded on your device.
  • Navigate to the Settings menu and select the option to Link Other Services.
  • Choose Garmin from the list that appears.
  • Please enter your personal information.
  • After you have successfully linked your Garmin watch with Link, Garmin will immediately begin uploading your workout to Strava.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Integrating Apple Health with Garmin Data

Suppose you own an iPhone and want to consolidate the data from all of your wearable devices as well as the information from your many health and wellness apps into a single location. In that case, Apple Health will make that possible for you. The excellent news is that it is compatible with Garmin Connect, which will assist you in gathering a variety of data (depending on the sensors on your Garmin), including your heart rate, the number of steps you take, the intensity of minutes you spend exercising, your heart rate when you are at rest, and more.

If you wish to integrate Garmin Connect to Apple Health, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Launch the Health application using your iPhone.
  • Tap the Sources button at the bottom of the screen to look for different supported platforms.
  • Choose the option that says Connect.
  • You’ll be able to select the information that you want to send to Apple Health from this screen.
  • You might acquire a deeper comprehension of your body by making use of performance statistics.

Garmin Connect’s Specifications and Their Performance

You may examine this data through performance metrics if you have a high-end Garmin tracker that monitors a wider range of data for you to track. If you are starting to become interested in running, this could be a good time to start.

Performance Stats are found in the main drop-down menu of the game’s interface. It offers serious running statistics such as lactate threshold, Status insights, and Garmin’s most recent Training Effect.

Enhance your overall performance

The performance of Strava, which allows you to make any stretch of road into a competition, has served as inspiration for Garmin’s next innovation.

You are able to construct divisions using Connect on the web. You are free to design courses of any length, race through them, and see who can achieve the fastest time. Then, other Garmin users can compete with you to see who can run the fastest by using the same road section or park you used. You also have the option to compete in the segments that other users made.

The Garmin Connect Mobile app will scan a map based on your current GPS location and then navigate you to the sections of the map closest to you. This feature takes things a step further as it is the perfect method to bring some added competitiveness to your training runs and change them into a game. In other words, it takes things to the next level.

Make the necessary adjustments to your heart rate

Your workouts should be just as effective and accurate as your heart rate monitor statistics. There may be only a difference of two beats per minute between aerobic capacity training and runs that increase endurance in order to make this distinction. If you want to get the most out of your workout, it is a good idea to set goals for your heart rate levels. Personalizing the levels of your heart rate is simple. Use the drop-down menu on your Garmin Connect device to get to the Garmin Devices option.

  • Choose the computer you linked it with, and then look for User Settings.
  • You do not have to rely on the default settings; rather, you can customize your heart rate levels from this screen.
  • You can select maximum percent or maximum BPM at the top of each column.
  • Put the smallest number possible into each field.
  • After then, the Garmin devices would give you readouts that are customized just for you based on your own needs.

Unfortunately, the majority of Garmin watches do not immediately update these metrics after each new workout that is completed. In order to guarantee that your workouts are creating the outcomes you seek, it is essential to do as much of it manually as you possibly can.

Maintain contact with your friends through your News Feed

Garmin Connect gives you the ability to search for and make new friends by utilizing both your social connections (such as Facebook) and your phone’s contact list. When you are linked, you will have the ability to share your actions and achievements, subject to the privacy settings you have chosen. You can share information with others by using your news feed or by participating in challenges. Build a community of people who are passionate about physical activity by inviting your friends through the messaging apps you use the most, such as WhatsApp. The name “Garmin Connect” comes from the concept of connecting with others via sports. (In addition, it connects to your device)

Making use of Connect IQ

Connect IQ is another application developed by Garmin. It functions as an elegant portal leading to a marketplace of applications and watch faces known as the IQ Store (of which a lot are free). This software allows you to experiment with different watch faces and assists you in locating the most popular and useful apps for your specific requirements. It is very simple to use. We discovered that this app complements Connect by enhancing your use of your WatchWatch with beautiful watch faces and best-in-class Apps for listening to music, navigating, running, cycling, walking, fat-burning, or any other common sporting activity or workout dashboard that caters to your specific requirements.

You might also personalize and rapidly generate your own one-of-a-kind watch face by using Connect IQ. Have fun figuring out which apps and screens are most suited to your needs.


We hope that you found our breakdown of Garmin Connect to be helpful! I hope you are now familiar with some useful functionality that was previously unknown to you. Check out this article, which has a guide that will assist you in selecting the Garmin watch that is most suitable for your needs and preferences.

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