A Comprehensive Review of the Tudor Pelagos Timepiece

Is the Tudor Pelagos any good?

In 1926, the Tudor brand was established on behalf of Rolex’s creator. This is a clear indication of high craftsmanship.

Tudor has just unveiled the latest of their legendary Pelagos watch. This used design features from their Submarina, which was created for the French Navy but became quite popular in the 1970s.

Although there are significant cosmetic differences from the prototype, they have stayed true to the design. This isn’t a cheap investment at $4,400, so it needs to be thoroughly examined.


The Pelagos case is designed in the same way as the original. It boasts a massive 42mm by 50mm by 14.5mm casing! Tudor’s second hallmark timepiece, the Black Bay, has a larger titanium case than this one. Despite its size, the lightweight material makes it extremely practical.

The design is very analogous to the Black Bay, but it includes a crown protector and a helium escape valve.

The case’s thickset lugs run along the sides.

A bevel goes neatly into the guards on the side with the corn.

On the back, there is a number, which is a valuable feature for purchasers.

The case’s titanium is polished for a refined look.

It’s large and flat, making it simple to grasp. The motion of the bezel is flawless. It’s unidirectional and has sixty clicks before locking at the 60 position, which is a nice touch.

The Pelagos sports a matte ceramic bezel insert rather than the usual gloss. This ensures a high level of impact resistance.

The crown guard and helium escape value aren’t specific to dive watches; they merely provide impact protection. They’re both there to show that this watch is capable of expert work. That is precisely what it does. It has a 500m water resistance rating.


The dial has a Pelagos-style appearance. Parts of the surface are matt, while others are satin. At the 12 position, there’s a triangular marking, and at the 6 and 9 positions, there’s a slimline rectangle indicator. More or less, every hour is marked by a little square.

To resemble the bezel insert, the markings are beige. This little feature lends a vintage feel to the entire clock.

The date is displayed in a window at the 3 position. The cool part is that it’s on a roulette wheel, so it alternates across red and black every day. This isn’t a benefit in and of itself; it’s simply a stunning detail of vintage watches.

Five lines of text will be visible at 6 p.m. This was included in previous editions, although opinions differ on whether it clutters the face. This can have an effect on how noticeable it is, based on the color.

Classic hands are used. They have a stocky build. The hour is shaped like a diamond, but the minute is shaped like a blade. They’re also illuminating. The luminosity is also provided by the second hand, which is relatively thin. It will glow a greenish hue in low light.


A 26-jewel automatic with a hand-winding mechanism is housed inside the Pelagos. With something like this, you get a 70-hour power reserve. A clock is also included, which supports the random date function.

This watch incorporates a lot of Tudor’s technological advancements. Because this movement is in-house, it has legitimacy. For the pricing of the wristwatch, you get a lot. The main difficulty is that it must be serviced at either Tudor or Rolex.


The Pelagos includes a titanium bracelet as well as a rubber wristband with titanium links on the edges.

The latter is almost non-existent. The links are divisive, but ultimately it comes down to personal preference. The Pelagos is a throwback to the old days, so you can change the style to your liking. The rubber gives the watch a more modern aesthetic, which is the reason why it is divisive.

The Tudor-patented clasp on the titanium bracelet allows for band expansion. It features ceramic components for a smooth and pleasing ‘click.’ You can get a 12 an in expansion on this band, which is just enough to give you the sense of stability you require in a specific setting without needing to take it to a Rolex professional for more links or a new wristband entirely.

Overall, it’s a pretty comfy piece to wear. It’s not too big at 42mm (but if you have narrow wrists, maximum case size of 40mm is suggested).

The height is a possible stumbling block. Because of the in-house motions on the inside, it’s on the hefty side and far from the slimline, at 14.45mm. It’s worth noting that it’s only 1mm broader than the Black Bay, so you’re a true watch expert if you can detect that.


The Pelagos is a delectable-looking timepiece. Many people believe the black version to be fancier than the blue. However, this is a matter of personal taste. The usage of beige creates a nostalgic vibe that’s hard to resist. The marks were placed with precision, and care was taken not to over clutter the face (remember, how you feel about such five markers is up to you).

Article Summary

The Tudor Pelagos does not receive the recognition it deserves. It’s, without a doubt, the most valuable wristwatch in the Tudor collection.

It’s more than style, as evidenced by the care and attention to precision and use of solely the highest quality materials. It has a high level of precision and dependability. Because of the titanium and ceramic components, this watch is not only light but also highly robust.

It has a high specification and is a fantastic tribute to the original design.

It’s neither more nor less stunning than its siblings, so whether you believe it’s worth the money is primarily a matter of personal preference. Try comparing this to the Black Bay if you’re interested in Tudor timepieces.

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