A List of The Top 14 Swedish Watch Brands To Purchase From

Compared to their Scandinavian counterparts, Swedish watchmakers have had a more difficult time achieving prominence in the competitive watchmaking sector. Nevertheless, there is a growing sense of momentum.

In this article, we will discuss the top Swedish watch brands that you should keep an eye out for in 2022. It would be best if you kept an eye on several emerging brands that are based in Sweden. They are equally fashionable in their appearance. We think you’re going to be impressed at how each of them offers something different while yet honoring the classic Scandinavian design.


The first Swedish wristwatch label that we will take a look at is called Halda, and they have quite an exciting history. Someone by the name of Henning Hammarlund established the company in the late 1880s in the country of Sweden. He had considerable knowledge in horology, which he put to use in the development of pocket watches, beginning with the production of his first watch in the year 1889. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that they were a huge success, and he was honored for his work during the World’s Fair that was held in Chicago in 1889. Unfortunately, after World War I, there was no longer a demand for pocket watches, and his business went out of business as a result.

You might be asking why on earth we are talking about the past of this brand at this very moment. This Swedish wristwatch company was given a new identity and relaunched under the name Halda, where it is once again making a reputation for itself in the watch market.

Artisanship and cutting-edge technology come together in Halda products. The brand produces three high-performance timepieces: the Trackmaster, the Race Pilot, and the Space Discovery (which has been certified by NASA). Check out these two models if you appreciate timepieces that are extremely precise and have the capacity to meet the demanding needs of knowledgeable people. You won’t be disappointed.

The price range is somewhere between $9,000 and $32,000.


Bravur is a brand that was established in Stockholm in 2011 by two close friends. They agreed on the top three criteria: good quality, excellent design, and appeal to those who live an urban lifestyle.

Quartz and automatic movements are housed within the brand’s timepieces, while the exterior features an understated but tasteful design. The automatic line looks a little more reminiscent of the past, although both remain loyal to the Nordic minimalism aesthetic. Altering the strap is typically an option for most models, and you can do so whenever you choose.

The company’s headquarters in Sweden is where in-house design work is carried out. They make an effort to employ components and materials that are sourced from within the community as much as feasible. Depending on the case, each component of their timepieces is created in either an exclusive or limited fashion.

Bravur watches are intended to be worn daily and are built to last for many years.

The Quartz range starts at $565 and goes up to about $1,300, while the automated range is closer to that amount.


On this list of Swedish watch brands, BOOM is a more exciting choice than some of the others, as the name can give it away. It has its origins in the world of fashion, when Niklas Dahlgren, the company’s creator, had the idea to provide consumers a new way to connect with the timepieces they wear.

He developed a user-friendly platform that enables clients to design their own personalized clocks. First, you get to choose your own watch case, strap, dial, and bezel. Choose from three different sizes, 36mm, 41mm, or 44mm, and then proceed from there. In a very literal sense, you are responsible for putting together this Swedish watch; nevertheless, doing so takes a few seconds and does not require any specialized knowledge.

These timepieces are all Quartz, and in terms of their functionality, they are relatively standard. They are designed with the flexibility of choice and personalization in mind.

The price of ready-made timepieces, which start at roughly $100 and go up, is significantly lower.

The kits that allow you to construct your own timepiece are often more expensive, costing about $300.

Daniel Wellington

Watches made by Daniel Wellington are readily identifiable due to their design, which is streamlined and sophisticated. The NATO band is almost always made of nylon; however, you can also obtain bands made of metal or leather if you so choose.

All of the models have a circular face, and the DW logo is located directly below the 12 o’clock position. Arabic numerals are never used on any of the models. There are no complexities, not even a second hand. There is none.

During the course of his travels around the world, company founder Filip Tysander made the acquaintance of a British gentleman. This gentleman had a passion for old watches, and Tysander grew fixated with his look as a result. This gentleman’s name was Daniel Wellington, and in 2011, when Tysander had begun creating watches to celebrate Daniel’s incomparable sense of elegance, the Daniel Wellington brand was established.

Prices are reasonable, ranging from $100 to $300, making it easy on the wallet.

Sjoo Sandstrom

In the middle of the late 1980s, Sjoo Sandstrom was established as a company. In point of fact, Sjoo and Sandstrom were both watch lovers and engineers in the country of Sweden. They were proficient in the art of designing and building luxury timepieces. As a result, they collaborated to construct a modest business that is characterized by highly skilled craftsmanship and well-known design.

Their first watch, the Automatic S1, was introduced to the public in 1993, and thanks to all of the hard work they’ve put in since then, they’ve earned a spot on the list of the finest Swedish watch brands for 2022.

Even if the movements and parts of the watch come from Switzerland, the design, construction, quality assurance, and marketing are all still done in Stockholm.

You won’t find any other types of dials besides round ones in their collections. Although there is a display design suitable for everyone, from a clean and uncomplicated display with hour markers to a more complicated display with a date window and a digital timer window, there are various display options available. You can find versions of timepieces in addition to a great deal more.

The price range is approximately $675.


Gustafsson and Sjogren, the surnames of the company’s founders, are shortened to form the acronym GoS. Their one-of-a-kind collaboration resulted in the creation of some extraordinary hand-forged Damascus steel timepieces. Because the forging process creates its characteristic appearance on the watch casing, each and every GoS wristwatch is ultimately one of a kind.

GoS watches look like no other manufacturer you’ve ever seen. Their patterns refer to the designs of the Vikings, and they have an otherworldly air about them. There are no numbers. Hence there are no issues. Only the minute, second, and hour hands are visible, revealing a pattern that appears to be moving and nearly alive on the face of the watch.

Because each watch is a one-of-a-kind item, and because you are an integral part of the production process, you are required to inquire about the particular model within a set that you are considering purchasing so that they may discuss the process of creating it.

The price range is approximately $11,800, and you receive the quality that you paid for.

Epoch Stockholm

Have you forgotten about Sjoo and Sandstrom? They decided to sell their company in 2001 to launch a new Swedish timepiece manufacturer with a slight variation. Initially, their timepieces were of high quality, as seen by the hefty price tags attached to each one. As a result, they started producing high-quality timepieces at significantly reduced prices.

One can purchase Epoch watches for anywhere from $600 and $1,500.

You will continue to receive magnificent design, Swiss movements, and meticulous craftsmanship. They produce male and female fashions from their workshop in Stockholm, where they are located.

They provide the President series, the First Lady series, the Jubilee Gold range, and the Automatic Calendar selection.

Knut Gadd

Design and entrepreneurship run deep in Knut Gadd’s family tree. The Knud Gadd label is focused on producing beautiful watches with a classic aesthetic, and it draws its inspiration from a long line of stylish people who appreciate sophistication.

The Cult Chrono and Cult Diver, as well as the Decagon (which has a peculiar hexagon dial) and the Arctic Circle, are the collections available for men.

The face of each of the female’s timepieces is shaped like a hexagon, and they come in a variety of materials, hues, and strap configurations.

All models use a quartz movement.

Pricing is below $250.

Larsson and Jennings

There are a lot of similarities between this company and Daniel Wellington. Larsson and Jennings is a stylish Swedish wristwatch company that caters to both men and women with timepieces with slim profiles, dials that are free of unnecessary details, and quartz movements.

It is essential to note this is the first brand here on listing so far to provide a rectangular wristwatch.

You can acquire a stunning watch made of metal that looks significantly more expensive than it actually is. The prices of the watches do not exceed $200.


The Miró watch delivers understated elegance with a protective sapphire crystal case and a soft leather band to the touch. The brand was established in 2021, making it somewhat younger than most other watch brands on this list from Sweden; nonetheless, they are already expanding swiftly and globally.

The work of Joan Miró has had a significant impact on the company, and his influence can be seen throughout its design philosophy. They believe that a wristwatch should be doing more than telling the time; instead, it should convey a specific message.

The company does not produce new timepieces for each new season since they believe it is more important to take the time to develop something unique and then launch it when it is ready.

These timepieces have a round face, are slim and simple, and come in various materials and colors that contrast wonderfully with one another.

The entire selection is available for less than $175.

VERK Watches

Additionally, VERK stays true to the Swedish minimalist aesthetic. We find Swedish design on the outside and German manufacture on the inside within this product.

There are just two models available to pick from at this time: the ETT, which is their most popular model, and the TV, which has a face that can be read with only one hand and displays the time for 24 hours. It’s really amusing that the Swedish words for one and two are ETT and TV.

They come in at less than $200 each.


The phrase “transforming the industry of watches” is what TRIWA stands for. It is an independent watch brand hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, and was established somewhere around the year 2007.

Watches that are imaginative and fun are the hallmark of this company, and they are all about fostering a sense of personal expression in its customers. Because of this, no two timepieces are ever precisely the same. Bracelets made of metal, leather, silicone, and even nylon are available. There are a variety of faces available to fit your taste and requirements, ranging from matte black to pearlized. There is even a little wink in the direction of Donald Trump on the comb-over.

The choice of products is just incredible, and each one costs less than $200.

Tusenö Göteborg

An even more recent brand, having been founded only six years ago by the second category of Swedish wristwatch enthusiasts. They started via crowdsourcing, which ultimately led to them becoming the most financed project in the site’s history.

Today, they have three different lines available for men and women: the First 42, the First 48, and the Blackwater. You might expect to find a mecha-quartz or hybrid movement, both of which are well-known for their dependability. They use premium materials such as stainless steel and sapphire crystal in their products. If you wish to give yourself a different look, you can easily switch out the strap on many of the different models.

TID Watches

At long last, we have arrived at TID. Another new youthful brand (2012) was established in the spirit of having fun. You won’t find any other watches just like these exceptional Swedish timepieces anywhere else.

They have assigned numbers one through four to the collections they have. The company developed one to strip a timepiece down to its most fundamental components. Two improves upon that by utilizing higher quality materials, such as sapphire glass, and having a waterproof rating of 10 ATM. Three is constructed out of long-lasting and lightweight plastics that have a timeless appearance and come in various colors (including a transparent case). In conclusion, number four exudes a sense of tradition while maintaining the recognizable TID aesthetic.

The price range is approximately $210.

Concluding Thoughts

The situation is exceptionally intriguing. This list of the finest Swedish watchmakers to watch for in 2022 includes it all, from smaller, more inexpensive, and fun styles to completely tailored luxury watches designed to meet your requirements and specifications. This nation certainly has something to prove, and there’s no disputing that they’re pulling out all the stops to do it.

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