A List of The Most Stylish Women's Watches By Guess


However, if you haven’t heard of Guess, it’s likely because you’ve been living under a rock ever since the brand was established in Los Angeles in 1981. In this article, we are going to focus primarily on Guess watches for women.

Guess initially established its reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality jeans. Guess quickly became a fashion brand after celebrities began wearing their products, and the company eventually expanded its product line to include watches.

Guess watches are created with the fashion-forward customer in mind. However, as a result of the intensely competitive nature of the watch and smartwatch markets, companies like Guess are beginning to include more functionality in their timepieces.

How many different kinds of watches does Guess produce

Guess watches are available in a wide variety of hues, materials, straps, and styles, and the brand offers both classic and smartwatches. During the past 30 years, the brand has produced an infinitely greater number of watches than we’ll ever be able to discuss in this space. Nevertheless, let’s have a look at five remarkable Guess timepieces for women.

Watches made by Guess for women

G Luxe

The Guess G Luxe line of ladies’ watches features high-quality timepieces that are also very trendy. It has a one-of-a-kind look thanks to the gold dial and the gold case of the watch, both of which are made of gold-plated stainless steel. The watch is rated as being water resistant up to a depth of thirty meters. Therefore, it can be worn in conditions where it will get wet from splashes but will not be completely submerged in water. You won’t get any water on you while you’re washing your hands, and you won’t get any rain on you when you’re outside.


This particular model features a golden-colored stainless steel case that is larger, measuring 40 millimeters in diameter. The face of the watch is a gorgeous golden hue that is a great complement to the watch’s casing. In addition to the 24-hour functionality, there are also subdials that display the day of the week and the date.

Additionally, the strap has a golden hue, and it is made of stainless steel. It includes a pilot buckle and can be adjusted to a maximum of 190 millimeters.

Digital Silicone

Guess is responsible for designing and producing this next remarkable digital women’s watch, and we are pleased to present it to you. This watch has a blue silicone band, a casing made of stainless steel, and a digital display that is both vintage and up to date at the same time.

It includes a stopwatch that has a chronograph, day, date, and 24-hour time in addition to it.

The watch is fifty-five millimeters in diameter with scratch-resistant material crystal protecting the face against scuffs. The pink strap is resistant to stains and fastens with a buckle and a case that is comfortable and made of polished stainless steel crystal. This watch is ten meters of resistance to the water.

Steel Mesh Strap

It would be wonderful if Guess gave its watches names that displayed a modicum of originality.

This 39-millimeter watch has a mesh bracelet made of stainless steel that really stands out. It has a delicate rose gold tone, and it exudes a powerful sense of femininity. The rose gold finish is applied to a round casing made of stainless steel. It manages to be both stylish and sporty at the same time, making it the ideal watch for wearing on a daily basis.

The crystal that makes up the bezel is placed around the quartz movement that sits beneath the hood and provides relatively accurate timekeeping.

The dial is bright white for the purpose of creating contrast. Rose gold is used for both the Roman numerals and the dots that serve as indexes on this watch. There are three hands, and the Guess logo is positioned in the center where everyone can see it.

This is a great combination of style and function. It has a wonderful look, but it is also water-resistant up to 50 meters, which means that you don’t have to worry about getting it wet in the shower or when participating in recreational water sports. Both of these activities can be enjoyable.

Quartz Stainless Steel Casual Watches 

Despite incorporating the signature rose gold into its construction, this item has a very distinctive appearance in comparison to the watches described above.

The case measures 38.5 millimeters in diameter and has a thickness of 10.25 millimeters. Because it is constructed out of mineral crystal and stainless steel, it has some degree of protection against scratching. It is secured with a buckle and rests on a blue silicone strap that is resistant to stains.

A three-handed analog feature is displayed on the spherical face that is perched on a top ring that is blue in color. In addition to the hour markers, the hands themselves are made of gold. In the upper center of the face is where you’ll see the Guess name and three subdials, a window for the day and date, and the time.

It is equipped with a quartz movement made in Japan and can endure water pressure of up to 50 meters. Overall, its appearance isn’t the only thing that’s striking about it; its functions are, too.

Iconic Silicone Sport Watches 

The last Guess watch designed specifically for women is the unpopular child of the bunch. You’ll have a hard time finding something with a brand name that’s more stylish and costs less than one hundred dollars.

The casing of this daring-looking clock is made of stainless steel and is 39 millimeters by 10 millimeters. The buckle closure on the silicone strap is adjustable.

It has a circular face and an analog display that can be read with three hands. The blue and rose gold color scheme keeps things looking simple but elegant. A textured face with two subdials for the day and date is featured, along with subtle Guess logo accents here and there. Although there are no numbers, there are markings to indicate the hours.

Inside is a quartz movement, and outside, as it’s silicone, it promises a water resistance of up to 30m.

This really does produce an iconic design, so keep that in mind if you’re searching for something eye-catching.

In a nutshell, the materials and the craftsmanship that goes into making Guess watches are of a good standard. The fact that the movements originated in Japan instills faith in the reliability and precision of the timepiece. When you buy a watch from Guess, you can rest assured that it will serve its purpose well and maintain its precision over time.

What other options are there to consider

If you’re looking for watches in the low to middle price range and you like what Guess has to offer, there are a few different brands that you might like to try instead. Fossil is the first competition that springs to mind when I think of other companies.

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