A Comprehensive Overview of the Guess Watches and the Top 5 for Men and Women to Invest In

Guess is an international lifestyle brand that distributes a complete line of denim, clothes, and accessories in over 80 countries worldwide, including the United States. This includes Guess’s home market of the United States.

Consequently, Guess is not recognized as a brand of watches; rather than being a watchmaker, it is a renowned brand for producing designer watches. I sincerely hope that this has assisted you in setting reasonable expectations concerning the clocks that this particular manufacturer manufactures.

The commitment that the brand makes to providing goods and services of excellent quality and integrity, which are in line with the brand’s image, stands regardless of any of these other considerations. Denim and garments are already some of Guess’s most well-known products.

You can view the collection as well as shop directly from this page. However, Guess Watches are not very well known among people who collect different timepieces. Therefore, in this area, we will provide you with all of the information regarding Guess Watches that you require to make an educated decision regarding the purchase of one.

A Brief History

In particular, regarding Guess watches, Callanen International was the business that debuted the first timepieces in the year 1984. The corporation accomplished this. Callanen International is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Timex Corporation, and Timex Corporation owns all of the company’s shares in Callanen International. Consequently, Callanen has been actively involved in the production and marketing of Guess watches across the world ever since.

In 2005, Guess and Fossil made public the fact that they were negotiating a 10-year agreement in which Guess would transfer all of its production rights for timepieces to Fossil. This resulted in a slight itching sensation. On the other hand, the purchase did not go through one month after the media became aware of the story.

In September of 2005, Callanen issued a press release stating that the company would continue manufacturing and distributing Guess timepieces. Callanen sells licensed brands in addition to the Guess watch brand. These licensed brands include Versace and several other high-end watch manufacturers. The companies, as mentioned earlier, entered into a worldwide licensing agreement that was to last for ten years and went into effect on the first day of 2007.

In November 2006, a new global business named Sequel AG was brought into The Timex Group’s Callanen International division. This occurred a few months before the effective date of the renewed licensing agreement. The Timex Group owns Sequel AG and operates it as a subsidiary.

Which Nations are Responsible for the Production of Guess Watches?

Most fashion firms, including Emporio Armani, offer authorization to other entities to produce watches in their name. The overwhelming majority of them prefer watch companies that develop and sell watches for other brands, like Fossil, rather than watch companies that only manufacture their own watches.

Guess took a methodically analogous technique. The watches that the Timex Group sells are produced by Sequel AG, which is a subsidiary of the Timex Group. In particular, it focuses on producing affordable clocks with designs that incorporate both quartz and mechanical components.

Despite Sequel’s headquarters being located in Switzerland, the company also has offices in both the United Kingdom and the United States. When it comes to production locations, the website for the Timex Group provides a list of locales from all over the world, ranging all the way from the United States to China.

The Reputation of the Guess Brand

As was mentioned earlier, Guess watches are considered to be high-fashion timepieces. Consequently, one would be making a severe error in judgment if they believed that these types of clocks would feature intricate mechanical movements.

Quartz is the power source for most of these timepieces, focusing primarily on their outward appearance and overall sense of style. If the data is accurate, watch enthusiasts, in general, are not interested in purchasing fashionable watches. The same restriction applies to wristwatches and other timepieces made by Guess.

Instead, they would focus their attention on the mechanics, practicality, and craftsmanship that go into manufacturing a particular clock rather than the aesthetics of the timepiece itself. When it comes to watches, serious watch fans tend to avoid fashion names like Daniel Wellington and Michael Kors in favor of businesses with a long history in the watchmaking industry.

On the other hand, watch enthusiasts do not have a fixed opinion regarding Guess watches, except for their general perspective on fashionable timepieces.

Some people consider that they are overpriced, mainly because other manufacturers in comparable price brackets utilize more sophisticated movements. In addition to this, they have a track record of delivering suitable timepieces at more affordable prices. A few watch brands that come to mind as potential replacements are Seiko, Orient, Citizen, and even Casio watches.

Alternative Options

Alternately, you might spend roughly the same amount of money on a Swatch, which is fashionable and has the added virtue of being manufactured in Switzerland. Tissot, a Swiss brand that sells items at more reasonable prices, could be an option for you if you are willing to spend a little bit more money.

On the other hand, Fans can’t deny the fact that Guess watches are on the cutting edge of style and that their design is in line with the reputation of the company that they stand for. It is not uncommon to hear a comparison to more expensive designer timepieces made by Fossil or DKNY.

The quartz movement, the materials, the craftsmanship, and the overall build, are all of acceptable quality. Japanese companies such as Shojiri, a subsidiary of the Seiko/Epson Group, are responsible for producing the movements used in Guess watches. Consequently, you can be confident that timepieces produced by Guess are long-lasting and dependable, particularly concerning their precision and dependability of performance.

However, because these movements are not particularly expensive, the price they charge does not correlate to the cost of creating them. Consequently, the majority of the mark-up is caused by the company’s strong brand awareness.

What About the Quality of Guess Watches?

Because it is a relative phrase, the issue of what exactly defines one cannot answer quality with absolute certainty. However, as was mentioned before, actual watch buyers would never describe these watches in any way as “great,” no matter how good they were. Because many individuals do not consider them to be “real watches,” they would not even consider acquiring one if it were offered to them. On the other hand, if your expectations are realistic and you place a high value on mainstream fashion, brand awareness, and current trends, they may be an excellent choice for you. The watches have an appealing aesthetic quality as a whole, and the responses from customers who have bought them have been almost universally positive. Even though the movements are made of low-quality quartz, they have received accolades for their precision.

Guess whether a well-known company in the fashion business is due to the wide range of on-trend products that they create all over the world. One can find these products in stores all around the world. If you are conscious of the labels you are donning, I want to know more about them.

As the name suggests, Guess timepieces are not intended for consumers who are exceptionally particular about their timepieces’ mechanisms, functionality, and craftsmanship. On the other hand, they are marketed at less picky consumers.

To give you an idea of the range of prices, Orient Bambino or Citizen Eco-Drive will run you the same amount of money as a Guess. However, these companies have a reputation for making high-quality watches that will last a generation, which is unlikely with a Guess watch because of the brand’s poor reputation for durability.

Top 5 Men’s Guess Timepieces

Guess 45MM Stainless Steel Watch.

You can project an air of decadence when you wear this exquisite Guess watch on your wrist! The bracelet is made of stainless steel with a gold-tone finish and features a fold-over clasp as well as a double push-button release. Stainless steel was used in the construction of the casing.

The next feature is the roundness of the face. This analog display, which is powered by a quartz movement, consists of three hands. The dial is embellished with gold-toned hands and hour markers, as well as two subdials, a date display window, a minute track, and the Guess logo. Waterproof to a depth of one hundred meters. In conclusion, the case dimensions are as follows: 45 millimeters in height, 45 millimeters in width, and 12 millimeters in-depth, with a bandwidth of 21 millimeters.

Guess 48MM Crystal Embellished Watch.

This men’s watch by Guess, model number W0799G2, has a functional and distinctive design. It has a really unique appearance thanks to its polished gold case with crystal details, its radiant champagne glitter multi-functional dial, and its polished gold bracelet with crystals.

The dial has the appearance of a crystal chronograph with a gold-tone finish. The functions for the day, date, and 24-hour military/international time are all displayed on the face of the watch. Next, the watch’s case has a diameter of 46 millimeters and is made of scratch-resistant mineral crystal, which also protects the watch from dings and dents. In addition, the casing is made of polished stainless steel with a gold finish and crystal embellishments at the corners. Finally, you can anticipate a deployment buckle closing on a polished steel bracelet with a gold-tone finish and further crystal embellishments.

Guess Men’s Analogue Quartz Watch with Stainless Steel Strap

Because it has a calendar function, a day-date display, a 24-hour display, luminous dial markings, and a water-resistant case, this timepiece is an excellent addition to the routine of any guy.

Unparalleled excellence is an expectation at all times. The strap is made of silver stainless steel and measures 21 centimeters in length and 22 millimeters in width. It has clasps that fold over and push-buttons.

The housing is dark in color and has a diameter of 46 millimeters and a width of 12 millimeters. Polycarbonate was used in its construction. The blue-silver dial of the watch is composed of stainless steel and weighs 164 grams. Last but not least, it boasts a water resistance level of one hundred meters.

Guess 45MM Iconic Logo Watch.

This show-stopper has an all-black casing and band in addition to a face that is dominated by a black logo dial. The diameter of the casing itself is 44 millimeters, making it close to being considered bulky. In addition to this, the dial is shielded by a mineral crystal that is rock solid. This is done so that the watch will not become scratched in any way.

The case’s exterior is ionic black plated stainless steel, which is a material that is both long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing. The strap is composed of black silicone that is resistant to stains and is secured with a buckle clasp that is also black—developed and produced in Japan using water-resistant elements that can endure pressure up to 100 meters. In addition to that, there is a battery that one can charge.

Guess Genesis

This is an outstanding example of a fashion statement, regardless of whether it was produced in the United States or brought in from another country.

It also features a smooth velvety black silicone band with a closing in the form of a clasp. A black face on the dial contains three international subdials: one for the day of the week, one for the date, and one for the 24 hours—defended by a mineral crystal composed of glass. This is protected by a waterproof case made of gold-toned stainless steel that is 100 meters deep. This level of water resistance is more suited to snorkeling and swimming than it is to diving. But not diving.

Top 5 Guess Watches for Women

Guess 40MM Crystal Embellished Watch.

Have a look at this if you’re looking for a wicked first option! This watch has a spherical casing that has been polished to a purple color and is adorned with crystals. The strap measures 184 millimeters in length and is adorned with a polished mesh steel chain that fastens with a pilot buckle fastening.

You will be able to view the current date, current day, and current 24-hour time, all on the same display when you look at the face of the watch. The dial features crystals in addition to the purple markings.

Guess Women’s Silver-Tone Multi-Chain Bracelet Watch

By using this cutting-edge design, you may demonstrate that you are aware of the most recent fashion trends. However, if you look more closely, you’ll notice that the silver-toned rectangular dial actually has quite a few features. It has a hand for the hour, the minute, and the second. In addition to no fewer than limitless hour markings. Inside is a Japanese quartz movement.

The diameter of the case, which is made of stainless steel, is 37mm. The exterior of the case had a silver-colored finish. A mineral crystal that is resistant to scratches is placed on top of the watch’s dial to protect it from scuffs and scratches. In addition to that, a chain bracelet is made of sterling steel with parts that may be adjusted.

Up to 10 meters of water resistance can be attained by practical means. In all likelihood, it will amount to little more than a splash.

Guess Women’s Quartz Stainless-Steel Strap

This classic design successfully marries the worlds of fashion and utility. This watch in silver-tone with crystal embellishments will keep you from stumbling over time while you’re out enjoying the nightlife!

The case has a diameter of 30 millimeters, and it is protected by a dome made of long-lasting mineral crystals. This dome prevents any form of tarnishing from occurring to the watch. The diamond dial case is made of polished stainless steel and fitted with a black diamond dial. The dial features an enamel finish. Polished stainless steel is used to construct the mesh bracelet, which features adjustable links.

It is a Japanese quartz movement. Last but not least, it can withstand water pressure up to 30 meters.

Guess G Luxe

This classy watch features the Guess logo on both the dial and the strap, making it a one-of-a-kind accessory that is also appropriate for any event.

Plus, it’s fantastic quality. The watch has a thickness of 9 millimeters and a diameter of 35 millimeters. The color of the rose gold case is mirrored by the color of the dial of the watch. The width of the strap is 16 millimeters. In addition, the actual strap is made of rose gold-plated stainless steel and has a fold-over clasp. It has a water resistance rating of 30 meters across the board.

This sophisticated timepiece has a total weight of 72 grams, making it very light but still capable of making a significant impression.

Guess Women’s Kennedy Analogue Quartz Watch

As a component of their Kennedy range for 2018, Guess is introducing this eye-catching timepiece for women.

This wristwatch is sure to attract attention thanks to its vast rose gold plated stainless steel case and bezel measuring 41 millimeters in diameter and housing a breathtaking silver sunray dial.

This exquisite timepiece features a bold black Roman numeral dial complemented with a stunning rose gold dauphine movement with three hands.

With a chic strap made of genuine peach leather and a secure clasp made of rose gold-plated stainless steel, the Kennedy watch manages to be both intimidating and comfortable at the same time.

Quartz movement powers the water-resistant Kennedy watch, featuring a screw-down crown. It is protected by mineral glass and can withstand being splashed or exposed to light rain.

Concluding Thoughts

Guess is a well-known brand that sells a diverse assortment of men’s and women’s clothing, accessories, and other items related to the fashion industry. As a result, Guess has become a well-known brand because of the vintage and beautiful style it has maintained over the years and its skill in marketing and manufacturing. As a result, we believe that the brand’s watch collections are of sufficient quality and design to distinguish themselves from the competition in the market.

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