A Comprehensive Review of the TicWatch GTX

Mobvoi has just introduced their newest timepiece, and in a surprising turn of events, they did not use Wear-OS this time around! It is important to note that the operating system utilized by the TicWatch GTX is a proprietary one; nonetheless, despite the fact that it is not quite as advanced as Wear OS, it has enabled the company to provide a more customized service to its clients. This watch is equipped with a wide variety of functions, making it a strong contender to become your next item of wristwear.

What Kind of Appearance Does the Mobvoi TicWatch GTX Have

The TicWatch GTX is an all-black wearable device that has a screen measuring 1.28 inches with a resolution of 240 pixels by 240. Because it features a color screen that, while in use, illuminates nicely and is easy to see, it will keep you abreast of all the latest information at all times. There are two crown buttons that may be used to operate the device, and if you use a second hand, you will always be able to know exactly how quickly you finish your workout.

The watch is easy to put on, does not look garish or excessively huge on the wrist, and even allows you to customize the face of the watch by selecting it from a selection of possibilities that are appropriate. The band is constructed out of thermoplastic polyurethane and measures 20 millimeters in thickness. It provides a surprising level of comfort when worn on the wrist. In fact, once you have become accustomed to having it on your wrist, you will forget that it is even there until a notification pops up asking you to check it out.

How Impressive Are the Features of the Mobvoi TicWatch GTX

The TicWatch GTX puts in a lot of effort and provides a wide variety of capabilities, such as the capacity to connect to your smartphone and relay notifications to you as they come in. In the event that you lose track of your phone, it will even assist you in locating it!

There are fourteen distinct types of workouts for fitness that you may use to keep track of your runs, swims, bike rides, and a variety of other activities. You can also expect to gain information on the state of your heart health, and it will also count the steps you take, making it an excellent option for anyone who wants to understand their fitness level more than they did before.

Aside from the fitness-related functions, you should also anticipate seeing a stopwatch, a torch, the clock, calls and notifications, and possibly even a weather app that you can use. However, the only way to update information is through Bluetooth, as there is no WiFi connection accessible, and there is also no GPS option to track where you have been. Bluetooth is the only choice.

Does the Mobvoi TicWatch GTX Offer a Good Return on Investment

This watch can be purchased for less than £55, making it one of the most attractive aspects of the product. The reason that it is sold at such a low price is that the manufacturer does not make an effort to compete with well-known brands; rather, they emphasize providing consumers with wonderful functions at affordable prices.

However, when you have a limited budget, you have no choice but to make sacrifices, and there are several aspects of this product that could have benefited from improvements. Yes, it does a decent job of measuring your fitness, but the inclusion of GPS would have made it even better. Likewise, it connects with Bluetooth, but the inclusion of WiFi would have made it much more convenient to use. In point of fact, if you are searching for a watch that can do everything, then this device probably won’t amaze you as much as you had thought that it would, but if you are looking for an affordable alternative, then it could be the perfect fit for you!

When fully charged, how long is the battery life on the Mobvoi TicWatch GTX

If you consider the fact that this watch is offered at such a low price point, you might be willing to overlook the fact that it does not have long battery life. Mobvoi, on the other hand, decided to install a battery that has a life expectancy of around ten days of use in Power Saver mode and seven days of use under standard conditions.

Because the operating system is not a very power-hungry one, and because the technological components inside the watch do not require a great deal of power to perform their functions, the battery can endure for an extremely long time. Because of this, it is an excellent watch for everyday use, and the only maintenance it requires is that you remember to charge it approximately once every week.

Mobvoi TicWatch GTX: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

When it comes to determining whether or not to purchase a watch, you should always take into consideration all of the benefits and drawbacks before making a purchase decision. In order to be of 

assistance, we have outlined below the major benefits and drawbacks of having this watch.


  • It offers an exceptional return on investment and works wonderfully for those living on a limited budget.
  • Battery life is up to seven days when using the device normally and up to ten days when using the power saver mode.
  • It is resistant to water, so you may wear it to the pool without having to worry about it getting wet.
  • Because of the Bluetooth connectivity, your phone can be linked to your watch, allowing you to get all notifications and calls.
  • It is easy to wear and does not seem excessively weighty when worn on the wrist.
  • You can select the face of your watch that you want to use from a selection of options.
  • It is constructed with high-quality materials and is designed to last for a long time.


  • The operating system does not have the same level of sophistication as competing big-name companies.
  • Because there is no built-in WiFi, your options are limited to just Bluetooth.
  • You don’t have a GPS to track your workout routes.
  • There are not nearly as many applications dedicated to lifestyle as there could be.
  • Because this brand is not as well known as others, there is a lower probability that it will offer all of the characteristics you would be interested in.

Should I Go Ahead and Purchase the Mobvoi TicWatch GTX

If you are searching for a watch that does not break the bank but still has an amazing battery life and a variety of apps that may assist you in getting through the day, then the Mobvoi TicWatch GTX might be the best option for you! Although it does not feature GPS, WiFi, or an operating system from a major brand, the price more than makes up for its deficiencies in these areas. Give it a shot, and we are confident that you will be blown away by the amount of value that you can get for the price.

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