A Comprehensive Review of The OnePlus Watch

Yesterday, we shared with you what we already knew about the OnePlus Watch and mused about the possibility that it will be introduced alongside the OnePlus smartphone. The highly anticipated unveiling of the feature-rich OnePlus Watch took place as planned. Beginning on April 14, 2021, consumers in the United States and the United Kingdom will be able to purchase it. Continue reading for the latest information about the product’s design, specifications, and price.

Design of the OnePlus Watch

Both the Classic Edition and the Cobalt Limited Edition of the OnePlus Watch are available to purchase. Both of these styles were discussed in our earlier piece. The Classic Edition will serve as our jumping-off point.

The Original, Authentic Version

OnePlus has maintained its classic circular form while adopting a 2.5D curved face glass and using stainless steel for its construction. When you read about all of the functions that are crammed inside it, it is not surprising that the device has such a large footprint (46 mm). The watch has a total weight of 76 grams and has a strap that is constructed of a material called fluoroelastomer. This material is both durable and breathable. Both moonlight silver and midnight black are available as color options.

The Limited Edition Comes in a Cobalt Finish

This limited edition will be made out of cobalt alloy, a material often reserved for high-end timepieces. The addition of this unexpected feature was done by OnePlus. It still has a spherical design, but the glass has been upgraded to sapphire glass. Additionally, the design has not changed. This version is both more difficult and more resistant to damage as a result of the upgrades. The strap is made of faux leather that is vegan.

Yesterday, we went over the specifications of the screen, which comes in at 1.39 inches with a resolution of 454 x 454 and 36 pixels per inch. This results in a screen that is lucid and bright. The OnePlus Watch comes with functionality for using your own images and up to fifty different watch faces to choose from. Additionally, OnePlus has left open the chance that they will increase this in the near future.

The OnePlus Watch in its Own Words

Although earlier rumors suggested that Wear OS might power the OnePlus Watch, the company ultimately decided to go with its own Proprietary OS. It is only compatible with versions of Android 6.0 and higher; unfortunately, it is not compatible with iOS.

The wearable device features 1 GB of random access memory (RAM) and 4 GB of storage, with the user having access to 2 GB of that total (approximately 500 songs). In addition to that, it comes equipped with a GPS and Bluetooth 5.0.

The battery life is one of the most impressive I’ve seen on any product currently available. OnePlus asserts that a five-minute charge of its battery, which has a capacity of 402 milliampere-hours (mAh), is sufficient to power the device for a whole day. In a similar vein, just twenty minutes of charging time will provide you with enough power for seven full days. It is possible to expect a full charge to last for up to two weeks. However, this can vary depending on how it is used.

Aspects of Physical Fitness

While the OnePlus Watch is technically a smartwatch, its design was clearly created with athletes in mind, and it has the potential to also function as a fitness tracker. The watch is equipped with over 110 different types of workouts, including the typical ones and some that are less common, such as parkour and dance. The OnePlus Health app is responsible for managing all tracking, and the following fitness capabilities are included on its feature list:

  • Automatic recognition of workouts (for running, walking, and jogging only)
  • 5 atm of pressure and IP68 ratings for protection from water and dust
  • tracking of the pulse
  • Keeping tabs on the distance
  • Keeping count of calories
  • Keeping an eye on the speed
  • The effectiveness of SWOLF for swimmers
  • Saturation of the blood with oxygen
  • Warning, extremely fast heart rate
  • Sedentary reminders

Smartwatch Functions and Features

As mentioned before, the OnePlus Watch is a smartwatch, and its feature set does not fall short of expectations. As was speculated, you are able to take calls without having to hold the phone while using a microphone and speaker physically. Music control, managing notifications, keeping track of how much sleep you get, and access to your smartphone’s camera are just some of the usual wristwatch capabilities.

Additional elements are wonderful for supporting people in maintaining their health and wellness. The OnePlus Watch can send you notifications to remind you to take breaks if you work long hours. In addition, it uses the monitor your heart rate to assess your degree of stress. If you start to feel agitated or nervous, the watch will guide you through breathing exercises to help you regain your sense of equilibrium. If you put your watch into “zen mode,” you will be able to concentrate and get your work done without being interrupted.

In the event that you have a OnePlus TV, the watch will also function as a remote control for the television.

What is the Price Tag Associated with the OnePlus Watch

The Classic Edition will cost $159 if you choose to purchase it. Regarding the Limited Edition, there is currently no information available.


Even while we haven’t got the chance to put the OnePlus Watch through its paces, it clearly appears to have the potential to compete with watches made by Apple and Samsung. Especially considering how inexpensive it is.

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