Microsoft Band 3 User Opinions And Reviews

Microsoft Band 3 User Opinions And Reviews

In spite of the fact that the Microsoft Band 2 has more sensors than any other fitness tracker on the market, the firm finally discontinued the Band line and abandoned the idea altogether. However, there has now been discovered evidence of the company’s third generation model being stolen. In the end, the wearable was never released to the public, but Windows Central was able to secure a prototype of the device and tested it to see how well it would have functioned had it been released.

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The fitness tracker, which can be seen in the image to the left as well as the image to the right, is a band that has a different clasp design and a higher-resolution AMOLED display than its predecessor, but it has the same overall style. Most importantly, it is slightly more robust despite its reduced thickness, which makes it more pleasant to wear around your wrist. The fact that the previous edition of the device was cumbersome to use and uncomfortable to wear was probably the most common criticism leveled against it.

The speculations that the Band 3 is waterproof and has the ability to track swims turned out to be true. In addition to that, it comes equipped with an electrocardiogram (EKG) sensor as well as an RFID chip. In the previous generation, there was also an optical heart rate sensor, a three-axis accelerometer, a gyrometer, a GPS, an ambient light sensor, a skin temperature sensor, a UV sensor, a capacitive sensor, a galvanic skin response, a microphone, and a barometer. This new sensor adds to those features. This brings the total number of sensors to an astonishing 13!

The Band 3 includes increased tracking of your wellbeing, which can provide information such as your stress levels, temperature, and more. The first of its kind for an activity tracker, the built-in EKG monitors blood pressure and is perhaps the most intriguing of the new features included. However, it is debatable whether the readings would have been of any help had they been of a quality that would have made them valuable. But this demonstrates that the IT giant was venturing into uncharted territory and testing the limits of what was possible.

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A first-hand look at the heavily restricted prototype of the Microsoft Band 3 is now available.

Unfortunately, we will never have the opportunity to view the tracker of the third generation. It would appear that the device would have been a significant upgrade over the one that was previously available, both in terms of its appearance and its capabilities.

Since the unveiling of the Band 2 by the tech giant more than two years ago, time has passed. Microsoft has never discussed the reasons behind their decision to abandon the entire project. Perhaps in the face of declining sales and intensifying competition, there simply wasn’t enough profit to go around.

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