A Detailed Analysis of the Sony SmartWatch 3

In the year 2014, Sony launched the third generation of its Smartwatch. A piece of hardware that had the appearance of the future and provided the Android market with access to a diverse set of functionality. If we fast forward to the present day, it will be extremely difficult for you to locate one of them on the market. The primary reason for this is that the line has been phased out, and Sony has not kept the watch’s software current enough to keep up with the times. On the other hand, if you have been successful in acquiring one, you will most likely be curious about its features. Continue reading if you want to learn more.

I’m curious about the design that the Sony Smartwatch 3 has to offer

The Sony Smartwatch 3 moves on a completely different path and embraces the fact that it dares to be different from other smartwatches in a market where so many smartwatches are working hard to seem like traditional timepieces. In comparison to the criteria of today, it appears to be somewhat out of date due to its huge, square face and its rubber strap.

Nevertheless, the screen is not difficult to read, and it is not difficult to put on or take off. This watch appears to be a fitness tracker and appears as though it would be most at home on the wrist of an individual who enjoys working out. It has been improved with a metal band that gives it an air of greater opulence, but, in general, this watch looks very much like a fitness tracker.

How complicated is it to operate the Sony Smartwatch 3

If you are not used to wearing a smartwatch, you will find that this device, which Android Wear powers, works quite well for you. As a result of the decision not to upgrade it over the years, the functionality is not as good as it once was, and it is consequently much more difficult to use if you intend to use it as an everyday watch. When it comes to using the watch, all you have to do is tap the screen to bring it to life, and when you are finished, you can cover it with your palm to turn it off.

You may use the long-press function to select the screen that works best for you, and you can swipe through the cards to get information about the weather, traffic, and other relevant topics. You may check the remaining battery life and activate the movie mode to make the watch silent by swiping down. You can also send texts using voice commands by saying “OK Google” before the message you want to send. When it comes to functionality, the technology is right on, and it will keep you in contact no matter where you go.

How Long Does the Battery on the Sony Smartwatch 3 Typically Last

This watch is powered by a 420mAh battery, which provides a respectable amount of run time before the battery needs to be recharged. If you use your phone about as often as the average person does, you should anticipate having to charge it once every two days. On the other hand, if you intend to use it throughout the day in order to maintain contact with others, you will likely discover that it will only last for about a day and a half before it requires some time to be recharged.

A micro-USB cable can be inserted into the watch’s charging port to begin the charging process. The cable can be folded up and carried with you simply and is compatible with any electronic device with a USB port or a USB socket. This gives you the ability to charge your device regardless of where you are.

On the Sony Smartwatch 3, what kinds of applications are there to choose from

The Android Market contains a vast selection of applications, from which you can choose the ones you wish to install on your device from the available options. However, because the watch has not been upgraded to the most recent version of Android, you might discover that your options are restricted to only those that are compatible with the handset you are using. If you’ve had the watch for a while, you can keep using the applications you downloaded in the past, but you won’t be able to upgrade them. This applies only if you’ve owned the watch for a while.

It comes with a built-in GPS option, and due to the fact that it is waterproof, you may use it when swimming or showering. In addition, there is fitness monitoring already pre-installed on the device, which you can use in conjunction with the accompanying software to evaluate how effective your workouts have been and to keep track of the progress you have made over time.

The Positives and Negatives of Purchasing a Sony Smartwatch 3

You should expect a variety of positives and cons from every device you choose to use. Because we want to make it easier for you to make a decision, we have outlined the most important advantages and disadvantages below so that you can get an idea of what you would be investing your money in.


  • A battery life that is not terrible and can last for up to two days straight.
  • A convenient and breathable shoulder strap that can be worn all day without causing discomfort.
  • The crisp display and function that keeps the screen illuminated at all times make it simple for you to read whenever you choose.
  • Simply covering the screen with your palm is all that’s required to turn down the brightness.
  • There is a selection of different Android apps to choose from.
  • Easily rechargeable with a micro USB cable.
  • It is straightforward to use, and the instructions are clear and concise.


  • The watch is a little bit obsolete and cannot access the most recent services that Android has to offer.
  • The available apps do not have the level of variety that one would anticipate finding on a modern smartwatch.
  • The design of the watch is not comparable to that of more contemporary models.
  • The GPS function quickly depletes the power stored in the battery.
  • Instead of looking like a smartwatch, it is more reminiscent of a fitness tracker.
  • In today’s market, it isn’t easy to track down.
  • The GPS does not appear to be as accurate as we had anticipated it would be.

The Conclusion: Is Buying a Sony Smartwatch 3 Really Necessary

This watch is no longer a viable option for consumers because the technology it included when it was first introduced, and its excellent battery life have rendered it obsolete in the watch industry. If you already have one and do not mind the fact that it has not been updated, then we are certain that you will be able to continue using it with a minimum of bother or inconvenience.

On the other hand, if you are thinking about buying one, you should know that it is not really worth the money unless you are trying to preserve a piece of history. They are difficult to locate, exceedingly out of date, and fail to compete with or even reach the standards of the current competitors. In the end, purchasing the Sony Smartwatch 3 is not going to be worth the money you invest.

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